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A housewife and mother of two children and five grandchildren. Help my husband with his Exhibits of Art, work in Relief Society – Have been chorister, counselor for awhile, Relief Society Magazine Director for three years and primary teacher – In Ward Choir. Member of Melodian Chorus (President Melodian Chorus) – Madsen Director – Member of Singing Mothers – International Singing Mothers Chorus that went to British Isles – Directed by Florence Jepperson Madsen. Member of the Womens Council Music Group. Other Singing Groups. A Board Member and works for Community Concert Association – A Board Member for the North Park Area for Beautification. President of the Phi Alpha Kappa Sorority Epsilon Chapter – National Past President of Delta Theta Chi Sorority Epsilon Chapter.

Paul Salisbury married to Chloe Murdock. Paul Salisbury is father of two children: Geraldine Salisbury Kelly and Paul Murdock Salisbury. Paul is an Eder in the LDS Church – Is an Artist – Interested in drawing at an early age. Started on Saxaphone in grade school – Played in High School band – in grade school. He studied further on Saxaphone and Clarinet while he was in Salt Lake playing with the orchestras, playing at Salt Air, Lagoon, Old Mill and in Salt Lake Theaters – Symphonics.

Paul moved to Provo where he met Chloe Murdock later date were married and moved back to Salt Lake – Started study of Art from his uncle Cornelius Salisbury playing in Salt Lake Theatres and Orchestras. Paul later moved to Los Angeles for three years to further Art studies – playing with Dance bands.

Has been working in Art as a profession and making a living with art. President Provo Art Board Provo. Board Member Senior Citizens Art Board.



Gerarldine Salisbury Kelly attended Provo schools and the Mitchel Terrana grade school in Los Angeles, California. She was Vice President of the Senior Class at B.Y. High and was a member of the Pep Club. Attended B.Y.U. and was in the Cougarette Marching Club. Married Jack in 1949 and moved to Altus, Oklahoma where Jack joined the F.W. Woolworth Company. During this time they lived in eight Mid-West and Western States and their three sons Karl, Kendall & Kris were born.

Geraldine has served as teacher, chorister and councelor in the Primary, counselor, secretary and visiting teacher in the Relief Society and music director in the M.I.A.

She is a member of the melodian chorus, (Franklin Madsen Conductor) and served as President and Secretary. She is a member of Etienne Literary Club and has served as Vice president & President. She was a member of a quartette that won the Regional M.I.A. quartette Festival in 1963. She sings with Florence Jepperson Madsens singing Mothers. Has sung with several groups and sings with husband Jack performing for many organizations. Hobbies are painting, sewing and golf.

Karl Stuart Kelly is an honor student at Orem High School, a Star Scout, President of his teachers quorum and is a clarinet player in the Orem High Band. His grandfather Salisbury gives his music lessons. He is greatly interested in following all sports.

Kendall Salisbury Kelly is a boy scout, collects Indian arrowheads with the help of his grandfather Salisbury and is becoming a fine piano player. He is a deacon in the church. He sang with the primary children in the tabernacle in 1966.

Kris Salisbury Kelly is interested in Sports. He is a cub scout and attends Primary and Sunday School.


John Jack Karl Kelly was born in Provo and attended Provo Schools. He played piano and danced as a small boy. He was a member of the Provo High Acappella choir and orchestra. He was Senior Class President, Captain of the basketball team and played in the Stake tournament in 1947. He also played baseball.

Jack attended Brigham Young University, worked at Geneva Steele. He married Geraldine Salisbury in 9149 and joined the F. W. Woolworth Company. They lived in eight States in the ten years the were associated with this company. During this time three sons were born, Karl, Kendall, Kris. Upon returning to Provo Jack joined Physician Supply Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has worked for this company six and one-half years.

Jack has been a MIA teacher, Stake Music Director, Ward Chorister, Choir Director, Sunday School and Priesthood Chorister and Priesthood organist. He is an Elder in the Church.

He was a member of the Mendahlsohn Chorus and sang in numerous musical groups. Jack has been active in civic clubs and was awarded a charter membership as a certified American Sergical Trade Association counsultant.

Jack and his wife Geraldine has sung together for several years performing for many organizations.


Paul Murdock Salisbury is a husband and father-Elder in L.D.S. Church. He was born in Provo, Utah, went to Provo Schools and was always interested in Tennis and Basketball. He played basketball for BY High School. Paul went to State Tournament. Played Tennis for BY High School and B.Y.U. and won several trophies.

Paul served two years in the armed service. While in France he played tennis for his command base. He was also a Legal Secretary and Court Recorder. Paul had many interesting experiences.

Paul returned home and entered his schooling at the B.Y.U. Was in the Tansig Fraternity.

He later married Marilyn Vincent. She being in Music Circles. Singing in High School Groups and singing in Relief Society, Singing Mothers, Teacher in Primary. Director of the Junior Sunday School, The mother of two children and a housewife: Craig Paul Salisbury and Brian Vincent Salisbury. Paul, Marilyn and boys have been living in Boise, Idaho. They are being transferred to Omaha, Nebraska. He is T.B.A. Manager for Bee-Line Frontier Oil Company.

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