'Goa, 16th May, 1964

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'Goa, 16th May, 1964

-.All correspondence referring to announcements and subscription of Government Gazette must be addressed to its administration office. Literary publications will be advprtlsed fref" of charge provid'ld two copies arc offered.

Tod.a a corresJ.>ond~ncia relaO\"a a anuncios e a assina­tura do Boletim Olicial deve sel' dirigida a Adminis­trat;;ao da Imprensa Nacional. As publical,de que se rf'C'cberem dois f>xemplares anur.-::iam-se grat uitamente.



YEARLY HALF-YEARLY QUARTERLY (Anual) (Semestral) (Trimcstral) All 3 series",

B.s. 40/· Rs. 24/-Re. 18/­

(As 3 series) j I t Series Rs. 20/-Rs. 12/-Rs. 9/­d Series Rs. 16/-Rs. 10/-Rs. 8/-III Series Rs. 20/-RR. 12/-Rs. 9./--

Postage i.s to be added when deHvered bll mail -

Acresce 0 porte quando remetido pelo c01'reio







Revenue Department

In pursuance of rule (3) of 'the .Cent.ral Sales Tax (Union Ter.l'iltorres) R.ules 1957, the followlng addi.trona:l list of ,the «:Dealers» of -the Union Territory of Goa, Daman ·and Diu, registered upto 3!1st :Ma:rch, '196'4, under the Central Sales Tax Act, 1'956, is hereby 'published;­

Regi::;-jltration No.

Name of the Dealer

Address or the principal pJace of business

Goods covered by the Certificate of Registration


692 Suria Narayan Shinde Mapuga (Bardez Copper & brasS' utensils, stainless steelware, aluminiumware, Taluka) buckets & 'other non~..precious metal wares, copper sheets, brass sheets, zinc ingots, tin & tin ingots.

.,93 Visnudas Narotomdas Panjim Drugs, perfumery, jewellery, precious metals, ,textiles, vehi­cles (cars), tobacco, kerosene, matches, hosiery gvods, foodgrains, foodstuffs, edible oils, butter, pure v,egetable ghee, tea, coffee, toilet & washing soaps, chimes, powdered & condensed milk, spices, iron, hamware, aluminiumwal'e, confectionery, jute thread, jute gunny bags, agarbattis., coil' & coil' goods, papad khar, incense, ciga·reUes., jagl'ee, used & overissued papers, furniture, cements, cosmetics, candle, r'eadymade goods of textiles, all kinds of threads & all kinds· of needles, grinding stones, sewing _machines, radiOS, cycles & spare parts, toys, cutlery, spal'·e parts of all kinds of machines, watches and clocks.

694 Vinaeca N. S.·Rataboli

Bicycles & spare parts, tyres & tubes, textile, umbrellas, hosiery, readymade clothing articles, toys, plastic articles, raincoats, readymade garments, aU kinds of cloths, motor cycles & their spare parts.

695 Xripada 'Foro'bo Tamba Panjim Construction material such as: cement, timber, wooden doors, windows, frames, stoneware pipes, galvanised pipes, cast iron pipes, sanitarywares, sanitary fitting steel, mild steel, iron bars, electr.ic material, paints, varnishes, mosaic, tiles & mosaic hardware, asbestos cement sheets, nails, screws, fire bricks, tiles & spar~ parts of stone crashers, concrete mix,erg & vibrates.

696 Casa Popular Mapuga (Bardez Stationer;y, hosiery, perfumery, tOilet requisites, ,confectionery, Taluka) tinned & bottled foodstuffs, ·haberdasherry, footwear, head­wear, lotion, toys, shoes, hooks, needles, thread, novels, bags, hats, purses·, travelling articJ.es, umbrellas, raincoats, mats, chocolates, buiscuts, spectacles, wa:tches I;lnd clocks. 697 Madusudan Datta Sinai Rakodk31' Curchorem (Que­Ric-e, jagree, foodgrains, foodstuffs, pulses, chimes, assafoe­pem Taluka) tida, firecrackers, fir.eworks, tea, coffee, butt-er, ghee, toilet soaps & toilet requisites, oilcak'es, cotton seeds, wrap­



Regis­tration 'No.

