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Born June, 6 1976

Marital Status : Single


Mobile : +32 (0) 494 47 05 19

E-mail :

Web :


18, avenue de la chasse

1040 Brussels,


Objective: Software Engineer

Professional experience

April 2002 to Present Intellect International (Belgium) :

  • Mission : Software Engineer

  • Terminal Application development in C

  • PC application for terminal system

  • Responsible for PC security software

  • Samples of Projects & Results:

  • Key Management System: PC applications used to inject keys in a secure way. This application is used for the Intellect range of terminal (developed in Visual Basic/Visual C++)

  • Test In production: Terminal and PC software used to test the terminal in production: The PC software connected to terminal allows to test up to 16 terminals in the same time (developed in C/Visual C++ with MFC)

  • Terminal Management System: PC software used to maintain and upgrade terminal software (developed in Java)

  • Design of new security architecture: Design for new terminal of security architecture. The terminal is certified Visaped

March 2000 to March 2002 Card-Dev Montpellier (France) :

  • Mission : Project manager of the electronic transaction terminals team (3 persons)

  • Project management, (specification, test..)

  • Application development in C and C++ for transaction terminals, and application for PC (Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland C++, vbScipt, SQL...)

    Samples of Clients & Results:

  • Ingenico: Proton System payment for Smart’Up reader (Banxafe with reader C-ZAM/PC USB) Internet payment DLL on PC and embedded application

  • Schlumberger : Cofinoga application on transaction terminals , passage in the euro money

  • GIE Carte Bancaire: software to expertise EMV card on PC

  • Xiring: Development of software development kit

  • Wynid: Test of new system payment (new French payment application using EMV standard)

  • Diagonal Cinema: Design and development of fidelity system: The system uses a smart card to store and use places. A web site gives all statistics per cinema and per user. (SQL server, ASP, Terminal software in C)

July 1999- February 2000 MCO PARIS (France)

  • Mission : Consultant at Ingenico

  • Development (Borland C++) of the terminals software development kit (“Ingedev”)

  • Conception: linker for 8051 CPU target, IHM, downloading program

February 1999 -June 1999 MCO PARIS (France)

  • Mission : Training period

  • Software development of smart card expertise software “Visucard” (Visual Basic).

  • Actually, the software is referenced by French organism « GIE des cartes bancaires »

Summer 98 (2months) EWIR Bucharest (Rumania)

  • Mission : Training period

  • Development of grounds covering software (Visual C++ MFC)

Skills and achievements

  • Languages : C, C++, C51; Delphi , Visual Basic ; Visual C++, Borland C+, UML, MFC, JAVA

  • Database: SQL, SQL SERVER

  • Install shield

  • Visual Source Safe

  • Cryptography: DES, RSA, AES, SHA-1, JAVA API (bouncy castle)

  • Eclipse, XML

  • Protocol  : CB2A, CBPR, CBCOM, ZMODEM

  • Environments: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT

  • Smart card: EMV, B4-B0’, PC/SC, VISAPED, KMS


  • French : Mother tongue

  • English: Studied and Spoken (Technical level)

  • Spanish: Studied


1994–1999: INSA : National Institute of Applied Sciences – Toulouse. French School of Science and Engineering. Equivalent to a Master of Computer Engineering. Graduation : June 1999 - Specialization Automatic, Electronics and Software Engineering

June 1994: General Certificate of Education in Science (equivalent to A-level in Mathematics)

Other activities

  • Driving License

  • Sports: Badminton

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