D thermoplastic matrix composites

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Consolidation of Thermoplastic Laminates
W Grouve, R Akkerman (Univ of Twente)
The consolidation process of thermoplastic laminates is affected by pressure, temperature and time. Experiments with film stacking indicate that this process can be divided into different stages. A physical model is being developed to predict the consolidation quality as a function of the process parameters. (D12:1)

Thermoplastic Matrix Towpreg Production
J Silva (ISEP) J Nunes, J Velosa, C Bernardo (Minho Univ) A Marques (Univ of Porto)
This work establishes the process windows for efficient towpreg production on a developed powder coating equipment. Three different thermoplastic towpregs were studied: one for demanding markets (carbon fibre/Primospire) and others for commercial applications (glass/polypropylene and glass/PVC). Mechanical properties of compression moulded composites made from the produced towpregs were also obtained. (D12:2)
Numerical Simulation of the Microscale Impregnation in Commingled Thermoplastic Composite YARNS
A Maffezzoli, R Gennaro, A Greco, F Lionetto (Univ of Salento)
A finite element method was applied to study the through thickness flow of an amorphous polyetylene-terephtalate (PETg) matrix while impregnating a dry glass fiber. The rheological behaviour of the thermoplastic matrix was used to predict the permeability of a randomly spaced unidirectional fiber array. (D12:3)

Influencing Factors for an Online Consolidating Thermoplastic Tape Placement Process
MA Khan, R Schledjewski (Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH)
Process parameter effects like heating, process velocity, consolidation force and tool temperature were studied in term of final mechanical strength and porosity contents. Simulations were performed to predict and to improve the process. Material properties were found to support the simulation and manufacturing process. (D12:4)

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