Curriculum vitae Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Lata Jain

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Curriculum vitae

Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Lata Jain

Assistant Professor AcSIR &

Senior Scientist Ph. 91-135-2525-788 (O)

2660788 (R); 9997277335 (M)

Head, Synthetic & Applied Chemistry Area

Chemical Sciences Division

CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum Fax 91-135-2660098/2660202

Dehradun - 248 005 (INDIA);

Date of Birth 26-10-1975


Degree University Year Division


Ph.D. H.N.B.Garhwal University, Srinagar (India) 2004

Worked at Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun (India)

Thesis Title: (Studies in Transition Metal Catalyzed

Synthetic Transformations)
M.Sc. (Chem.) Rajasthan University Jaipur, India 1998 I (79 %) Gold Medalist
B.Sc. (B.Z.C) Rajasthan University Jaipur, India 1995 Ι (71%)



  • Awarded CRSI-Bronze medal-2017

  • Awarded INSA Professor DS Kothari Chair award 2017-18

  • Awarded INSA-Deputation of Indian scientists abroad under bilateral exchange programme 2017-18

  • Founder member of Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS)

  • Awarded SERB-Women Excellence Award by DST-2013

  • Awarded CSI- Young Scientist Award-2010

  • Awarded INSA-Young Scientist Medal-2005

  • Awarded NASI-Platinum Jubilee Young Scientist Awrad-2007

  • Awarded best paper award in International Conference on "Unconventional Sources of Fossil Fuels and Carbon Management, ICUSFFCM-2011" held in Gandhinagar, Gujrat during 21-22 Feb 2011

  • Awarded Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) research fellowship - 2007

  • Awarded PPP-DAAD (Indo-German) fellowship-2007

  • Awarded Hindustan Platinum Award for best oral presentation by Catalysis Society of India-2007.

  • Received most cited research paper Award for the paper published in Tetrahedron Letters by Elsevier Publications-2006

  • Selected and participated in the 18th Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students In Chemistry-2006 held at Lindau, Germany and visited various research Institution of Germany during 1-7th July 2006.

  • Awarded Indo-French Post-doc Fellowship-2006

  • University Topper and Gold Medalist in M. Sc

  • Awarded GATE (Graduate and Aptitude Test of Engineering)-1998 Fellowship

  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (NET-CSIR) (1999-2001),

POSITIONS HELD (In Chronological Order)


S. No.

Period (From)

Place of Employment




CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum

Senior Scientist



CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum

QHS-Scientist Fellow



University of Regensburg, Germany

AvH-Humboldt Fellow



CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum

CSIR-Research Associate



CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum

Senior Research Fellow



CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum

Junior Research Fellow (CSIR-NET)


Nanomaterials, Green Chemistry, Photocatalysis

Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to high value chemicals

Utilization of carbon dioxide for fuel and value added chemicals

Petrochemicals/ value addition of refinery streams

Development of novel synthetic methodologies for organic reactions

Development of cost effective environmentally benign multi-functional additives for lubricating formulations

List of Publications

Book Chapters
1. P. Kumar, S. L. Jain and R. Boukherroub, Graphene-based nanocomposite materials for the photoreduction of carbon dioxide into valuable organic compounds, Innovations in Nanomaterials , Nova Science Publishers, Inc. USA. (In Press)

2. P. Kumar, A. Kumar, C. Joshi, R. Boukherroub, S. L. Jain, Graphene-semiconductor hybrid photocatalysts and their application in solar fuel production, Graphene Composites, WILEY-Scrivener Publisher, USA (In Press)

3. Suman L. Jain and Rabah Boukherroub “Photocatalysis with graphene related materials” for Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry: Surface Science and Electrochemistry by Elsevier (Submitted)

4. Anurag Kumar, Pankaj Prajapati and Suman L. Jain Recent advances in the graphene based composite photocatalysts for selective organic transformations, submitted to Advanced Materials Series, Wiley-Scrivener, USA

5. Pawan Kumar and Suman L. Jain “Recent aspects of two dimensional carbonaceous materials for solar fuel generation, submitted to Advanced Materials Series, Wiley-Scrivener, USA.
Research Papers (In SCI Journals)

201. Anurag Kumar, Abderrahmane Hamdi, Yannick Coffinier, Ahmed Addad, Pascal Roussel, Rabah Boukherrroub and Suman L. Jain “Solar driven coupling of benzylamines using Cu2O/carbon quantum dots heterostructured composite as visible active photocatalyst”