Name of the Dealer

Address of the principal place of business

Goods covered by th.: Certificate of Re'gistration


6~8 {loa AutomobileS Mapuga (Bardet 'I'aluka)

69~ 'Guupa:t Sruibrai Y-ende Ma:puga (Bal'de-..:: Taluka)

700 Roulu Ananta lVerleooar Mal'gao (Salcete Taluka)

701 Morajkar's Ili."ootwear Panjim

702 Vinaica NUconta 'Falari Mapu~a (Bardez Taluka)


703 H. Nunes

70~ Ag.encia Comercial Maritima Vasc'o da Gama MormugaoI 705 lJV!:inaxi Industrla:l !Company D ac a-Queula (Ponda Taluka) 706 'Indira Niwas (lo.dging and Board­Panjim ing)

Dana Bazar, Diu


708 Kam.tilal 'Prem.chand Pazal' de Linha,


Bazar de Linha,709 Ramniklal Vithaldas


Bazar de Linha.

710 Pravinsagar Ramniklal


Casa 'Luxo ~Prof. Mohanlal .Canji DIu


ana Bazar, Diu

712 MotHai Ramchand

Dana Bazar, DIu

713 Nasvantlal Liladhar ping papers, jute thread, matches, potatoes, onions, agar­battis, camphor, tobacco, bidies, parched rice, cotton-thread, batteries & torches, tamarino, stationery, buiscuits & con­fectionery, pickles, kerosene oil, edible & non edible oils, cigarettes, spices, sugar, soap, powder, perfumery and glassware.

Motor cycles, bicycles & -their spare ·parts, tyves & tubes, motor spare parts, their tyres & tubes, steel furnituve.

Copper & brass war-es, stainless steelwares, aluminium ware & all Qther kinds of non-precious metal 'wares, copper & brass sheets, zinc ingots and kakan khar.

Toilet requ1si,tes~ perfumery, toys, copperware, brassware, aluminiumwar-e, zincware, stainless steel-ware, white coating' metal wares, & other non-precious metal wares, watches, clocks and timepieces. Le&ther, shoes, polish, rubber sole, buckle, laces, chappals, gum-.boots, canvas shoes, thread, wax nails. Lotions, perfumes, hosiery, stationery, writing & drawing materials, thread, jute thread, hooks, pins, shoes, cotton cloths, mats, trav:elling articles, suitcases, cosm·etlcs, ,toilet requisites, haberdasherry, footwear, headwear, cutlery and glassware. Roofing tiles, glass tiles, titnber and toys.

Electrical & industrial machinery and their tools and elec­trodes. Timber, roofing tiles, bricks and ridges.

Cigar·ettes, soap, cosmetics, wine, matchboxes, biscuits, toffee, chocolates, perfumery, sandles, tea & coffee (loose & in packets), vegetable ghee, steel furniture, bicycles, spar-es, tyres & tubes, whisky. brandy, beer, liquor & other nlcoho­lie drinks, toilet requisites.

Building materials, inclusive c€ment paints, hardware, food­grains, foodstuff, €dible oils, spices, kerosene, petrol, gaso­line, lubrificants & firewood.

Stationery, paper, photographic materials, sport articles, sewing machines, typewriters & calculating machines, tools & :implements, bags & trunks & other travelling arti­cles, toys, haberdasherry articles, lamps & its accessori_es, hardware, brassware & -other non-precious metalwares, leather goods, manures & i3ertilizers, hooks, foodstuffs, foodgrains, spices, edible -oils, non-edible oils, perfumery & toilet articles, gunny bags, sandIes, footwear, 'Paints and varnishes, kerosene, petrol, lubrificants, glass ..sheets, ira­rnes, mirrors, glassware, enamelware, crockery, earthen­ware, and cutlery.

