Fourth six-monthly periodic report

D.A.2 Increased, enhanced FP participation

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D.A.2 Increased, enhanced FP participation

There was a significant increase in the FP5 participation, and a list of the submitted/ successful FP5/FP6 projects is detailed in the appended section.

  • D.A.3. Periodic report +12 months

has been given after the Second Six-month period.

As Yearly reports of MTA SZTAKI –CoE is appended for 2002,. Separate sections are created for the list of yearly publications and for the citations.

  • D.A.6. Periodic report for the 7th , reporting period

  • D.A.6+ Final Report is planned by December 2004.

Workpackage progress report for Workpackage No.: B

Exploitation and dissemination, twinning, advanced multimedia system architectures and educational and training courseware applications for infrastructure, adoption of video-conferencing infrastructure to support enhanced co-operation means
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