Green Chemistry (Revision submitted)

200. Ponnekanti Nagendramma, Praveen K. Khatri, Gananath D. Thakre and Suman L. Jain “Lubrication capabilities of amino acid based ionic liquids as green bio-lubricant additives”

Journal of Molecular Liquids 2017 (

199. Praveen K. Khatri, Prashant Kumar, Ponnnekanti Nagendramma and Suman L. Jain “Sulfonated Graphene Oxide as an Efficient Solid Acid Carbocatalyst for Esterification of Fatty Acids with Polyols” Letters in Organic Chemistry (Revision submitted)

198. Anurag Kumar, Pankaj Prajapati, MS Aathira, Rabah Boukherroub and Suman L. Jain “Boosted photocatalytic activity of cobalt phthalocyanine for CO2 reduction upon immobilization on an organic semiconductor under visible light.

App. Catal. B. Env. (Accepted)

197. Anurag Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Rajnikant Borkar, Amit Bansiwal, Nitin Labhsetwar and Suman L. Jain Metal-organic hybrid: Photoreduction of CO2 using graphitic carbon nitride supported heteroleptic iridium complex under visible light irradiation, Carbon 2017, 123, 371-379

196. Praveen K. Khatri, Mounika Aila, Aruna Kukrety, R. C, Saxena, R. K. Singh and Suman L. Jain “High performance multifunctional fuel additives derived from renewable fatty acids and phosphazene" Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society (In press).

195. Deepak K. Chauhan, Pawan Kumar, Rahul Painuly, Sunil Kumar, Suman L. Jain, Sudip K. Ganguly, Kinetics and feasibility studies of thiol oxidation using magnetically separable Mg-Al layered double hydroxide supported cobalt phthalocyanine catalyst, Fuel Processing Technology (Online available) Volume 162, July 2017, Pages 135–146

194. Pawan Kumar, Anurag Kumar, Clémence Queffélec, Dietrich Gudat, Qi Wang, Suman L. Jain, Rabah Boukherroub and Sabine Szunerits “Visible light assisted hydrogen generation from complete decomposition of hydrous hydrazine using rhodium modified TiO2 photocatalyst”, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 2017, 16, 1036-1042.

193. Raj K. Singh, Aruna Kukrety, Arvind Kumar, Ajay Chouhan, Rakesh C. Saxena, Siddharth S. Ray, Suman L. Jain, Synthesis, characterization and evaluation performance of N,N-Dimethylacrylamide–alkyl acrylate co-polymers as novel multi-functional additives for lube oil, Advances in Polymer Technology 2017 (DOI: 10.1002/adv.21826)

192. Nilesh R. Manwar, Rajnikant G. Borkar, Rohini Khobragade, Amit K. Bansiwal, Sadhana S. Rayalu, Suman L. Jain, and Nitin K. Labhsetwar “Efficient Solar Photo-electrochemical Hydrogen Generation Using Nanocrystalline CeFeO3 Synthesized by A Modified Microwave Assisted Method” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42 (16) 10931–10942.

191. Anurag Kumar, Pawan Kumar and Suman L. Jain “Nanoporous carbon nitride grafted cobalt complex (Co@npg-C3N4) via Click reaction for visible light assisted esterification of aldehydes”

ChemistrySelect, 2017, 2, 3437–3443.

190. Raj K. Singh, Aruna Kukrety, Rakesh C. Saxena, Ajay Chouhan, Suman L. Jain and Siddharth S. Ray “Phosphazene based novel organo-inorganic hybrid salt: synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation additive in polyol” RSC Adv., 2017,7, 13390-13397

189. Pradeep Kumar, Manish Varyani, Praveen K. Khatri, Subham Paul and Suman L. Jain “Post combustion capture and conversion of carbon dioxide using histidine derived ionic liquid at ambient conditions” Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2017, 49, 152–157.

188. Amer Al-Nafiey, Anurag Kumar, Malika Kumar, Ahmed Addad, Brigitte Sieber, Sabine Szunerits, Rabah Boukherroub and Suman L. Jain, Nickel oxide nanoparticles grafted on reduced graphene oxide (rGO/NiO) as efficient photocatalyst for reduction of nitroaromatics under visible light irradiation, J. Photochem. Photobio. A: Chem. 2017, 336, 198–207.

187. Mohammad Azam, Saud Agata Al-Resayes Trzesowska-Kruszynska, Rafal Kruszynski, Pawan Kumar, Suman L. Jain, Seven–Coordinated chiral uranyl(VI) salen complex as effective catalyst for C-H bond activation of dialkylanilines under visible light, Polyhedron, 2017, 124, 177–183.