Photographic materials, tools & implements, automobile spares, lampware, & acceHsories, cloths., hardware, matches, books, building materials, precious metals, pvecious stones, readymade wears, textiles, headwear, footwear, handbags & other rtravelling articles, hosiery, -raincoats, umbrellas, haberdashery articles, toys, perfumery, jewellery, watches, timepieces glass she~ts, f-rames, lll1inors, ,glassware,. enamelware crockery, .earthenware, cutlery, electric mate­

rials, radios, & its spares, cereals, edible .oils, foodgrains,. foodstuffs, toilet requisites, spices, -paper and stationery.

Electlic material, radios & spare parts, cloths, readymade garments, headwear, footwear, handbags, travelling arti­cles, umbrellas, raincoats, perfumery, haberdashery arti­cles, toys, hosiery, immitation jewellery, toilet requisites, tobacco & its products.

Electrical goods -& material, photographic materials, radios,

.& spare parts, ,books, glassware, crokery, cutlery, food­grains foodstuffs, sugar, agarbatti, soaps, readymade gar-· ments, footwear, .toilet requisites 'l'aincoats, umbrellas. plasticware, watches, time pieces & ,their spare parts, glas­ses, mirrors, frames, kerosene wines, liquors, perfumery & non-precious Inetalwares. ,

Hardwar-8, foodgrains, edible oils, foodstuffs, spices, paper, stationery, perfumery, soap, toilet requisites, sandals, foot­wear, kerosene, petrol, lubricant, glass sheets, frames" mirrors, glassware, earthenware, enamelwar.e, crockery, cutlery domestic utensilS, matches, machine tools, Hme fireWOOd, coal, brassware and other non-precious metal-· wal'es, wood and other building materials, :regetables, flowers, drugs, medicines and chemicals, electl'lcal mate­rials, -photograph-ic materials, sport articles, watches and clocks, gunny bags, and Jruits.

Electrical materials, radios and spares, firecrackers and' fil'eworks, wood, tobacco, cigars and cigarettes, matc~es, foodgrains, foodstuffs, spices, soaps, ,edible and non edlble' oils, readymade wears, clethes, hosiery, perfumery, head­wear, footwear, travelling articles, umbrellas, raincoats..


16TH MAY, 1964

Hegis­tratio!, No.

Name of the Dealer

Address of the prmcipal plaee of business

·(kIods covered by the Certificate of Hegislralion






7,19 720


721 722







730 731

1\ 732

Vaman Govind Kamat -Sue. Laxi­

mihai 'Vaman Kamat

Ali-mohamed Usman

Vira Ranchir Valimohamod:e Usmane

iDamod8Jr 3etha

Nau'tamlal Panachand

Empresa ,Industrial Chodancar

Raghunath Manjinath KansaT: Bombay Tea & Coffee Stores

[)ulobdas Parsotamo

ViDayak N araya,n Kansar Vassudeo Krishna Padiyar

Vinayak V. 1Burye·

Govinda -Esso Naique

Casa Vas.sudeva Prof. Jarnnadas Haridas

Rashid Sheil & Co.

Ohandrakanit IRam'a Ti!v,reker

Abubakar ::woor lMahamed (Budda· -Seth) Santana /X:,a·vier

Assonora (Barde~





Dana Bazar, Diu

Dana Bazar, Diu

Penh-a de Franga, (Bardez)

Bicholim Panjim

Bazar. Diu


Margao (Salcete


SioUm: (:Ba:rde2: Ta­


Curchorem (Que­pem Taluka)


Caranzalem (Pan­jim)

Khorlim Mapu~a (Bardez Taluka)



KaveHm (Margao) toys,-haberdasherry articles, watches, timepieces, cement

and other -building materials. '. '

