Dan’s Course on Islam

Amputation for Theft in Islam

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7.9 Amputation for Theft in Islam

7.10 The Punishment for Theft

8.1 1st Caliph: Abu Bakr 632-634

8.2 2nd Caliph: ‘Umar 634-644

8.3 3rd. Caliph:‘Uthman 644-656

8.4 4th Caliph: Ali 656-661

9.1 Comparing Prophecies about Christ and Muhammad:

Old Testament Prophecies Concerning The Christ

9.2 Biblical Stories in the Qur’an

9.3 Muslim Priests vs. Christian Missionaries

9.4 How Islam Compares with OT Judiaism & NT Christianity

9.5 Differences in personal names between the Bible and the


9.6 A Comparison of the Old and New Testaments

9.7 Areas of Commonality between Christianity and Islam

9.8 The Paths of Muhammad and Christ

9.9 The Titles of Christ and Muhammad Contrasted

9.10 A Comparison of the Differences Between Christ and Muhammad

9.11 Common Beliefs to Muslims and Christians

9.12 A comparison of the 10 commandments with the Qur'an

9.13 The Sermon on the Mount compared with the Qur'an

9.14 The Sunni Shi’ite Controversy Contrasted

9.15 References to Allah in the Quran:

9.16 The Doctrine of God Compared in the Bible and the Quran

9.17 Drawing Conclusions About Islam: Four Basic Positions Held By Christians

9.18 Positive Points About Jesus in the Qur’an

10.1 Internal Contradictions Within the Qur’an

10.2 External Contradictions With the Bible

10.3 Other Oddities & Absurdities

11.1 The First Crusade (1098-1099)

11.2 The Second Crusade (1146-1148)

11.3 The Third Crusade (1188-1192)

11.4 The Fourth Crusade (1201-1204)

11.5 The Fifth Crusade (1218-1221)

11.6 The Sixth Crusade (1227-1229)

11.7 The Seventh Crusade (1249-1254)

11.8 A History of the Crusades

11.9 Why the Crusades Were Called

11.10 What the Crusades Accomplished – and What They Didn’t

11.11 What if the Crusades Had Never Happened?

11.12 What Did the Crusades Accomplish?

Cultural Issues*
12.1 7th Century Arab Culture

12.2 Tribalism

12.3 Patriarchy

12.4 Polytheism

12.5 Animism

12.6 Infanticide

12.7 Arab Proverb about Agressiveness

12.8 The Pledge of Aqaba

12.9 Different Kinds of Muslims

12.10 Muslims Felt Needs

12.11 Muhammad Despised Poets

12.12 Muhammad Despised Art

12.13 Muhammad Despised Music

12.14 What is Special About Islamic Culture?

12.15 Cultural Do’s & Don’ts

12.16 Folk Islam

12.17 Analysis of the Borrowed Elements of Islam

12.18 Unclean Things in Islam

12.19 Chess and Islam

12.20 Dogs in Islam

12.21 Things Not to Do With a Muslim

12.22 Giving Money vs. Education?

12.23 Hypocrasy in Islam

12.24 Looks Can Kill

12.25 A History of Islamic Culture

12.26 Stop cutting! Lengthen your beard

Dhimmitude & Slavery*
13.1 Definition of Dhimmitude

13.2 Principles of Dhimmitude

13.3 The Jizya Tax

13.4 Slavery

13.5 Observations About Muslims within Islam

13.6 The Exile of Christians from Muslim Lands

Doctrinal & Theological*
14.1 A Common Word?