186. Pawan Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Alexandre Barras, Brigitte Sieber, Ahmed Addad, Luc Boussekey, Sabine Szunerits, Rabah Boukherroub, Suman L. Jain “Core–shell structured reduced graphene oxide wrapped magnetically separable rGO@CuZnO@Fe3O4 microspheres as superior photocatalyst for CO2 reduction under visible light” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volume 205, 15 May 2017, Pages 654–665.


185. Vineeta Panwar, Siddarth S. Ray, Suman L. Jain “Highly efficient (CoOx-N@C, PANI) nanopowder derived from pyrolysis of polyaniline grafted cobalt acetate for oxidative methyl esterification of benzyl alcohols” Editor’s choice paper, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Volume 427, February 2017, Pages 31–38

183. Vineeta Panwar, Siddharth S. Ray, Suman L. Jain, Polymer coated magnetically separable organocatalyst for C-N bond formation via aza-Michael addition, Tetrahedron Lett. Volume 57, Issue 46, 16 November 2016, Pages 5026–5032

184. Jyoti Porwal, Subodh Kumar, Savita Kaul and Suman L. Jain “Guanidine based task specific ionic liquids for the synthesis of biolubricant range esters under solvent-free condition, RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 93640 – 93644 November 2016, Pages 5026–5032

182. Manish Varyani, Praveen K. Khatri, Suman L. Jain “Amino Acid Derived Ionic Liquid Supported Iron Schiff Base Catalyzed Greener Approach for the Aerobic Oxidation of Amines to Nitriles” Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 57, Issue 7, 17 February 2016, Pages 723–727

181. Manish Varyani, Praveen K. Khatri, Suman L. Jain “Amino Acid Derived Ionic Liquid Supported Iron Schiff Base Catalyzed Greener Approach for the Aerobic Oxidation of Amines to Nitriles”

ChemInform, 2016, 47, 23.

180. Vineeta Panwar, Ankushi Bansal, Siddharth S. Ray and Suman L. Jain “Renewable waste rice husk grafted oxo-vanadium catalyst for oxidation of tertiary amines to N-oxides

RSC Advances, 2016,6, 71550-71556.

179. Padma L. Patnam, Siddharth S. Ray, Alok K. Chatterjee and Suman L. Jain “Self-driven graft polymerization of vinyl monomers on poultry chicken feathers in the absence of initiator/ catalyst”

J. Applied Polymer Science, 2017, 134, 44645. (DOI: 10.1002/app.44645)

178. Houcem Maaoui, Pawan Kumar, Anurag Kumar, Guo-Hui Pan, Radouane Chtourou, Sabine Szunerits, Rabah Boukherroub and Suman L. Jain “Prussian blue/carbon dots nanocomposite as efficient visible light active photocatalyst for C-H activation of amines”

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 2016, 15, 1282 – 1288

177. Padma L. Patnam, Mukesh Bhatt, Raghuvir Singh, Sandeep Saran and Suman L. Jain “Magnetically separable chicken feather: a biopolymer based heterogeneous catalyst for oxidation of organic substrates”

RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 60888-60895

176. Sudip K. Ganguly, Neetu Varun, Anshul Sharma, Kareena Gill, Poonam Gupta, Suman L. Jain Laura A. Pellegrini “Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamic Aspects of Kinetics Studies in Light Oil Sweetening: A Review”

ChemBioEng Reviews, 2016, Volume 3, Issue 3, pages 159–170.

175. Arvind Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Subham Paul and Suman L. Jain “Visible light assisted reduction of nitrobenzenes using Fe(bpy)3+2/rGO nanocomposite as photocatalyst

Applied Surface Science, 2016, 386, 103-114.