Cotton piece goods, readymade garments, hosi-ery, travelling articles, cosmetics, toilet requisites, perfumery, ha-berdas­herry, t.oys, decorating materials, foodgrains, foodstuffs, provisions, spices, soap, lotions, perfumes, needles, statio­nery, :painting materials, glaMware, cutlery, kerosene, fer­tilizers, agarbatti, assafoetida, tarpaulins, 'plastic articles,.. tobacco, threads, raincoats, carpets, cambolins, mats, um­brellas, edible and non-edible oils, biscuits, confectionery, oil cakes, allumin:iumware, ropperware, hra,<;swal'e. and other non-precious metalwares, all kinds of cloths, saucers, cups, buckets, all kinds of socks, steelware, all kinds of caps, all kinds of pens, ,elastics, all kinds of sarees. Kerosene, tea, soap, toilet, 'cement, mafte'rmJ for construction, electric appliances, stati'Onery, cosmetks, products, biscuits, coffee, cutlery, iiron goods, hosiery, 'perfumery, crockery, glassware, cycles and spare parts, lanterns, stoves & their spa-re parts, plastic-& rubbeT a'l'ticle:s, luxury goods, :thread, washing soap, matches, tobacco, bidiies-Ieav€s, coffee, hard­ware, paints, vegetable ghee, battery cells, -cigar,ettes, betlenul-s, ,COConuts & groundnut oil, milk food, photo~ graphic materia-Is, cloth, shoes & f,irrecrack'ers. Thnber, wood and materials for construction.

Kerosene, tea, soap, toilet, stationel:y, biscuits, toffee, cutlery, hosiery, crockery, glassware, pIastre & -rubber aI'lticl'es, luxury goods, thread, washilng -soap, matches, 'tobaccO', biddi leaves, coffee, hardwa1re, vegetable ghee, battery cells, dgcurettes, beetle nuts, coconut & groundnut Qil, ·and mHk food.

Cloths, readymade cloths, immitation jewellery, trinkets, toys, bi~outery, :travelling a:rticles, foodstuffs, sp-ort equip~ ments, ;petrol, oil, greac-e, glasswwre, cutlery, stationery, drawing & :painting materhils, typewriters and watcha<:;:.

Grocery, vegetable ghee, edible -oils, cereals, tQUet, soaps, tobacco, perfumery, agarbatU, foodsituffs, biscuits and sweets.

Paints and vami'shes.

Copper, brass '& zinc sheets and 'scr8!ps, tin, and Un ingots. Coffee s'eeds, tea, tinned & bottl'ed foodstuffs, biscuits, sweets, bu,tter, jam and p-iJekIes.

Photog.raphic matef'ials, non~precious metalwares, leather­ware, books & glasswa1re, crockery, cutlery, enamelware, foo:dgrains, foodstuffs, spices, tea, coffee, :sugar, jaggery, aga.rbatti, soap, footwear, perfumery, toi:let requisites, raincoats, 'umbrellas, -plasticwa:r.es, glass, mliJrrors, kerosene, wines and liqu'ors.

Copp'er, brass' zinc sheets & 'se-raps, !tin, ,tin i1ngots and zinc i!llgots.

Foodstuffs, foodgra1,ns, toiJet, perfumery, ':edible & non-'edtble oUs, jaggery, rice, fire,crackery, 'aId newspapers, soaps, gheembuttter, flour, soji, wheat, gram cutlery good~, ce-"", ment, haTdware. paints, (wQ-oden & 'Steel) furhiture, fire­works, tea, coffe-e, bi-scuits, confecti'On'ery 'and sugar.

Petromax, spar:e parts, stoves, and -its spares, bicycle spare parts, its tY'res' & tubeS, lampware, ,casmeN'cs, toilet ,requi­sites, cloths, stationerty, writing materials, hOSiery, gl3S.'3~ wa're, hardwa'l'e, foodgrains, foodstuffs', oilseeds, edible & non~e:di'bl'e 'oils, spices, perfumery. itobacco lin .t'eaf & pow­der), ciga.:re:tte paper, ,boaks, ,rea:dymade garments, um­breNas, ra;incoats, saTi'e"s, mats, agarbaHi;s', firecra:cker:s', £ireworks, footwear, headwear, suLtcases, soaps and -other travelling arriticles.,

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