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Mikrocentrum is an independent knowledge institution contributing to the improvement of technical and business processes of companies which are active as OEM or supplier in technical manufacturing and/or process industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Mikrocentrum realises this by organising events in which a combination of knowledge transfer and knowledge networking is the focal point. Part of these activities is the organization of the yearly international Photonics Event in The Netherlands. The most important activities are: www.mikrocentrum.nl

• Trainings: Lower, intermediate and higher academic levels.

• Events: yearly about 50 smaller and larger events

• A High Tech Platform: 560 participating companies assembled in a High Tech Company guide

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Modulight is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 certified company focusing on design, development and manufacturing of laser diodes and laser systems. Modulight lasers are deployed mainly in medical, industrial, security/defence and display/projection markets. The company provides components and turnkey laser systems with wavelengths range between 405 nm and 1650 nm and power levels up to 100 W along with design and implementation of sub-system level laser integration including cooling, drivers and mechanical design. The products are offered from bare and mounted laser chips to packaged and fibre-coupled lasers and complete turnkey laser systems. The Company has in-house laser diode production facilities and headquarters in Tampere, Finland and a fully owned subsidiary Modulight USA, Inc., based in San Jose CA. www.modulight.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • PHOS-ISTOS: Development of Flexible light emitting textile dedicated the treatment for dermatologic diseases.

  • RAPIDO - Revolutionary Advances in Photonics Integration Being Applied for Optical Communication

  • BRIDLE - BRilliant Industrial Diode LasEr

  • APACOS - Automated Precision Assembly for Complex Optical Systems

  • MERMIG - Modular CMOS Photonic Integrated Micro-Gyroscope

  • FosterNav - Flash Optical Sensor for Terrain Relative Robotic Navigation

  • DeLight - Development of low-cost technologies for the fabrication of high-performance telecommunication laser

M Squared Lasers, from its base in Glasgow, UK, designs and manufactures lasers and photonic optical instruments for applications in frontier science, remote sensing, bio-photonics, defence, microscopy, spectroscopy and metrology. The company works hard to foster a collaborative approach and has strong links and collaborative projects with a number of local and international research groups, institutions and blue chip partners. M Squared has been listed in the Deloitte Fast 50 top high growth technology companies in the UK for consecutive years. www.m2lasers.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • M Squared Lasers has significant experience in securing, co-ordinating and exploiting European projects.

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Multiphoton Optics develops high-tech 3D lithography equipment for manufacturing of optical packages. The newly available 3D lithography process allows the integration of optical wire bonds at the locations required by the components, with the required precision and repeatability. We supply a process that automates high-precision optoelectronics assembly and allows interconnecting optical components, Silicon or III/V Photonic chips, and the creation of novel optical component packages. The technology allows scaling optical packaging operations to large volumes as it is compatible with standard assembly processes known from electronics manufacturing. Target markets include hardware for Big Data computing and storage systems as well as optical transport infrastructure. www.multiphoton.de
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MULTITEL is a research centre leading applied research and development activities for industry leaders, SMEs and spin-off companies. Multitel is an organization that specializes in innovation by bringing together pertinent ideas, components and technologies and integrating them into prototype products for its customers. Multitel has an international reputation with the industrial services offered in the field of the optical metrology: characterization of optical fibre networks, reliability of optical sub-systems and components, calibration of optical tests equipment amongst other. Multitel also participated in various European projects, mainly focused on lasers and optical sensors as well as measurement technologies and reliability. www.multitel.be/photonics
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • CHARMING aims at developing compact and fully fibred visible lasers for fluorescence spectroscopy and high resolution confocal microscopy systems

