Dear Relatives

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Everett L. Van Wagenen, married Viola Maria Crum, daughter of George Oliver Crum and Rena Rasmussen. He is the owner and operator of a Printing shop and Grocery store in Salt Lake City, Utah.

George Edwin married Karen Joy Alaniva on 8 June 1967.


Barbara Ann Shurtliff Hill was born in her parents home in Provo, Utah, when she was five years old her family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she attended school and graduated from South High School in 1957. During the years between graduation and marriage she attended Brigham Young University, worked as a secretary and teller for Zions First National Bank, and attended the University of Utah, plus being employed in various part-time jobs. In the spring of 1964, two years after her marriage she graduated from the University of Utah in the field of Speech and Hearing correction. During this time her husband Jerry was employed by the United States Treasury as a National Bank Examiner, and is now affiliated with the First Security Bank of Utah N.A. as General Auditor.

Barbara and her husband are devoted to the church, spending many hours in the Genealogy Library. They we married in the Marlborough Ward in Salt lake City, Utah and received their Endowments in the Manti Temple where they were married for Life and Eternity.


Arthur Leroy Van Wagenen was born and raised in Provo, Utah. The schools attended were the Timponogas, Provo High School, B.Y.U. and years later 1957 Weber State College, where he specialized as an Electronic Technician which later became his profession, having worked in the Z.C.M.I. in Salt Lake City, owner of his own store (Grocery & Meat), manager of Sewell’s and MacMarr Chain Stores, Personal director in a Defense Depot, also salesman for Beech Nut Gum.

Arthur played the Saxaphone and Clarinet in a dance Orchestra for many years and was asked frequently to entertain in singing groups. His favorite recreation was fishing, hunting, dancing, photography, and carpentry.

He and his wife, Wanda were active in church organizations, working together as Ward, Stake and Region dance instructors. They taught and directed the dances for the first dance festival ever presented in the Ogden Area. They also worked together as Genealogy Chairman, and Chairman of Fund Raising Ward Dinners, also parties for Bishopric’s and Stake Presidents. At present they are Ordinance Workers in the Logan Temple.

Arthur served five years in the Bishopric of the Mount Ogden Ward. Many years as Superintendent of Stake and Ward Young Mens Mutual Improvement Association, Senior Aaronic Chairman, Ward Chorister, President Elders Quorum, Assistant Group Leader in the High Priest Quorum.

In April 1959 Art and Wanda were given special honors for their devoted and untiring service to the church, and won many prizes for their Ballroom dancing.


Jean Van Wagenen Boren was married by Bishop Romney in her parents home. Although she married out of the church, her husband is a wonderful father and husband. They have five beautiful talented children and all active church members. Their son Jim is now serving his country in the Air Force and is stationed in Japan. He and his sister Gayle graduated from the Bonneville High School and also from Seminary, Gayle is talented in music, playing the accordion and voice, Kenneth plays the electric Guitar. Gregory and Wayne have nice voices and have sung solos in many church gatherings.

Jean’s occupation is not only housewife and mother but a loving, kind, helpful neighbor always charitable to those in need. Jean enjoys making her home attractive and a place for her children to bring their friends. Jean always enjoys music and has a nice voice. Before her marriage she worked at a defense plant, and Kelly’s. Jean was known for her expert ability to skate and dance. Jean and Arvil enjoy a closeness and unity in their family that is rarely found in most families.


Robert LeRoy Van Wagenen received his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in French at the University of Utah, having attended Madison School, Central Junior High, Ogden High School, Weber College and the Brigham Young University. He joined the United States Air force in 1954 and is now a Captain stationed in San Antonio, Texas, as a Special Agent of Investigation.

Robert filled a mission in France in 1949-1952. He served on the High Council in Norfolk, Virginia, Branch President in Okinawa and at present he is in the Bishopric of the Second Ward in San Antonio, Texas.

Robert was blessed with a beautiful Baritone voice which he uses for the enjoyment of the church gatherings as well as benefits for the church. He studied in Paris, France with Mme. Margarite Liszt, in New York with Dr. William Herman, teacher of Metropolitan Opera Stars, and has sung many leading roles in Civic Opera Productions, community theaters, Choral Society’s and special concerts.


Charlene Van Wagenen was born in Nephi, Utah. At the age of seven she and her family moved to Ogden, Utah where she attended Madison and Pelk Elementary Schools and Central Junior High. After graduating from Ogden High School, she attended Brigham Young University two years. After her marriage to Richard she began a career as an Air Force Officer’s wife. During the next eleven years she was very active in music both in church and civic organizations. She was a member of the San Bernardino Civic Light opera, Mormon Choir of Southern California, Centre Little Theatre, and has served as Music Director in both Ward and Stake Organizations. She received her Golden Gleaner award in 1963. What should have been a three year tour to Alaska terminated in 23 days with the sudden death of Richard in an airplane crash at Cape-Lisburne, Alaska. Since returning to her home in Ogden, she has taken up skiing again and has become active as Blazer Leader in Primary, is presently a member of the Ogden Symphonic Choir, and sings as a soloist for many ward and stake organizations throughout the city.

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