14.2 Can God be Seen?

14.3 Could God Become a Man?

14.4 How or by whom was the Qur'an given?

14.5 The Creation of Man

14.6 Reasons for the Death Penalty in the Old Testament

14.7 Reasons for the Death Penalty in the Qur'an

14.8 How are Penalties Applied in the New Testament?

14.9 About Homosexuality and Sexual Perverts

14.10 Heaven

14.11 Hell

14.12 Open Challenge to All Muslims

14.13 Allah’s Guessing Game: Is Allah an All-Knowing God?


Dreams & Visions*
15.1 Verses in the Bible about Dreams and Visions

15.2 Muslim Beliefs about Dreams

15.3 Survey of Why Muslims have Come to Christ

15.4 Dreams and Visions in Africa

15.5 Dreams and Visions in Algeria

15.6 Dreams and Visions in Asia

15.7 Dreams and Visions in Bulgaria

15.8 Dreams and Visions in Ethopia

15.9 The Trend in Indonesia

15.10 Dreams and Visions in Iran

15.11 Dreams and Visions in Sudan

15.12 The Ali Pektaş Story in Turkey

15.13 One Word from Heaven is more powerful...

15.14 The Methodology of Using Dreams and Visions


16.1 The Bible and Islam Compared on Eschatology

Esmaül Hüsna*
17.1 The Special Names of God found in the Qur'an

17.2 God's Special Names in the Old Testament

17.3 How many names for Allah?

Evangelism & Conversion*
18.1 Non-proselytization laws for Muslims

18.2 Using Parables to Teach

18.3 An Approach to the Gospel for Muslisms

18.4 What God Uses to Bring Muslims to Salvation

18.5 The Spiritual Decision-Making Process

18.6 Examples of Salvation in the Book of Acts

18.7 When Should a Muslim Convert Be Baptized?

18.8 Biblical Basis for Sharing from the Old Testament

18.9 Chart of Muslim Felt Needs, Islamic Bridges,

& Biblical Solutions


Fables & Lies*
19.1 Biblical warnings not to use fables, legends and fairy tales

19.2 Legends, Myths and Fables in the Qur'an

19.3 Apocryphal Legends in the Qur’an: Data Common to the Qur’an and to the New Testament Apocrypha*

19.4 An Islamic Fable about Muhammad’s birth:

19.5 What Is and Is Not a Lie in Islam?

19.6 Are Muslims permitted to lie?

Hadith & Sunna*
20.1 The Hadith are Necessary to Islam

20.2 Four Classification of Hadith

20.3 Strong (authentic) Hadiths “Sahih”

20.4 Secondary reliable sources (Sahih Sitta)

20.5 Classifications of Hadith by the Ulema

20.6 Fazlur Rahman on the Hadith

20.7 One Hadith which points to Corruption of the Text of the Bible

20.8 Interesting Topics in the Hadith

20.9 Sunnah (Sunna)

20.10 Two Types of Sunnah

Has the Bible Been Changed*
21.1 Titles Given to the Bible in the Bible

21.2 Titles Given to the Bible in the Qur’an

21.3 The "Canon" of Scripture

21.4 The Criteria Used to Determine Which Books Were Canonical

21.5 Statistics on the Holy Books

21.6 The Inspiration of the Bible

21.7 God's Word is Eternal and Unchangeable

21.8 According to the Qur'an, Muhammed Accepted the Bible

that Existed at his Time as the Word of God

21.9 The Problem of “Abrogation”

21.10 None of the Verses Which Muslims Use to Claim that the Bible

Has Been Changed Refer to the Actual Text of the Biblical


21.11 According to the “Bible” God’s Word Cannot Be Changed

21.12 According to the “Qur'an”, God's Word Cannot Be Changed

21.13 According to the Qur'an, Muslims Are Not Allowed to Make Any Distinction Between the Holy Books

21.14 According to the Qur'an Those Who Reject Any of the Holy Books

are "Unbelievers" (Kafirler) Who Will Be Punished in Hell !

21.15 The Bible Could Not Have Been Changed “Before” the Time of Muhammed, Because According to the Qur'an The Bible was Completely Valid as the Word of God at the Time of Muhammed

28.16 The Bible Could Not Have Been Changed “After” the Time of Muhammed, Because Pre and Post Islamic Manuscripts

Clearly Show that the Bible Has Remained the Same as it Was Before the Time of Muhammad

21.17 Verses in the Qur’an Which “Affirm” True Christians and

Jews Indicate that They Possesed Valid Bibles Which Had Not Been Changed

21.18 The Verses in the Qur’an which “Criticize” Jews and Christians “Do Not” Indicate that Any of them Ever

Changed or Corrupted the Sacred Text of their Bibles

21.19 The “Purpose” of God in Relation to the Holy Books

21.20 The “Power” of God in Relation to the Holy Books

21.21 Fundamental Errors of Logic Which Muslims Make in

Relation to the Word of God

21.22 A Correct Logical Syllogism in Relation to the Word of God

21.23 Claims of Corruption Imply that God Did Not “Know”

that His Holy Books Were Being Changed and thus Belittle the Character and Nature of God

21.24 Claims of Corruption Imply that God Did Not “Care” if

His Holy Books Were Being Changed and thus Belittle the Character and Nature of God

21.25 Claims of Corruption Imply that God Was Not “Faithful” or “Trustworthy” to Protect His Holy Books from Being Changed and thus Belittle the Character and Nature of God

21.26 Claims of Corruption Imply that God Did Not Care About

Maintaining the Standard of “Truth” and “Justice” in His Holy Books and thus Belittle the Character and Nature of God

