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FALL 2008
We hope you will find your stay at Case Western Reserve University mind-expanding and educational. This packet provides the necessary initial information you need to settle into our department’s programs. Our tradition has been to treat each graduate student as a “special individual”.
Information about the content of graduate courses and the general guidelines for the graduate program can be found in the Case Western Reserve University General Bulletin. Additional information about our program can be obtained from the EECS Office of Student Affairs in Glennan 321. You may also visit our Web site at for more up-to-date information. The EECS Office of Student Affairs can help you identify the person or committee best suited to assist you.
It is worthwhile to check your assigned mailbox regularly for important notices, mail, and scheduled colloquium announcements. These boxes can be found in Glennan 321 near the copy machine. If your name is not on one, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator in Glennan 321.
New graduate teaching assistants are expected to enroll in the non-credit course, Professional Development for Graduate Assistants (UNIV 400). This required course, usually offered one week before the Fall Semester starts, consist of seminars by faculty on effective professional communication skills. It also provides teaching assistants with opportunities to discuss and reflect upon their instructional roles.
EECS graduate students are required to enroll in the Colloquium Course EECS 500 every semester. If you are admitted as a Ph.D. student you are required to take EECS 400T, 500T and 600T. These are teaching-related requirements that should be fulfilled in the first semester (400T), second semester (500T) and a later semester (600T) of study. Typically, EECS 400T and EECS 500T are taken in the first academic year of Graduate Study unless approved by the appropriate EECS Associate Chair.


Swarup Bhunia, Ph.D. (Purdue University) - Glennan 514A –

Assistant Professor

Nanometer VLSI architecture, circuit/architecture co-design, low-power system design, design for reliability/manufacturability/testability, defect based testing, novel test solutions.
Michael S. Branicky, Sc.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)- Glennan 517B-


Intelligent systems and control, hybrid systems, learning, real-time and distributed control over networks, applications to robotics, manufacturing, and biology.
Marc Buchner, Ph.D. (Michigan State University)- Olin 707- - x4096
Associate Professor
Gaming and Simulation, Virtual Reality, Digital signal Processing, wavelets, joint time frequency analysis
M. Cenk Cavusoglu, Ph.D. (University of California - Berkeley) - Glennan 517C- x4479

Associate Professor

Robotics (Medical Robotics and Haptics), Computer Graphics, Virtual Environments (Surgical Simulation), Systems and Control Theory, Biosystems.

Vira Chankong, Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University)- Olin 708- x4054
Associate Professor
Large-scale optimization; logic-based optimization; multi-objective optimization; application to radiation treatment planning, medical image registration, systems biology and computer networks.
Steven L. Garverick, Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)- Glennan 511- x6436
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

Mixed-Signal integrated circuit design, high-temperature electronics, low-power and wireless sensor/actuators, biomedical instrumentation, neuromorphic circuits.

Shudong Jin, Ph.D. (Boston University)- Olin 502- x5877

Assistant Professor

Computer networks and protocols, multimedia networking, Internet content delivery and performance evaluation.

Mehmet Koyuturk, Ph.D. (Purdue)- Olin 512- - x2963

Assistant Professor

Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. Parallel and Distributed Systems. Scientific Computing, Data Mining.

Jing Li, Ph.D. (UC Riverside)- Olin 509- - x0356

Assistant Professor


Vincenzo Liberatore, Ph.D. (Rutgers)- Glennan 517A- x4089

Assistant Professor

Distributed systems, internet computing, randomized algorithms.

Wei Lin, Ph.D. (Washington University)- Olin 607- x4493

Nonlinear control, dynamic systems, homogeneous systems theory, observers and system identification, adaptive and robust control, control applications.
Kenneth Loparo, Ph.D. (Case Western University)- Olin 705- - x4115
Nord Professor of Engineering

Dynamic systems, nonlinear control, homogeneous systems theory, robust and adaptive control, control of nonholonomic or underactuated mechanical systems, robotics and MEMS devices, nonlinear observers and identification, network congestion control, system biology and biologically inspired systems.

Behnam Malakooti, Ph.D. (Purdue University)- Olin 611- -x4462
Intelligent sys.architectures, networks, multi-objective & manufacturing optimization,
Mehran Mehregany, Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)- Glennan 714- x0755
B.F. Goodrich Professor

Silicon and silicon carbide micro/nano systems technology (including MEMS/NEMS), micromachining and microfabrication technologies, materials and modeling issues related to MEMS/NEMS and (in some cases) integrated circuits technologies, MEMS packaging

Frank Merat, Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University) PE (Ohio)- Glennan 518- x4572
Associate Professor
Wireless and RF electronics including RFIDs, sensor networks, optical MEMS devices, computer vision and image processing.
Mihajlo D. Mesarovic, Ph.D. (Serbian Academy of Science)- Olin 605- x5877
Cady Staley Professor
Complex systems theory, global issues and sustainable development, systems biology.
Pedram Mohseni, Ph.D. (University of Michigan) – Glennan 510 – x5263

Assistant Professor

Biomedical microsystems, biomedical microtelemetry, bioimplantable microelectronics, wireless neural interfacing, low-power wireless sensing/actuating systems, low-power low-voltage CMOS interface circuits for MEMS sensors

Wyatt Newman, Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)- Glennan 516A- x6432
Mechatronics, high-speed robot design, force and vision-based machine control, artificial reflexes for autonomous machines, rapid prototyping, agile manufacturing.
Gultekin Ozsoyoglu, Ph.D. (University of Alberta, Canada)- Olin 506- x5029
Data Management, Databases, Querying Web Resources, Bioinformatics, Database Security.
Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu, Ph.D. Chair of EECS - (University of Alberta, Canada)- Olin 511/Glennan 321- x2818
Database systems, database query languages and optimization, data models, index structures, bioinformatics.
C.A. Papachristou, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)- Glennan 509- x5277
VLSI design and CAD, computer architecture and parallel processing, design automation, embedded system design.
Andy Podgurski, Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)- Olin 510- x6884
Associate Professor
Software engineering methodology; software analysis, testing, and reliability engineering; software security; application of data mining and machine learning to software analysis and validation.