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MWTECHNOLOGIES offers innovative optical sources based on fiber-optic technologies, as well as product design, product development and engineering services aimed at developing and selling cost-effective and reliable products and solutions. MWTECHNOLOGIES’s range of standard products with unique features include Fiber Lasers, Broadband/Narrowband ASE sources, Optical Fiber Amplifiers and Laser Diode Drivers/Controllers. Operating in several markets, its line of products with proven reliability and quality find to be valuable is many applications such as LIDAR, remote sensing, military testing and targeting, materials processing (marking, scribing, trimming), semiconductor and biomedical imaging, optical communications and R&D. www.mw-technologies.com
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Nanofoot Finland, founded in 2006, has gained a deep experience on laser technology and photonics by working with Tampere University of Technology, Optoelectronics Research Centre, Finland. Nanofoot Finland designs and manufactures testing, characterization and quality control systems for Laser Diode/ LED manufacturing industry. We develop systems ranging from low power single chip testers to high power automated bar or bar stack measurements systems, complemented with VISual Inspection, Far Field, Near Field, Smile, Facet, LIV, Spectrum, Burn-in and lifetime testers. www.nanofoot.com

Nanoscribe offers 3D printers for the micro-and nanometer scale as well as photoresists and process solutions tailored to specific application areas. The German high-tech company has established itself as the technological and global market leader with its laser lithographic processes. The underlying technology of Direct Laser Writing (DLW) is a powerful platform for a variety of applications such as micro-optics, micro-fluidics, photonics, (opto-) electronics, material research, MEMS as well as life sciences. The performance of the ground breaking Photonic Professional GT system was emphasized most recently in February 2014 by being awarded a Prism Award in San Francisco in the category "Advanced Manufacturing". Nanoscribe serves scientific and industrial customers and develops customised solutions and processes for specific industrial applications, e.g. the commercial realisation of optical micro-integration using so-called photonic wire bonds within the BMBF-funded project PHOIBOS. www.nanoscribe.de
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • PHOIBOS: Photonic Wirebonds for Optical Multi Chip Systems

nanosystec offers customized systems for high-precision micro assembly and micro production technology. We understand our collaboration with our customers as a long lasting relationship. Our aim is to provide systems which perform exactly as it is required by our customers. When our customers achieve a new level of technology and productivity with our systems and processes, we feel satisfied with our job. All key functions of our systems are developed in house, including the process programming as well as the electrical and mechanical design. Our process engineers and qualified mechanical and electrical technicians form a team to provide you with excellent support. www.nanosystec.com

Nanovation is a French start-up: founded in 2001 which develops, produces and commercialises functionalised zinc oxide thin films and nanostructures. Zinc oxide is a multifunctional wide bandgap semiconductor with huge range of emerging applications from transparent conductors in solar cells, through gas/movement/light sensors, to thin film transistors for transparent electronic applications. www.nanovation.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • NEXPRESSO: Network for EXchange and PRototype Evaluation of photonicS componentS and Optical systems: Development of Vertical GaN-Based LED Wafer Bonding to Conducting substrates by means of a Sacrificial ZnO Template Layer & Chemical Lift-off from GaN Substrates

  • ACCORD: Advanced Components Co-operation for Optoelectronics R & D: Chemical lift off of InGaN LEDs from insulating c-Al2O3 substrates using sacrificial ZnO template layers

  • ETSF: European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility: Study into p-type doping of ZnO towards ZnO p-n homojunction LEDs, lasers, PVs & electronics devices.

  • SOXESS: Semiconductor OXides for UV optoElectronics, Surface acoustics & Spintronics. Excellence network to foster interaction/exchange in European ZnO research community

Next Scan Technology. Ultrafast pulsed lasers are now being adopted as the new workhorse in the processing of materials such as metals, glass, silicon, ceramics and thin film. With validated benefits in high yield and efficiency the potential of ultrafast lasers can now be leveraged with the Next Scan solution. Next Scan Technology enables best of class material processing through the introduction of a new to the world scanner for both legacy and ultra short pulsed lasers. The polygon scanners solution allows for a high speed beam deflection. The Next Scan patent pending technology integrating full telecentric large area f-Theta optics and proprietary SuperSync™ unlock the potential of the newest MHz pico and femto second pulsed lasers. www.nextscantechnology.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

