Florante Gerdan

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3rd District, Quezon City

A Peek into His Track Record:

  • ORDINANCE NO. SP-1682, S-2005 - The Sustainable Groundwater Utilization Ordinance of Quezon City regulates the use of groundwater (tubig-poso) in Quezon City and would effectively safeguard the environment from land subsidence and protect our precious groundwater resources from contamination and salt water intrusion. 

  • ORDINANCE NO. SP-1942, S-2009 - An ordinance strengthening the system of partnership in local governance between the QC government and the people of Quezon City.  After undergoing a series of public consultations for almost a year, this landmark legislation was passed on third and final reading on July 20, 2009. Also known as PAT Ordinance of Q.C., this law intends to uphold the tenets of people power in curbing corruption and promoting efficient governance.   

  • ORDINANCE NO. SP-1512, S-2005 - Creating the Quezon City Solid Waste Management Board which shall develop a plan to ensure the long-term management of solid waste, as well as integrate related strategies drawn up by the barangays.  This Ordinance also promotes and encourages the creation of multi-purpose environment cooperatives in all barangays. 

  • RESOLUTION NO. SP-4707, S-2009 - A resolution declaring every 27th day of November as ARAW NG PAGbASA in Quezon City.  Simultaneous ilove2read story-telling sessions are held throughout the City, coinciding with the birth anniversary of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino. The QC Division of City Schools enjoins principals and teachers to include facts about the life of our hero in Araling Panlipunan, English and Filipino. 


    • ilove2read program in schools and communities

    • Free backpacks for daycare, elementary and high school students

    • Summer English Reinforcement Classes (SERC)

    • Christian Youth Leadership Award (CYLA) and Best in English Award (BEA)

    • QC B.E.S.T. Parents, in cooperation with Ateneo Pathways


    1. Better training for health care personnel

    2. Provision for state-of-the-art hospital equipment for QC hospitals

    3. Maintain and equip Health Centers in various communities.

    4. Allocation of funds for free medical and funeral services, especially for qualified indigents and senior citizens

    5. Partnership via tripartite agreement between the QC government, Schools of Medicine and QC based government hospitals

  • Education

      1. Funds for updated equipment and facilities, including modern computer systems and other technological resources that will enable students to be at par with global advancements

      2. Focus on early education (Yakap daycare to level with Montessori

      3. Propagate QC B.E.S.T. Parents program with Ateneo Pathways  

  • Peace and Order

  1. Accelerate community building and involvement

  2. Information campaign (tap technology such as texting, email etc.)

  3. Security logistics

      1. Procure common patrol equipment such as telephones, radios, vehicles, and uniforms for patrol security

      2. Hotlines for emergencies

      3. CCTVs in crucial areas in QC

      4. Strict implementation of existing laws

        1. Additional personnel for better implementation

        2. Training of personnel such as police and BPSOs, both for proper implementation of laws and reinforcing values formation to discourage corruption    

  • PAT (Participation, Accountability, Transparency)

  1. Enhance the participation of community members and various organizations thru regular consultations

  2. Enlist Kaya Natin and Institutional Network for Social Accountability (INSA, Miriam) as partners in crafting and implementing a viable legislative and governance agenda

  3. Encourage transparency through linkages with the Peoples Council of Quezon City (PCQC)

Opponents: Mat Defensor

Franz Pumaren

Chiqui Violago

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