For uq contractors Use – Example Layout of a Management Plan This document may be edited and used as a template or guide to create your own management plan” oh&s management Plan

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For UQ Contractors Use – Example Layout of a Management Plan

This document may be edited and used as a template or guide

to create your own management plan”


OH&S Management Plan

Project Name:-

Contract Details

Contractor name:

Contractor ABN:

Contractor address:

Phone: -

Contractor Safety representative:

Contract description:

Location of works:

P&F Project Officer

Timing of works (approximate):

Start date:

End date:

Table of contents

Safety Policy
Please state your safety policy below or attached as a separate document.

State what responsibilities persons have when working on site

  • .

  • .

It must be stated who is responsible for the safety on site, if a safety Officer is appointed and also if a committee is required.
Scope and Construction Activity Details

List Major activities

Safe Work Method Statements
Attached any Safe Work method statements that are required under current legislation for the works that are being conducted and how works will be trained in them.
Hazard & Risk control register
List the hazards of the works, what the risks are associated with those Hazards and what control measure will be put into place to reduce the risks, this should be done using the Hierarchy of Control.

First Aid and Injury Management
Describe any specific Injury Management processes for this contract, including reporting to WHS Division when required (Legislation reasons) and also reporting to P&F / PM of serious incidents.

Emergency Procedures
Identify emergency procedures
Public Protection
Describe the plans / controls to protect the pubic and student for work activities
Site Rules
List below some site rules which all persons working on site must abide by

Incident reporting and investigation

Describe how incidents will be reported, recorded and investigated and how you will report it to P&F.

You also must describe how you will advise PF if a Workplace Health and safety Inspector has visited your worksite.

Specialised Work or Licensing
List any special licences required for the contract.
Induction Requirements
Inductions for contractors are to be completed in accordance with the P&F UQ Contractor Safety Induction process. List any relevant communication or training methods used during the works in relation to safety, for example weekly toolbox meetings or safe procedure training.

Plus explain how all works will undergo a job site safety induction.

Plant and Equipment Register
Attached Plant and Equipment Register.
Chemical Management
Attached Chemical Register listing all chemicals to be used.
Safety Monitoring

List any ongoing inspections, hazard management and near miss reports

Subcontractor Management
If you will be using any subcontractors, they must be supervised and understand UQ polices and procedures.

Attached Subcontractor List detailing the subcontractors to be used and the details of the subcontractor management

List methods of Sub-contractor site specific inductions and also Sub-contractors SWMS requirements.
Sign Off
The plan must be signed by a senior person in the organisation.

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