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SEND (Electronic Documents Acquiring System)

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SEND (Electronic Documents Acquiring System) (

Through interlibrary loan (ILL) service Library's users can order printed and electronic documents not available in Library's fond. Documents are ordered from numerous libraries in Croatia and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, and UK). In 2003 ILL service fulfilled approximately 700 requests for documents made by RBI members, and over 1200 requests from other libraries. Orders are sent, received, processed and stored only through a web interface SEND (Electronic Documents Acquiring System), which was launched in December 2002 and truly started operating this year.

SZI (Croatian Scientific information System) – thematic subsystem Natural Sciences (

In the year 2003 the project Natural Sciences included 26 natural sciences libraries. Work was conducted on unifying the online catalogue, on coordinated acquisition of library material, stimulating the computerization of libraries, educating librarians and library users etc. Productive cooperation with Biomedicine, Engineering and Humanities subsystems has continued. Croatia Science Information System, which was initially launched in 1995 by RBI and ten other libraries with the Ministry of Science and Technology support, is today coordinating over 120 scientific libraries.

Online Database Centre (

The project to provide the Croatia scientific community with access to commercial and other databases was continued successfully. At this moment the Centre offers its users 14 databases: Current Contents, Medline, INSPEC, PsycInfo, Ovid Core Biomedical Collection, Evidence Based Medicine Review, ERIC, WoS, INIS, Ei Village (Compendex), HeinOnline, MathSciNet, Food Science and Technology Abstracts and PsycInfo. Those are the most significant databases in the fields of individual scientific fields. Almost all databases are provided through national consortium. Access to Ovid's databases and WoS is provided through local servers, while other databases are retrievable on servers of their producers.

Croatian Scientific Bibliography CROSBI (

CROSBI was initially established as a supporting tool for the Ministry of Science and Technology in gathering data about published papers, as a result of activities on various projects. It developed into a comprehensive “current research” bibliography, whose major advantages is recentness of data. The database includes data from 1996 up to the present day, which add up to more than 80000 documents.

EJOL – Electronic Journals Online Library (

The mail goal of this project is to develop a unique Web interface that provides access to numerous scientific electronic journals, and to the preprint archives, as well as to Croatian media. Particular care has been taken of domestic scientific journals, which are mainly unknown to the international scientific community and cannot be found in other similar databases. EJOL is database which is accessible to all members of Croatian research and academic community, as well as to general public. In the year 2003 EJOL included more than 5000 electronic journals. By engaging libraries with their own administrative interface there is a possibility of elemental administration of their own electronic and printed subscription. There was about 30 scientific and academic libraries engaged in EJOL project in the year 2003. Beside, through EJOL scientists can at one place find and use full-text papers of numerous free available e-journals, which are, because of their dissemination, unknown to the most of the users.

PRESKOK (Browser of Croatian Libraries Web Catalogues) (http://preskok.

The Library continued developing of unique interface for simultaneously retrieving of ten libraries Web catalogues.

Science on the Internet ( or hrv/znanost)

The Web pages Science on the Internet offer relevant information sources on specific scientific fields which are attentively selected, structured and offered to the users through categories like Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Medicine, Earth sciences, Ecology, Computer sciences and Library and information science.

Libraries in Croatia (

The most complete survey of about 160 Croatian libraries on the Web, along with the links on theirs WebPAC's. The libraries are banked according to library category and university they are belonging to. Union catalogues are separated from other catalogues.

Virtual Reference Library (

The most complete electronic referent collection with few thousand dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, maps, addresses etc.

The library was cooperated intensively with other libraries in country and abroad. Especially important were cooperation with:

- Information Center of American embassy in Zagreb

- Central libraries of SZI (Central Medicine Library in Zagreb, Central Library of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, libraries of Philosophic Faculty in Zagreb and Library of Economic Institute in Zagreb)

- University Library in Regensburg (common project Electronic Journals Library (EZB))

- Central Technical Library in Ljubljana

- University Library in Maribor

- University Library in Bochum

The Library ensured new and very valuable equipment by the support of Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Library employees have been included in various RBI teams:

- Publishing

- Library Board

- Computer and Communication Board

- Web Groups and Web Teams for making new Web pages of Ruder Boskovic Institute

- The Library employees were active also in various organs and institutions out of RBI:

- CSSU (Constant Expert Education Center) – like members of Programme Board and like lecturers

- Pedagogical Faculty in Osijek – like lecturers LMS (Library Management System)

- Committee – like members of Committee (along with National and University Library) the Library is preparing bidding for buying national system for Croatian scientific libraries

- CARNet – courses for browsing databases (lecturers)

Library was also active in organization of the 4th Conference for academic and special libraries: “Don’t shoot the librarian – how other see us?”, Zagreb, 7th and 8th November 2003 (

Since 1891 Center for Marine Research is collecting library materials, and thanks to that Library own today very old and valuable publications. Library is today subscribed to 22 journals about oceanography plus about ten journals which are donated to the Library usually by cooperative institutes. From time to time Library also gets donated books from friendly Divisions. Access to electronical journals is also very important and makes information process much easier.

At 90 m2 Library keeps 16000 volumes of periodicals and books which is used by 50 scientist and other general public. The Library has also developed interlibrary loan with other foreign institutions of similar or the same profile, mostly from Italy and German.

The Library has improved the quality of service of their photo laboratory. The Institute employees have the opportunity to use the digital camera and to get the pictures on CD. It is also possible to scan the photography’s and other documents. The photographer went through additional education for work with graphic tools.

During the year it was established a good contact with the Library Board with which it was discussed about all activities and problems. The members of the Library Board were: Dunja Čukman, Đurđica Ugarković, Sonja Levanat, Nevenka Bihari and Mladen Martinis, as well as Josip Bronić and Tvrtko Smital like associate members. Colleagues from the Board were always helpful and suggesting good solutions. By modernization of such segments of library management as acquiring, processing, lending etc., Library will secure resources for new tasks, such as efficient retrieval and dissemination of information, development of digital libraries, evaluation of web information sources, electronic publishing etc. In the future Library plans a stronger international cooperation, participating in international projects, as well as involving foreign experts in domestic projects.

Library has had big accommodation problems because she lost the whole basement in 3rd pavilion as well as central photocopying office which became new principles office. Because of that a great deal of books and journals is placed on the floor and exposed to very quick destruction.


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