Michael Rabinovich Ph.D. (University of Washington)- Olin 507- x4559

Computer networks, Internet performance evaluation, databases, utility computing

Daniel Saab, Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)- Olin 515B- x2494
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, VLSI system design and test, CAD design automation.
Soumya Ray, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin- Madison)- Olin 516- x4040

Assistant Professor

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Automated Planning. Reinforcement Learning, Bioinformatics.
N. Sreenath, Ph.D. (University of Maryland)- Olin 608- x6219
Associate Professor
Systems biology, large-scale and hierarchical systems, sustainable development, integrated assessment, global & environmental policy issues (water resources & global climate change), control theory.
Massood Tabib-Azar, Ph.D. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)- Glennan 517C- x6431
Nanodevices and molecular electronics, nano-scale metrology tools, microwave-AFM for bio-nano-info, novel fabrication technologies.
Norman Tien, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley)- Nord 500- x4436
Nord Professor of Engineering and Dean of the Case School of Engineering

Ohio Eminent Scholar, Department of Physics. MEMS for micro-optical applications in communications and biomedical systems, wireless integrated circuits, and environmental monitoring.

Jiong Yang, Ph.D. (UCLA)- Olin 515- x6197

Assistant Professor
Data mining, bioinformatics, databases.
Darrin Young, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley)- Glennan 713- x8945
Associate Professor
Integrated wireless sensing technology, micro/nano sensors and actuators, RF MEMS high-Q passive devices, integrated low power and low noise analog circuits.
Guo-Qiang (GQ) Zhang, Ph.D. (Cambridge University, England)- Olin 612- x0382


Formal concept analysis, domain theory, logic and topology, theory of computation, knowledge discovery, image processing and analysis.

Xinmiao Zhang, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)- Glennan 514B- x6133

Assistant Professor

VLSI architecture design for communications, cryptography and digital signal processing.

Christian A. Zorman, Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University) - Glennan 715A - x6117

Associate Professor

Materials and processing techniques for MEMS and NEMS, wide bandgap semiconductors, development of materials and fabrication techniques for harsh environment MEMS and BioMEMS.

Secondary Appointments

Alexis Abramson - Assistant Professor - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Joseph Koonce - Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology

Joseph Nadeau - Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics

Tomas Radivoyevitch - Assistant Professor - Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, School of Medicine

Matthew J. Sobel - William E. Umstattd Professor and Chair of Department of Operations

Qing-Rong Wu - Assistant Professor - Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine

Adjunct Faculty

Mark Allman -

Randall Beer-

Mark Dohring-

Aaron Fleischman-

Boris Igelnik-

Frank Li-

Dan Oldham-

Stephen M. Phillips-

Shuvo Roy-

William Schultz-

Lawrence Sears -

Raj Shekhar-

Matthew Sobel-

Peter Tsvitse -

Stephen Ulmans-

Martin Weinhous -

Oalf Woehenlaver- ow@informatik.uni-rostock.di

Frank Wolfe-

Emeritus Faculty

George W. Ernst, Ph.D. (Carnegie Institute of Technology)- Olin 508- x2839
Dov Hazony (UCLA) – Glennan 515A – – x3937

Wen H Ko (Case Institute of Technology) - Emeritus Professor – Bingham 107 – – x4081

Lee J. White, Ph.D. (University of Michigan) – Emeritus Professor - Olin 602 – – x3919


Amber Becka

Graduate Student Coordinator- Glennan 321- x4080

Edwin Burwell

Director, Design Lab- Glennan 321- x2816

David Carlin

Smith Lab Manager- Nord 415- x5066

Tiffany Cashon (University of Toledo)

Assistant to the Chair- Glennan 321- x2802

Annette Messina

Temporary Employee- Glennan 321- x0354

Frieda Mosby (Case Western Reserve University)

Business Manager- Glennan 321- x4053

Beth Fuller Murray

Student Affairs Specialist- Glennan 321- x 2920

Vickie Nichols

Procurement Agent- Glennan 321- x4088

Paul Schneider (Case Western Reserve University)

Facilities Manager- Olin 407- x2849

William Wichert

NT Administrator- Olin 402- x0326


  1. Visit International Student Services in Sears 210 and see Elise Lindsay, Director. Pick up information for Social Security numbers and any other Visa Information.

  1. Visit the Graduate Studies Office in Nord Hall, Sixth Floor. See Susan Benedict for your Temporary Social Security Number.

  1. Visit your Adviser to discuss course selection. Register for classes using the Student Information System (SIS).

  1. Visit Access Services in the basement of the Crawford Building to obtain Student ID – you may also acquire parking at this office, if necessary.

  1. Contact EECS Student Affairs under new account address so that we may add you to the Graduate Student Email Alias. It is important for you to have important information and notices regarding Departmental issues and Graduate Student life in EECS.

  1. Visit EECS Student Affairs in Glennan 321 if you have any questions or problems.

  1. Send email to for any lab access, room access, or keys.

  1. Visit and follow links for “Academics” and “Graduate Study” to find the degree requirements for your program.

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