Debt collection law

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Debt Collection Law - Introduction

  2. What is debt?

  3. When does a debt become due and payable by a debtor?

  4. When will a debtor be in default in terms of his duty or obligation to make payment/s?

  5. When may a Creditor start proceedings to collect the outstanding debt from a Debtor?

  6. Who may collect debt?

  7. What is a Default Judgement?

  8. Are there different collection processes which can used?

  9. How long will a Debtor’s default, judgment reflect on his/her credit report with the ITC or any other credit bureau?

  10. Does the new National Credit Act mean a debtor does not have to pay his debt?

  11. Is a debtor responsible for the credit granted if goods are surrender or repossessed?

  12. Are Attorneys or Debt collectors entitled to charge interest and how much can they charge?

  13. How much can a debt collector charge a debtor?

  14. After how many years does a debt prescribe?

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