21.27 Claims of Corruption Imply that God Was Not “Merciful” or Compassionate” Enough to Protect His Holy Books from Being Changed and thus Belittle the Character and Nature of God

21.28 Claims of Corruption Imply That God is Not “Powerful” or “Mighty” Enough to Protect His Holy Books From Being Changed and thus Belittle the Character and Nature of God

21.29 Claims of Corruption in Effect “Exalt Satan” and “Debase God” Implying that Satan Gained a Major Victory

Over God by Changing His Holy Books

21.30 The Hypocritical Nature of the Muslim Claim that the Bible Has Been Changed

21.31 The Detailed Care Taken in Copying the Old Testament

21.32 Textual Manuscript Evidence for the New Testament

21.33 Early “Translations” of The Bible Before and After Islam Show Textual Agreement and Uniformity

21.34 The Textual Agreement and Uniformity Between the Ancient Manuscripts and the Writings of the Patristics

(The Early Church Fathers)

21.35 The Cardinal Doctrines of Christ

21.36 What Happened At The Early Church Councils?

21.37 What are the Apocryphal Books?

21.38 What is the Gospel of Barnabas?

21.39 Questions Which Muslims Cannot Answer

21.40 What the Real Reasons Are for the Muslim Claims of Corruption

21.41 Seven Reasons Why Christians Do Not Believe in the Qur’an

21.42 Bibliography

Historical Differences*
22.1 No DifferenCes Between the Books? Fussilat 41:43

22.2 Differences Concerning Creation:

22.3 Differences Concerning Adam and Eve

22.4 Differences Concerning Noah

22.5 Differences Concerning Abraham

22.6 Differences Concerning Moses

22.7 Differences Concerning Other Old Testament Events

22.8 Differences Concerning Jesus

Important History*

23.1 Outline of Islamic History

23.2 Chronology of Key Events in Saudia Arabia

23.3 Important Dates of Islam in American History

Important People*
24.1 A List of important people in Islam

Important Terms*
25.1 A List of Important Terms in Islam

Important Verses*
26.1 A List of Important Verses to Mark in the Qur’an

Jihad & Terror*
27.1 The Hadith on Jihad

27.2 The Armenian Massacre of 1915 in Turkey

27.3 Israel’s Wars with Muslim Antagonists

27.4 The Six Day War, June 1967

27.5 Promises for Martyrs in the Qur’an

27.6 Radical Islam is the Worst Offender

27.7 Muslim Sympathy for Terrorism

27.8 The Example of Salman Rushdie: Febuary 14, 1989

27.9 ` People are Killed in Rioting over The Satanic Verse

27.10 Cartoon Crisis in Denmark

27.11 Theo van Gogh Murdered

27.12 Something Rotten in Denmark?

27.13 Statistics on Terrorist Attacks

27.14 The Example of Osama Bin Laden

27.15 World Trade Center Suicide Bombings: September 11, 2001

27.16 Excerpts from the Suicide Bombers Letter

27.17 President Bush after Sept. 11, 2001

27.18 Jubilation after 9/11

27.19 Poll on Attitudes after 9/11

27.20 “Madrasas”

