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Direction de la Recherche et de l’Innovation

Appel à projets - Année 2018

Contrats doctoraux «Ordinaires»

Unité de recherche d’accueil

Unité de Recherche : UMR 6226 Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes (ISCR)

Equipe : Chimie-Métallurgie

Contrat doctoral INSA Rennes acquis


Directeur de thèse : Thierry Gloriant Unité : ISCR 6226

Établissement: INSA Rennes

HDR :  oui  non

Mail : / Tél. : 0223238241

Co-directeur de thèse : Doina Gordin Unité : ISCR 6226

Établissement : INSA Rennes

HDR :  oui  non

Mail : / Tél. : 0223238240

Co-directeur de thèse : Philippe Castany Unité : ISCR 6226

Établissement: INSA Rennes

HDR :  oui  non

Mail : / Tél. : 0223238519

Thesis subject

Title : Implants and medical devices elaborated from new biocompatible titanium alloys

keywords : titanium alloys, medical devices, microstructural characterizations, mechanical properties, biocompatibility

Description :

New biocompatible titanium-based alloys are currently under development in the metallurgical-chemistry team of the ISCR Unit. They are intended to replace the alloys currently used in the biomedical sector that contain non-biocompatible elements, which could cause significant inflammatory reactions.

In the frame of the thesis work, synthesis of new innovative biomedical titanium-based alloys, mechanically unstable and only composed of biocompatible elements, will be designed tanks to the performing platform of elaboration by melting available in the laboratory. By optimizing the chemical compositions, it is possible to obtain very low-modulus alloys, which is very interesting for hip prostheses or dental implants in order to increase the durability in service. On the other hand, it is also possible to obtain superelastic or shape memory properties from these alloys due to their metastable characteristics that allow a stress-induced martensitic transformation. These properties are particularly appreciated for the manufacturing of orthopedic staples and endovascular stents for example. In a first step, the objective of the thesis will be to optimize the microstructure of the alloys in order to adapt theirs mechanical properties to the dedicated medical applications. In a second step, it will be realized medical device prototypes from the new alloys in collaboration with industrial partners, which are specialists in the manufacturing of metallic medical devices. Mechanical tests will be carried out on the prototypes in order to evaluate the elastic modulus, the mechanical resistance and the superelasticity by cyclic mechanical tests. On the other hand, fatigue tests will be also conducted with the objective to overtake the durability of commercially medical devices. Evaluation of the biocompatibility will be also carried out on the prototypes in the frame of the thesis. They will be conducted with osteoblastic and endothelial cells in collaboration with our biologist partners.

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