174. Deepak Chauhan, Padmalatha, Sudip K. Ganguly and Suman L. Jain “Two in one approach: renewable support and enhanced catalysis for sweetening using chicken feather bound cobalt(II) phthalocyanine under alkali free environment,

RSC Advances, 2016, 6, 51983 - 51988

173. Praveen K. Khatri, Chetan Joshi, Gananath D. Thakre and Suman L. Jain “Halogen- free ammonium- organoborate ionic liquids as lubricating additives: effect of alkyl chain lengths on the tribological performance”

New J. Chem. 2016, 40, 5294 - 5299

172. Anurag Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Manvi Manchanda, Rabah Boukherroub, and Suman L. Jain “Nickel Decorated on Phosphorous-Doped Carbon Nitride as an Efficient Photocatalyst for Reduction of Nitrobenzenes”

Nanomaterials, 2016, 6(4), 59; doi:10.3390/nano6040059

171. Pawan Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Ambrish K. Srivastava, Piyush Gupta, Rabah Boukherroub, and Suman L. Jain “Visible Light Assisted Photocatalytic [3 + 2] Azide–Alkyne “Click” Reaction for the Synthesis of 1,4-Substituted 1,2,3-Triazoles Using a Novel Bimetallic Ru–Mn Complex”

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2016, 4 (1), pp 69–75

170. Arvind Kumar, Ankushi Bansal, Babita Behera, Suman L. Jain “Siddharth S. Ray Ternary hybrid polymeric nanocomposites through grafting of polystyrene on graphene oxide-TiO2 by surface initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-ATRP)”

Materials Chem. & Physics , 172, 189-196 (DOI: 10.1016/j.matchemphys.2016.01.064)

169. P. Padma Latha, Raj Kumar Singh, Aruna Kukrety, Rakesh C. Saxena, Mukesh Bhatt and Suman L. Jain “Poultry chicken feather derived biodegradable multifunctional additives for lubricating formulations”

ACS-Sustainable and Engineering Chem. 2016, 2016, 4 (3), pp 999–1005.

168. Rashi Gusain, Pawan Kumar, Om P. Sharma, Suman L. Jain, Om P. Khatri, CuO-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 into Methanol under Visible Light Irradiation

Appl. Cat. B. Environmental Volume 181, February 2016, Pages 352–362

167. Arvind Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Srikanth Ponnada, Abhishek K. Pathak, Asgar Ali, Bojja Sreedhar and Suman L. Jain “[Fe(bpy)3]2+ grafted graphitic carbon nitride hybrid for visible light assisted oxidative coupling of benzylamines under mild reaction conditions.”

Green Chem., 2016, 18, 2514-2521

166. Chetan Joshi, Pawan Kumar, Babita Behera, Alexendre Barras, Sabine Szunerits, Rabah Boukherroub, Suman L Jain “Graphene/hemin hybrid material as efficient green catalyst for stereoselective olefination of aldehydes”

RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 100011-100017

165. Subodh Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Arghya Deb, Debabrata Maiti, Suman L. Jain “Graphene oxide grafted with iridium complex as a superior heterogeneous catalyst for chemical fixation of carbon dioxide to dimethylformamide”

Carbon 2016, 100, 632–640

164. Manish Varyani, Praveen K. Khatri and Suman L. Jain “Amino acid ionic liquid bound copper Schiff base catalyzed highly efficient three component A3-coupling reaction”

Catalysis Commun. Volume 77, 5 March 2016, Pages 113–117

163. Jyoti Porwal, Neha Karanwal, Savita Kaul and Suman L. Jain “Carbocatalysis: N-doped reduced graphene oxide catalyzed esterification of fatty acids with long chain alcohols”

New J. Chem., 2016, 40, 1547-1553

162. Manish Varyani, Praveen K. Khatri, Indrajit K. Ghosh and Suman L. Jain “Silver assisted separation of n-decane/1-decene using distillable CO2-derived alkyl carbamate ionic liquids”

Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2016, Volume 412, Pages 101–106
161. Manish Varyani, Praveen K. Khatri and Suman L. Jain “Amino acid derived ionic liquid supported iron Schiff base catalyzed greener approach for the aerobic oxidation of amines to nitriles

Tetrahedron Lett. 2016, 57, 723–727

160. Praveen K. Khatri, Gananath D. Thakre, and Suman L. Jain “Tribological Performance Evaluation of Task-Specific Ionic Liquids Derived from Amino Acids” Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2013, 52 (45), pp 15829–15837.