27.21 Only Muslims Are Islamists

27.22 Yaser Arafat on Agressiveness

27.23 Arafat Given the Nobel Peace Prize!

27.24 Is Islam the Problem? Guess What?

27.25 Killing Relatives is Permissible

27.26 Jihad a Religious Duty

27.27 The Necessity of “Offensive” Jihad in Islam

27.28 No Tolerance of Other Religions

27.29 The Objective of Jihad

27.30 A Dangerous Prospect

27.31 Fatwa

27.32 Fear us

27.33 The War Verses in the Qur’an as Compared to what the Bible Says About these Subjects

A. Allah’s Perspective

B. Commanded & Obligatory

C. Moral Issues

D. Non-Combatants

E. Help

F. Strategy

G. Target & Objectives

H. Promises & Rewards

27.34 Jesus and War

27.35 Jihad: The Qur’an’s Biggest Subject

27.36 Questions for Islam

27.37 Desecration of Holy Books

27.38 Is suicide bombing justified or condemned under Islam?

27.39 What is a Fanatic?

27.40 Pictures of Islamic Demonstrations

27.41` Current Day Islamic Terrorist Organizations

27.42 Current Day Islamic Terrorist Incidents

Militant Islam*
28.1 Three Types of Muslims

28.2 Traditional Islam vs. Militant Islam

28.3 Objectives of Islamic Fundamentalism

28.4 “Islamophobia” and Today’s Ideological Jihad

28.5 Ideological Islam

28.6 Not a Product of Poverty

28.7 A New Development

28.8 When Fundamentalism Takes Over

28.9 What to Do to Counter Militant Islam

29.1 Muhammad’s Birth

29.2 Muhammad’s Genealogy

29.3 Muhammad’s Family

29.4 Muhammad’s Appearance

29.5 Muhammad’s Revelation

29.6 Are there any prophetic verses in the Bible which “predict” or “foretell” the coming of Muhammad?

29.7 The Verses in Which Muslims Think that They Find

Prophecies Concerning Muhammad

29.8 Are there Prophecies by Muhammad?

29.9 The Biblical Tests of a True Prophet

29.10 A Quranic Criterion for a True Prophet

29.11 Divinely Inspired Ignorance? How Muhammad failed the "test of a prophet" again and again (edit this)

29.12 Muhammad's False Prophecies

29.13 Muhammad’s Miracles According to Tradition

29.14 Muhammad’s Likes and Dislikes

29.15 Muhammad Cursed His Enemies

29.16 Muhammad’s Example

29.17 Legislation and Law and the Straight Path

29.18 Muhammad Was Un-original

29.19 Did Muhammad Have a Problem with Sin?

29.20 Muhammad’s 24 Wives

29.21 Muhammad’s Wives are Divided into Two Categories

29.22 Reports About Muhammd’s Wives

29.23 Was Muhammad a Pedophile?

29.24 Mohammed Without Camouflage:

29.25 Muhammad’s Violent Character

29.26 Muhammaded’s Hockey Stick

29:27 Muhammad’s Message to the Omani People

29.28 Four Big Wars of Muhammad

29.29 The Wars of Muhammad: 100 Examples of War Expeditions which

Muhammad Ordered

29.30 Qur’anic Claims that Muhammad was not Crazy or Demon Possessed

29.31 Was Muhammad Demon Possesed?

29.32 Muhammad’s Murders: A List of people killed for opposing Muhammad

29.33 Muhammad’s Self Assessment

29.34 Don’t Worship Muhammad

29.35 Muhammad Can’t Save You

29.36 Is Muhammad an Intercesor?

29.37 Verses from the Qur’an on the Subject of Intercession

29.38 Muhamamd’s Final Sermon

29.39 What Would Muhammad do?

29.40 Would Muhammad have sex with a 9 year old girl?

29.41 Muhammad Poisoned

29.42 Muhammad’s Death

Objectives & Strategies*
30.1 Islam’s Objective is To Dominate All Religions

30.2 Islam’s Objectives

30.3 Global Supremacy

30.4 Islam’s Growth is by:

30.5 Islam itself is not moderate

30.6 A Moderate Fundamentalist?

30.7 Radical Utopian Schema:

30.8 Independence and the End of Western Imperialism

30.9 Why Freedom of Speech Matters

30.10 Totalitarian

30.11 Anti-democratic

30.12 Anti-moderate

30.13 Anti-Semitic

30.14 Anti-Western

30.15 Muslims Love bin Laden

30.16 Not willing to co-exist

30.17 Construction of New Churches Forbidden

30.18 Three Stages to Islamization

30.19 Keeping Perspective on Islam

30.20 Inhanced Scrutiny of Muslims

30.21 Pre-Suppositions: Both Can’t Be Right at the Same Time

30.22 Some Biblical Principles About Islam

31.1 The Promise of Blessing and the Land

31.2 Unconditionally Promised

31.3 The Boundaries of the Land

31.4 The Conquest of the Land

31.5 The Land is a Gift from God

31.6 The Conquest of the Land was God’s Way of Judging its Inhabitants

31.7 God will be Just as Severe in His Judgement on the

Israelites as He has been on the Canaanites

31.8 An Appeal to Obey God’s Law After Coming into the Land

31.9 The Land and the Temple

31.10 Exile from the Land

31.11 The Land of Palestine Historically

31.12 Prophecies of Returning to the Land

31.13 The Fulfillment of the Prophecies To Return to the Land

31.14 The Land and the Hopes of Israel

31.15 The “Holy Land” is also mentioned in the Qur’an

31.16 Jerusalem in the Hadith

31.17 Jerusalem Conquered by Saladin

31.18 The Covenant of Hamas the Islamic Resistance Movement

32.1 People who are counted as prophets in both the Bible and in the Qur'an:

32.2 People who are mentioned as prophets in the Bible, but are not found in the Qur'an.

32.3 People who are mentioned as prophets in the Qur'an, but who are not found in the Bible.

32.4 People who are mentioned as prophets in the Bible, and who are found in the Qur'an, but are not listed as prophets in the Qur'an.

