Durability of Composite Systems (Duracosys-2012)

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10th edition of the International Conference on

Durability of Composite Systems (Duracosys-2012)

To be held at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, September 17-19, 2012


The organizing committee has the pleasure to invite you to the tenth edition of the International Conference on Durability of Composite Systems (Duracosys-2012, September 17-19, 2012). This series of conferences was initiated back in 1990 by G. Verchery and Albert Cardon (Belgium) and since then organized on a regular basis somewhere else in the world. Today, the department of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions (MeMC) is honored to be able to host this special tenth edition of the conference again in Brussels, capital of Europe. In view of the ever increasing use of composites it has become extremely important to better understand its long-term behavior under complex loading conditions including the influence and interaction of environmental variations. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers both from academia and industry for exchanging new ideas, latest achievements and for promoting new collaborations. Besides special sessions organized by leading experts the conference program will include plenary and keynote lectures, technical papers and poster sessions. The list of special sessions will be made available on the web site. Suggestions for other topics are welcome and can be forwarded to the organizers. Together with all the members of the different committees we are looking forward to meet you in Brussels for an exciting Duracosys-2012.

Conference topics

Papers related to every aspects of durability of composite systems are welcome for presentation at the conference.

Special sessions will be organized :

  • Multiphysics durability of Composite Material Systems (K.Reifsnider)

  • Durability of Nano-Composite Systems (W.S.Chiu)

  • Durability of fibre reinforced cementitious composites (J. Wastiels)

  • Multi-axial fatigue (R.Talreja & K. Gamstedt)

  • Durability of polymers for medical devices (R.M. Guedes)

  • Case studies in design for durability (C. Hiel)

  • Technology for durable repairs and maintenance (C. Hiel)

  • Damage mechanics of fiber composites (Y. Varna & R. Talreja)

Other topics the conference will be focused on, are :

  • Durability of bio-composite systems

  • Composites for extreme environments (high/low temperature, high strain rate, blast, seismic loading)

  • Advanced monitoring systems (wireless sensors, new NDT, online health monitoring)

  • Composites for alternative energy systems (wind turbine blades, batteries, fuel cell)

  • Composites for infrastructure (bridges, power transmission, buildings)

  • Composites for transportation (automotive, railway, aerospace)

  • Accelerated testing and analysis

  • Durability and residual strength prediction for thick composites

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Durability in reliability-based design

Conference venue

The conference venue is the campus of the ‘Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)’, which offers excellent facilities close to the center of Brussels, the capital of Europe. Brussels is well known for its Grand-Place, its Manneken-Pis, its chocolates and its good beer. Brussels, home to the European headquarters, is a fine and beautiful city to explore and discover.

Local organizing committee

D. Van Hemelrijck

T. Tysmans

H. Sol

C. Hiel

L. Pyl

J. Wastiels
International organizing committee

K. Reifsnider, University of South Carolina, USA

G. Verchery,  ISMANS, Le Mans, France

A. Torres-Marques, University of Porto, Portugal

H. Fukuda, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

G. Papanicolaou, University of Patras, Greece
International scientific committee

A. Paipetis, University of Ioannina, Greece

W. K. S. Chiu, University of Connecticut, USA

K. Schulte, Technical University of Harburg, Germany

C. Soutis, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

R.M. Guedes, University of Porto, Portugal

H.D. Wagner, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

V. Tamuzs, Institute of Polymer Mechanics, Latvia

G. Marom, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

T.P. Philippidis, University of Patras, Greece

R.D. Adams, University of Bristol, UK

S.T. Mileiko, Solid State Physics Institute, Russia

H. Brinson, prof. Em. ME UH, USA

P. Ladevèze, ENS Cachan, France

A. Aniskevich, University of Latvia, Latvia

P. Camanho, University of Porto, Portugal

W. Van Paepegem, University Ghent, Belgium

G. Gibson, University Newcastle, United Kingdom

J. Seferis, University of Washington, USA

R. Talreja, Texas A&M University, USA

V. Kostopoulos, University of Patras, Greece

S. Zaoutsous, Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, Greece

P. Hamelin, INSA Lyon, France

V. Michaud, EPFL, Switzerland

T. Matikas, University of Ioannina, Greece

J. Varna, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
Conference secretariat:

Myriam Bourlau

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Faculty of Engineering

Dept. Mechanics of Materials & Constructions (MEMC)

Pleinlaan 2

1050 Brussels, Belgium

T. 32/2/6292922


Email : mbourlau@vub.ac.be

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