Curriculum vitae shéri brynard only person with Down syndrome with a diploma in education (Educare) in the world. March 2016

: Article in Down syndrome International

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2011: Article in Down syndrome International (DSi) (1 January) headedSelf-advocate Shéri Brynard from South Africa to become DSi Ambassador”

Article in Die Lig on Shéri’s life and the experience of the family, February

Article in The Times (a national paper) by Prof Jonathan Jansen, Rector of University of the Free State, headed “Down’s girl makes spirit soar”, 17 March

Article in Volksblad, about Shéri being the first speaker with Down syndrome at a graduation ceremony at a South African university

Article in Taalgenoot, a magazine published by the Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging (ATKV)

Picture in Indwe (July), the South African Airways (SAA) magazine distributed on all SAA planes

Article in Kathu Gazette, 18 August

Article in Your City, a Klerksdorp publication, volume 302

Article in the Voices of Change about her speeches at the graduation ceremonies, distributed with Volksblad and Sunday Times

Article in Ons Stad, a Bloemfontein paper, about her speech at the Night of Stars fundraising benefit of the Martie du Plessis School

Article in Cento Sport, Hobby and Culture Newspaper, a Bloemfontein paper, about her speech at the Night of Stars fundraising benefit of the Martie du Plessis School

Article in SA Ophthalmology Journal about her speeches at the graduation ceremonies, to prove to doctors what people with Down syndrome can achieve

Article in The Star, 31 October 2011. Highest acclaim for Down syndrome lass.

Article in Juice, the magazine published by Mango Airline and distributed on their flights, November

Article in Volksblad, 2 October, on the Presidential award she received on 27 October in Johannesburg

Article in Krant, 2 October, on the Presidential award she received on 27 October in Johannesburg

Article in Ons Stad, 3 October

Articles in numerous small papers in the rural areas of South Africa where Sheri has delivered motivational speeches, such as Christiana, Douglas and Cradock

Guest on television actuality programme Kwêla, broadcast on kykNET, December

Article in Free State Times, 16 December

2012: Article in Huisgenoot and YOU, January

Invited to be a guest on the show Sistahood on, which is about the empowerment of young women. She was asked to motivate the viewers and share her inspirational story, 12/18 March

Invited to audition for the television soap Binneland, and was consequently cast to play a part

Articles in Volksblad, Die Burger and Beeld on landing a part in Binneland as well as for being chosen as subject of lead article in the new international journal on Down syndrome, March

Article in People Magazine

Cover-page article and cover picture in Get It, Bloemfontein, in April 2012.

Articles on Shéri’s selection as finalist for the National Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year awards for 2012, including:

  • YOU/Huisgenoot/Drum magazines, two consecutive weeks 12/19 July

  • Bloemnuus, 6 July

  • Volksblad, 5 July

  • Courant, 6 July

Guest on the television talk show Praat met Rian broadcast on kykNET, July

Article in Rapport, 22 July

Front-page article in Volksblad, 23 July, on winning “Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year” for the category “Youth movers”. Her name was also on the billboards in the streets.

The following Articles on Shéri’s selection as Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year” for the category “Youth movers” including:

Article in Huisgenoot/YOU

Article in City Press, week of 23 July

Article in Express, week of 23 July

Article in New Age, week of 23 July

Article in Beeld, week of 23 July

Article in Die Burger, week of 23 July

Article in Krant, week of 23 July

Feature article, Beeld, week of 30 July

RSG interview, 24 July

Guest on Radio Oranje breakfast show, 24 July

Guest on television actuality programme Kwêla on kykNET, 1 August

Picture in Volksblad, week of 6 August, on Woman of the Year competition

Picture in Volksblad, week of 6 August, on her talk in Dealsville

RSG interview in English, 6 August

RSG interview, 7 August (Afrikaans)

Broadcast of the Woman of the Year gala event in Johannesburg on Mzansi Magic, 8 and 9 August

Interview on Morning live in the Western Cape, 14 August

Radio interview on KFC Radio in the Western Cape following Shéri’s speech at the International Down Syndrome Convention, 15 August

Article in Huisgenoot/YOU on Shéri’s achievements and appearance in Binneland

Article in Down syndrome daily, international magazine: Down syndrome no handicap for this award-winner. 28 July

Broadcast of her appearance in the TV soap Binneland, 31 July-9 August

Picture in Vrouekeur magazine, week of 20 August

Article in Sarie magazine headed “Hoe het jy gevoel toe …?” September

Full article in Vrouekeur, week of 2 September

Article in the national paper Thisability, September

Feature on Shéri on the television programme The Dr Mol Show, 19/26 October

Feature about Shéri titled “Against all odds”, Channel 403, 26 October

Article in O, Oprah Magazine, “Our heroine: Shéri Brynard”, November

Appear on the webpage of Down Syndrome International (DSi) as international ambassador for Down syndrome

Shéri’s speech at the University of the Free State graduation ceremonies and many of her other speeches has also been published on the DSi webpage

Article in I Do magazine, November

NATIONAL TV-NEWS on 4 December 2012: Sheri’s Speech addressed at the State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, was shown on National Television on three different channels.