159. Panwar, Vineeta; Kumar, Arvind; Singh, Raghuvir; Gupta, Piyush; Ray, Siddharth; Jain, Suman “Nickel decorated graphene oxide/polyaniline hybrid: a robust and highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for hydrogenation of terminal alkynes"

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2015, 54 (45), pp 11493–11499

158. Vineeta Panwar, Amer Al-Nafiey, Ahmed Addad, Brigitte Sieber, Pascal Roussel, Rabah Boukherroub and Suman L. Jain “Magnetic Co3O4/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as superior heterogeneous catalyst for one-pot oxidative esterification of aldehydes to methyl esters”

RSC Advances 2015,5, 88567-88573

157. Pawan Kumar, Harshal P. Mungse, Om P. Khatri and Suman L. Jain “Nitrogen-doped graphene-supported copper complex: a novel photocatalyst for CO2 reduction under visible light irradiation”

RSC Adv., 2015,5, 54929-54935

156. Manish Varyani, Indrajit K Ghosh and Suman L. Jain “Copper ingrained poly(ethylene)glycols as cost effective and reusable media for selective 1-decene/n-decane separation”

RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 77037-77041

155. Padma P Latha, Mukesh Bhatt and Suman Lata Jain “Sustainable catalysis using magnetic chicken feathers decorated with Pd (0) for Suzuki-cross coupling reaction”

Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 56, Issue 42, 14 October 2015, Pages 5718–5722

154. Pawan Kumar, Harshal P. Mungse, Stephane Cordier, Rabah Boukherroub, Om P. Khatri, and Suman L. Jain “Hexamolybdenum clusters supported on graphene oxide: Visible-light induced photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide into methanol”

Carbon, 2015, 94, 91 –100.

153. Pawan Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Nitin Labhsetwar, Rabah Boukherroub and Suman L. Jain “A novel Ru/TiO2 hybrid nanocomposite catalyzed photoreduction of CO2 to methanol under visible light”.

Nanoscale 2015,7, 15258-15267

152. Ankushi Bansal, Pawan Kumar, Chandra Dutt Sharma, Siddharth S. Ray and Suman. L. Jain “Light-initiated controlled free radical polymerization of methacrylates using iron based photocatalyst in visible light”

J. Pol. Sci. A, 2015 Volume 53, Issue 23, p 2739–2746151.

151. Deepak Chauhan, Pawan Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Nitin Labhsetwar, Sudip K. Ganguly and Suman L. Jain “Photo-assisted oxidation of thiols to disulfides using cobalt “Nanorust” under visible light” New J. Chem. 2015, 39, 6193-6200.

150. Subodh Kumar, Nikita Singhal, Raj Kumar Singh and Suman L. Jain “Dual catalysis with magnetic chitosan: direct synthesis of cyclic carbonates from olefins with carbon dioxide using isobutyraldehyde as sacrificial reductant”

Dalton Trans, 2015, 44, 11860-11866

149. Vineeta Panwar, Siddharth S. Ray and Suman L. Jain “Potassium ion cationized polyether cyanide [K+{PEG}CN-] as a novel cyanide source for oxidative cyanation of tertiary amines”

Tetrahedron Letters, Volume 56, Issue 28, 8 July 2015, Pages 4184–4186

148. Pawan Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Chetan Joshi, Piyush Gupta, Raghuvir Singh and Suman L. Jain “Heterostructured nanocomposite tin phthalocyanine@mesoporous ceria (SnPc@CeO2) for photoreduction of CO2 in visible light”

RSC Advances 2015, 5, 42414-42421

147. Sanny Verma, Subodh Kumar, Efrat Shawat, Gilbert Daniel Nessim, Suman L. Jain “Carbon nanofibers decorated with oxo-rhenium complexes: highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for oxidation of amines with hydrogen peroxide”

J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. Volume 402, June 2015, Pages 46–52

146. Pawan Kumar, Deepak Chauhan, Chetan Joshi and Suman L. Jain “Highly Active Cobalt Doped Meso-ceria for Visible Light Assisted base Free Oxidation of Mercaptanes to Disulfides”

J. Basic & App. Eng. Res. Volume 2, Number 17; July-September, 2015, pp. 1528-1528

145. Praveen K. Khatri, Mounika Aila, Jyoti Porwal, Savita Kaul, Suman L. Jain “Industrial resin “INDION 130”modified with vanadyl cations as highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for epoxidation of fatty compounds with TBHP oxidant

New J. Chem. 2015, 39, 5960-5965

144. Vineeta Panwar, Pawan Kumar, Siddharth S. Ray and Suman L. Jain PEGylated magnetic nanoparticles (PEG@Fe3O4) as cost effective alternative for oxidative cyanation of tertiary amines via C-H activation

App. Catal. A. Gen. Volume 498, 2015, Pages 25–31

143. Pawan Kumar, Nikolay G. Naumov, Rabah Boukherroub and Suman L. Jain “Octahedral Rhenium K4[Re6S8(CN)6] and Cu(OH)2 cluster modified TiO2 for the Photoreduction of CO2 under Visible Light Irradiation

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