32.5 Islam gives high titles to six prophets

32.6 Are Prophets Guarded from Sin?

32.7 Does God Ever Allow any of His Chosen Prophets to be Killed?

Quoteable Quotes*
Positive Quotes About Islam
33.1 Positive Quotes About Islam in the Media

33.2 Positive Quotes About Islam from Famous People

33.3 Negative Quotes About Islam

33.4 Negative Quotes About Muhammad

33.5 Negative Quotes About The Qur'an

33.6 Negative Quotes About Violence

34.1 The Chronologial Order of the Suras

34.2 The Meccan and Medina Periods

34.3 Othman’s “Very Special and Unique Precautions” with the Text of the Qur’an

34.4 Burned Copies

34.5 The Fate of the Unique First Copy of the Qur’an

34.6 The Collection of the Gospel as Compared to that of the


34.7 The Scribes & Editors for the Qur’an

34.8 Variant Readings of the Qur’an

34.9 Early Variants in the Qur’an

34.10 Rival Versions of the Qur’an

34.11 Different Types of Variations found in the Qur’an

34.12 A Missing Verse: 33:23

24.13 Omissions in the Qur’an

34.14 The Stoning Verses Missing

34.15 Statistics on the Qur’an

34.16 Varying Statistics on the Number of Words in the Qur’an

34.17 Varying Statistics on the Number of Verses in the Qur’an

34.18 Changes to the text of the Qur’an

34.19 Arabic Consontal Letters

34.20 No Vowels or Diacritical Points

34.21 Was the Qur’an Written in Perfect Arabic?

34.22 The Qur’an is a Clear book!?

34.23 Ambigious Pronouns in the Qur’an

34.24 Literary Problems in the Qur’an

34.25 Redundancy in the Qur’an

34.26 A Literal Interpretion of the Qur’an

34.27 Blind Faith Required

34.28 Is the Qur’an Miraculous?

34.29 Translating the Untranslatable: A Survey of English Translations of the Quran

34.30 The Quran’s Mistakes regarding the Biblical Patriarchs

Sects & Organizations*
35.1 The Major Sects & Branches of Islam

35.2 Four Main Sects of Islam

35.3 Ahmadiya Movement: (Qadiani movement)

35.4 Alevis: (Alawites or Alawi)

35.5 Al-Qaeda

35.6 Bahai

35.7 CAIR: "Moderate" Friends of Terror

35.8 Druze

35.9 Esharites

35.10 Gamma Al Islamiya

35.11 Hamas: (Islamic Resistance Movement)

35.12 Hizballah: (Party of God)

35.13 Islamic Council of Europe

35.14 İslamic Jihad: al jihad

35.15 Kharijites: (with-drawers or Seceders)

35.16 Murji’ites: (Postponers)

35.17 Mu’tazilites:

35.18 Nusairiyyah:

35.19 PLO: The Palestine Liberation Organization

35.20 Seveners: (Isma’ili)

35.21 Shi’ites: (Shia or Twelvers)

35.22 Sikhism:

35.23 Sunnis: (Sunnite)

35.24 Sufism: (Mystic)

35.25 Wahhabism: (Wahabism)

35.26 Zaidi:

35.27 Other Islamic Organizations

35.28 List of Terrorist Nation-States

35.29 Different Kinds of Muslims

35.30 Organizations for More Information and Materials

about Islam

35.31 Christian Mission Agencies to Muslims

35.32 Muslim Training Programs

36.1 Sixty Countries Where There is an Over 50% Majority Muslim Population

36.2 Most Populous Muslim Countries

36.3 Islamic Immigration Strategy

36.4 Immigration In Britain (2001)

36.5 More Muslims than Protestants in France

36.6 Immigration In Germany

36.7 High Density Muslim Populations

36.8 Percentages of Muslims in the World

36.9 10-15% of Muslims are Radicals

36.10 67% of Muslims say America Deserved the attack of Sept 11

36.11 1 out of 8 Muslims are Militant

36.12 Statistics About Hell in the Qur’an

36.13 10% of the World are Muslim Women

36.14 90% of Muslims Don’t Read Arabic

36.15 Arabic Language Program

36.16 The Name “İsa” in the Qur’an

36.17 Statistics on the Bible & Qur’an Compared

36.18 One Missionary Per One Million to Muslims

36.19 Missionaries to Muslims from North America

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