Her interview on Kwêla was broadcasted again in December and was chosen as one of the 10 best and best received interviews on Kwêla, in 2012. This is a very popular program on which many national heroes’ is interviewed every year.

An article in Huisgenoot/YOU magazine on being chosen as the second most inspiring person in South Africa for 2012.


Article in the Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NOCCI), Kimberley magazine, on Sheri visiting them in 2012.

Article in “Volksblad”, a local paper. The article was done after a motivational talk in Heidedal where she tried to motivate people who face the problem of substance abuse. The article also highlighted the fact that she will be delivering a key note speech in New York in International Down syndrome day, 21 March 2013.

Sheri appears on the National news while she was in New York.

21 March: Sheri appears on “Against All Odds” on TV 3.

A photo of Sheri was in “Courant”, a local paper, on 28 March because of a speech during National Casual day festivities where money was raised for people with disabilities.

24 April Main article in Sasol local paper on her visit to Sasol.

28 May: Story about Sheri on E Tv at 9:30.

June: An article in “Stabilis”, the school paper of Grey College, about a motivational talk se delivered at Grey.
June: Article in “Ons Stad”, a local paper on being nominated as “Bloemfonteiner of the year” for the second time.

June: An article in die “Weekly” about her award from die Premier of the Free State: “Most outstanding youth. Best Achiever Award” on National and International level in the Free State, during the Youth Day festivities.

July: A follow up story on Sheri on the program “Against All Odds” on ETV was filmed.

July: An article in “Huisgenoot” and “You” on Sheri.

25 July: Article in “Ons Stad”, a local paper, on being part of the “LonDowns” research project in London.
A documentary is currently been made about Sheri’s life, that will be shown nationally and internationally.
81-20 December: A follow up story of Sheri was again shown on TV for three executive days.

Article in the Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NOCCI), Kimberley magazine, on Sheri visiting them in 2012.

Sheri appears on the National news while she was in New York.

21 March: Sheri appears on “Against All Odds” on TV 3.

28 May: Story about Sheri on E Tv at 9:30

July: A follow up story on Sheri on the program “Against All Odds” on ETV was filmed and broadcasted the week before Christamas 2013

Many more articles in many languages: Google Sheri Brynard


  • March: Feature article in Finesse on Sheri.

  • May: TV-Plus on Sheri’s role in Binnelanders.

  • July: Sheri’s documentary is shown during the arts festival held in Bloemfontein every year.

  • 7 July: Article in “The Times” about Sheri speaking at the Africa EDU conference.

  • 16 July: Article in “Volksblad” on Sheri’s documentary that was shown during the art festival in Bloemfontein.

  • 24 July: Article in “Bloem News” on Sheri speaking in Bultfontein.

  • 20 August: Article in Volksblad

  • September: Article in Teacher magazine.

  • A documentary is currently been made about Sheri’s life, that will be shown nationally and internationally, 2014.

  • A documentary of Sheri’s life was shown at an art festival in South Africa in July, 2014

  • Another documentary on SABC 3: Doctor’s orders features Sheri, as person with Down syndrome who have achieved against all odds.

  • A Documentary will be made in November for the program: True Heroes which profiles guests for have overcome physical challenges and reached certain levels of success in their lives. The show aims to break stereo-types and show how far human will can take a person to greater heights. We have profiled Lucas Sithole (current Wheelchair World Champion), Emily Gray (Paralympian Swimmer), Terry-Ann Adams (Disability activist who is an albino), Samekelo Radebe (4 time paralympian 400m International Champion). These are few names that we have interviewed on our show.


  • April 2015: Article in “The Times” about Sheri

  • April 2015: Article in “Rand Daily Mail” about Sheri

Sheri forms part of a documentary about the condition: Down syndrome in South Africa.

Sheri’s speech and appearance at the “Bultfontein Boertjie fees” is shown on the program Fiesta, every day from 2-6 March, 2015.

Sheri appeared in a documentary on the 5th of July 2015, made by “Bliksim Productions” and Coenie de Villiers.

Cover-page article and cover picture in Get It, Bloemfontein, Augustl 2015.

September: Article in a local Klerksdorp paper.

Article in an international journal: Kids Nation Magazine, edition 7, September/October 2015.

Article in “Volksblad” on a speech given in Parys and the work Sheri is doing to change perceptions about Down syndrome.