NKT Photoncis is the leading supplier of high performance fiber lasers and photonic crystal fibers. Our main markets are within imaging, the energy sector and material processing. Our products include OCT imaging systems, pulsed lasers, such as supercontinuum sources, ultra-low noise DFB fiber lasers and a wide range of specialty fibers. NKT Photonics has its headquarters in Denmark with sales and service worldwide. We have lasers in space and deep under the oceans and our products run in both clean rooms and on oil rigs at sea. We seed the world’s largest laser fusion experiment and power hundreds of the most advanced microscopes on the globe. We aim to make a difference in the world and we are involved in projects that will transform the way we live through life-science, renewable energy and the basic understanding of the universe. With over fifteen years of expertise, IP and experience, NKT Photonics strives to continually be the market leader in everything we do. www.nktphotonics.com
nLight delivers world-class performance in high-power semiconductor lasers and offers their expertise in reliable, cost-effective solutions for Material Processing, Medical, Defense, Semiconductor, Solar and Consumer. nLIGHT delivers world-class quality and service through state-of-the-art manufacturing and centers of competence in North America, Europe and Asia. www.nlight.net
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Novae develops and commercialises high energy: and high power femtosecond and picosecond fiber lasers emitting at 1µm and 2µm for scientific, medical and industrial applications. This range of lasers, based on a patented technology, has been called “Brevity”. In addition to the business core, Novae has developed commercial relationship with FORC Photonics, specialized in optical fibre fabrication: rare earth doped, passive…. This relationship allows Novae to commercialize those specialty optical fibres to laser manufacturers or laboratories. Contact: Nicolas Ducros, CEO - info@novae-laser.com
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Noxant, founded by highly experienced infrared vision specialists, is a high-tech company which designs and develops ground-breaking vision solutions for industrial and surveillance applications. Our innovative vision technology platform, NoxEngine, provides high performance systems, together with small footprint and low energy consumption. We set flexibility as a master keyword in our mind to always deliver best in class tailored solutions and conditions. www.noxant.com
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Ocean Optics is the inventor of the world’s first miniature spectrometer and a global leader in photonics for research, life sciences, quality assurance, education and OEM applications. Ocean Optics’ extensive line of complementary technologies includes spectrometers, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibres and thin films and optics. Recognized as an industry innovator, Ocean Optics has specified and delivered more than 200,000 modular miniature spectrometers and systems throughout the world and has enabled thousands of different applications – from cancer detection and colour matching to plasma monitoring and particle size analysis. Our spectrometers have been to the Moon and inside active volcanos and follow our mission to help our customers change the world through optical sensing. www.oceanoptics.com

Oclaro is one of the largest providers of lasers and optical components, modules and subsystems for the optical communications, industrial, and consumer laser markets. The company is a global leader dedicated to photonics innovation, with cutting-edge research and development and chip fabrication facilities in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Japan. It has in-house and contract manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia and Thailand, with design, sales and service organizations in most of the major regions around the world. www.oclaro.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • PHASTFlex: Photonic Hybrid Assembly Through Flexible Waveguides

  • LIFT: Leadership In Fiber Technology

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Onefive specializes in industrial ultrafast laser systems. The company’s high-performance products are designed for unique compactness, reliability, repeatability, ruggedness and low-cost. This is achieved by combining advanced proprietary packaging technology with Telcordia and MIL qualified sub-components and the latest achievements in ultrafast technology. Onefive products are dust-sealed, maintenance and alignment free, and easy-to-use. www.onefive.com
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OPI Photonics s.r.l.: OPI designs and manufactures specialty components and sub-systems for high power fibre lasers and innovative fibre-based sensing systems. OPI focuses mainly on industrial and biomedical applications, providing competitive custom solutions, from single prototypes to volume production, thanks to a flexible technological approach. OPI’s products range from sources: fibre coupled pump modules, and components for fibre-based optical engines to delivery points: terminations, collimators, high power delivery cables, fibre probes for SPR and evanescent wave sensors, etc.. www.opiphotonics.com
Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg: OpTecBB e.V. is the Competence Network for Optical Technologies an Micro Systems Technologies in the German Capital region of Berlin and Brandenburg. It is the aim of the network to connect representatives in industry, research, education, the finance and consulting sector as well as politics, to jointly foster the development and application of Optical Technologies and Micro systems Technologies. Particular focus areas include: 1 laser technology,: 2 lighting technology,: 3 optical and especially x-ray analytics,: 4 biomedical application and ophthalmology,: 5 optical communication and sensor technologies,: 6 microsystems technologies. www.optecbb.de
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Opticsvalley, created in 1999, is the first photonics cluster created in France. With a staff of 15 employees, Opticsvalley develops support actions for its 200 plus members. Through its network animation: contacts in enterprises, labs, academic institutions, etc., information dissemination and support activities, Opticsvalley promotes innovation, contributes to the Paris-Region’s economic development, supports other regional & local actors and facilitates the convergence of optics, electronics and software engineering. It has a specific support “the Employment exchange” open to industry and research entities. Opticsvalley provides individualized support to SMEs: a tailor-made service & methodology offering analysis, concerted evaluations and action plans, focused on the SME’s development project, including the mobilization of different resources: R&D partners, financing, training, export, business operation…. www.opticsvalley.org
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • NEXPRESSO: Network for Exchange and Prototype Evaluation of photonics components and Optical systems

