Director’s payment schedule

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NSA Canada will payout Area Rep’s, Provincial & Regional Director’s any monies owing 2x per year. Amounts owing will be calculated and sent on July 1 for League Sanctioning fees only and final payment at the end of the season will include all tournament fees and remaining league fees. Area Reps will receive $4.00 per sanctioned league or qualifying tournament team. Regional Directors will receive $5.00 per sanctioned league or qualifying tournament team. Regional Director’s may order their promotional support packages based on the previous year’s numbers at any time during the year!


Full fees must be submitted to NSA Canada for sanctioning of leagues and qualifying tournaments. Do not take your director’s fees off of these amounts prior to submitting.


Provincial Directors are responsible for assisting in the collection of all league and tournament sanction fees. Please stay on top of this. Head Office will be e-mailing copies of all orders / invoices to the respective Director’s as they leave the door. You will now know exactly what goes out to your area and what you are responsible for collecting in the way of receipts and cash. This will make it easy for you to assist in the collection process and take a bit of the collection workload off of Head Office so that our time is better utilized elsewhere, ie: prizing, leagues, tournaments etc.


Directors are to assist in collecting all extra prizing costs from tournament organizers at the same time as the qualifying fees. You must also collect any extra outstanding amounts from leagues invoices if they purchase extra prizing over and above their league awards.


This is available for tournaments at special pricing (see insurance info for request for Host Liquor Liability Application for costs). The director is responsible to make sure forms are faxed to Head Office (403) 291-3771; please ensure correct credit card information is filled in on the application. These fees must be paid “UP FRONT”.


DIRECTOR'S PACKAGES: Will be handled differently this year, you will be allowed 2 purchases at 50% off the promo price and free shipping. You may place an order online and please put in the comment section that it is for the director's package. We will also include various flyers and forms for you, but please remember all forms and flyers are available in the director's section on the website. Please note all windshirts and other higher quality items are available now! The long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts and other items will not be available till April 1, but pictures of all prizing is now available on the website. You may not order more than 5 of any item at the special directors rate. 


PURCHASE #1- March 1 to 24.

PURCHASE #2- April 1 to 15.


Please place all director's orders ASAP, it is important you have prizing to show when you attend league meetings.


Every Regional Director and Area Representative will receive a prizing sample package.

  • NSA will cover the cost of shipping to each Director.

  • The cost will be 50% off of the promotional sponsor price.

  • It is the Director’s responsibility to either promo or sell the package.

  • NSA Canada will NOT accept any returns.

  • When showing leagues or tournaments the samples, make sure you let them know all prizing is based on availability. NSA Canada reserves the right to change styles or colours to successfully fill orders. When availability is an issue, NSA may notify the customer, when possible, prior to substituting items.

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