Article in Volksblad about the fact that Sheri was awarded the Optentia Award, at the First South African Symposium on Teacher Education for Inclusion, which was held in Van der Bijl Park.


Featured in the international Kids Nation magazine Issue #10 for the second time.

Sheri appeared in a TV documentary in February, called: A life with…..

30 May: Guest speaker on television (KykNet), on Die Groot Ontbyt.

15 July: Featured by the television program: Pasella, on TV2.

Many more articles in many languages: Google Sheri Brynard



“Thank you for a very special ceremony. Sheri Brynard was very special, and her sister was one of the graduates!” – Drina

“I attended this and would just like to say how much I enjoyed it. It truly was a wonderful event and a positive experience. Sheri Brynard’s motivational talk was an experience.” – Ronelle

“And the speaker ... I read about her in the paper this morning. I then realised that her speech was a truly exceptional event. To hear her speaking first-hand and to feel the impact of her message was an experience I will always cherish.” – Delene  

“The choice of speaker was excellent and, from watching the students, I could tell that that young girl had made an impression on the lives of most of them, perhaps even a life-changing impression.” – Danie and Carina


“Furthermore, thank you for inviting Ms Brynard as speaker! She is truly an inspiration! She reminded me that success doesn’t just fall in one’s lap, but that it is something that can only be achieved through hard work.” – Lezelle

Thank you for an excellent graduation ceremony and for the new format. The speakers, Brynard, Prof Jansen and the Chancellor, were inspiring.” – Nico

The following note was written by Dzivhuluwani Ramabulana of ETVRamabulana    - /  

Against All Odds has been given an opportunity to play on ETV.

We have selected our most inspiring stories to play at 21:30 on Tuesday 28 May 2013.

Sheri’s story will be the leading story on the program.

Feel free to watch it again or inform those who may have not watched the initial episode.
Sheri has inspired thousands of South Africans and so have you. We received multiple emails of parents who thought that their children had no hope of a future and resorted to isolating them and keeping them away from society. After they saw the episode of how you encouraged Sheri they have changed their entire perceptive on their children with Down syndrome and are taking the Suzette Brynard approach.

God bless Sheri and all her future ventures.


Sheri is part of research that is been done on the following, in London:

With the Down syndrome population now approaching eight million, it is important to understand the nature and cause of the AD-like dementia that can occur in this disease. The aim is to understand dementia in Down syndrome at the neurological, cognitive, behavioural, cellular and genetic levels, which will also inform our general understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

This multi-disciplinary team will focus on the development of biomarkers for early diagnosis of dementia in Down syndrome, the biochemical and cellular characteristics that differentiate those who will develop dementia from those who are protected, the genetics of behavioural and cognitive phenotypes seen in Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome, and stem cell approaches to therapies for dementia. 

After Sheri spoke at his school, a letter from the headmaster of:

Lord Wandsworth College

Long Sutton, Hook, Hampshire RG29 1TB

T: 01256 862201 F: 01256 860363 E:

-----Original Message-----


Sent: 31 January 2014 09:28

To: Coetzere

Subject: Speaker todac

Dear Mr Coetzer

I assume you were the 'fellow South African' that recommended the speaker today. If not I apologise for sending this email to you!

But I was just emailing to say how much I enjoyed that assembly. That was honestly one of the best speakers I have seen in my 7 years at Lord Wandsworth College. A truly inspirational person and a lesson to everyone in overcoming adversity.

Please pass on my regards!

James Hampson

Dear Sheri and  Susette

Glad to hear Sheri got home ok.
Just a note to say thank you Sheri for participating at  our Women in Academic Leadership which took place on the 25th and 26th of March 2015. Your contribution did add tremendous value to the delegates. You got an average score of 5 and 5 being the highest number.
The delegates and I were very inspired and some will be in contact for speaking engagements.
Unfortunately my budget was not much but next time I will be looking at a fee for Sheri.
Thank you so much Susette for sharing your daughter with the world. You really have an exceptional young woman.
I look forward to working with you again in future.
May God’s great grace invade every area of your lives.
Best Regards,

Dear Miss Sheri Brynard,

It was indeed a great privilege to hear your address at the recently held WDSC 2015 at Chennai, India. Your perfect speech left all in amazement at your ability and achievement to conquer your affliction. You are the role model for all those who aspire towards a higher life state.

It was also a pleasure meeting you and your Mother who has been instrumental in your life and it's fascinating progress. You have done the impossible and beaten all medical dictum.

We wish you the very best in your future endeavour and consider ourselves fortunate to have come across you to learn as parents and hope it improves our own daughter in the years to come.

We intend to stay in touch with you to exchange notes when possible.


Mr Naveen and Mrs Smriti Sarawagi


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