  • ASPICE: Action to Support Photonic Innovation Clusters in Europe

  • OMNINET: Opto-Micro-Nano Innovative Network Exploiting Transversality

  • MONA: Merging Optics and Nanotechnologies

  • OPERA: Optics and photonics in the European research area

  • INNET “European cooperation between technological clusters and SMEs”

  • PHORCE 21

Oplatek Group Oy has 30 years of experience in Optics and Fiber Optics business. We offer our established Optics expertise to develop optimal manufacturing and assembly solutions. Our main business is Contract Manufacturing. Our expertise includes:

• Drawing of Specialty Optical Fibers

• Manufacturing of Molded Glass Optical Components

• Thin Film Coating by Vacuum Evaporation

• Manufacturing of Precision Mechanics

• Assembly of Optical Devices

We have 100+ demanding Customers every year and all our Customers recommend us (Customer Survey 2013)! We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and audited by many Fortune 500 Customers. www.oplatek.com

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OPTITEC is a French competitiveness cluster specialized in complex optics and imaging systems dedicated to space, aeronautics, defense, medical, food industry and green photonics applications. OPTITEC with 190 highly committed members, represents more than 25% of French R&D in optics, the cluster developments are based on leading edge research centers and universities with world-renowned laboratories. The industrial sector has an average growth rate of 10% with 40% of their turn over based on export, and 15%,dedicated to R&D. www.popsud.org
Optoscribe designs and manufactures 3D waveguide solutions for optical communications. Our accurate 3D embedded waveguides allow the fabrication of devices that are impossible to produce using solely planar technologies, enabling new possibilities and integration scenarios. Our products are compatible with standard Single Mode Fiber (SMF) and Multimode Fiber (MMF), as well as advanced Multicore Fiber (MCF) and Few Mode Fiber (FMF) technologies. www.optoscribe.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • MIRAGE – The MIRAGE project is working towards next generation of optical interconnects for Datacenter applications.

  • ASTRON – Adaptive Software defined Terabit tRansceiver for flexible Optical Networks

  • INSPACE – The EU INSPACE project is working on the development of a complete spatial-spectral flexible optical networking solutions for next generation multidimensional dynamic and elastic optical networks.

The Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Center is a world leading research organisation with roots going back to the invention of the optical fibre in the 1960's. Many of the major developments in today’s global technology were pioneered by our researchers including the optical fibres and amplifiers that power the internet and the fibre laser which is used for a variety of applications ranging from manufacturing to defence. Led by leading figures in photonics, our vibrant research community is a constant hive of activity with over 170 staff and students working on cutting-edge research to provide innovative solutions for real life problems in health care, manufacturing, communication, technology, defence, renewable energy and the environment. www.orc.soton.ac.uk
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • PHOTOSENS: Large-area Nano-photonic Chemical Sensors

  • CHARMING aims at developing compact and fully fibred visible lasers for fluorescence spectroscopy and high resolution confocal microscopy systems

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