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R4-021399 Draft report TSG RAN #17 (3GPP support)

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R4-021399 Draft report TSG RAN #17 (3GPP support)

This report is presented for information. TSG RAN had requested all the WG to follow the actions below:

- Concerning the CR file, it is requested that only the final revision is included, and not the intermediate revisions of revisions. This should be applied at all RAN WGs.

- TSG RAN requested that particular care shall be taken in all Working Groups of 3GPP TSG RAN to the use of correct form for CR cover sheet and the way the different elements are filled. More particularly, for Release 99 the element provided for "Consequence if not approved" shall be very carefully written so as to provide a clear view at the plenary. Working Group chairs were requested to be particularly careful to the way the cover sheet is used and filled up before agreeing on CRs.

And WG4 in particular to take on the following:

- to evaluate the different layer 3 filtering options and to conclude on which is the best solution and on which measurements it has to be used (sec. 7.2.2, doc RP-020667)

- to ensure that there is a representative from a 3GPP member company attending COST and CTIA in order to report back to WG4 and RAN (sec. 8.7.7, doc. RP-020470).

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