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The effect of a balance ~ A balance gives you a place of safety and stability from where you can make your choices.

A balance does not make the choices for you!



Positive Statement:_______________________________________________________




How Often: _______________________ How Long: _______________________



Brain Buttons

Cross Crawl

Hook Up

Next Appointment:


Lengthening Activities:

The Owl

Arm Activation


Calf Pump

Gravity Glider

The Grounder

Deepening Attitudes


Positive Points


Dennison’s Laterality Repatterning

Energy Exercises:


Brain Buttons

Earth Buttons

Balance Buttons

Space Buttons

Energy Yawn

Thinking Cap

Midline Movements:

Cross Crawl

Lazy ∞

Double Doodle

Alphabet ∞

The Elephant

Neck Rolls

The Rocker

Belly Breathing

Cross Crawl Sit-ups

The Energizer

Thank you for your time and commitment to yourself growth. I am here to support you wherever possible. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.
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After A Balance

  • Should you feel tired and hungry, please rest and replenish yourself. It sometimes requires extra energy and fuel to build new neurological networks in the brain.

  • Allow up to 6 weeks to fully integrate your balance. The new patterns are now a part of your physiology and it may take time to integrate them into your daily habits of movement. The new patterns are now reflexive for the mind and body, but you may still consciously choose the old patterns which have been a habit for a long time. It helps to be aware and choose to go with the new patterns when you feel you have a choice.

  • Brain Gym® or other homeplay activities let us exercise our new pattern and reinforce the changes. I tis very important to do the activities regularly over the prescribed amount of time so that the new connections in the brain and body become reinforces.

  • It is our experience that you only need to balance this particular goal once, if you continue to reinforce it with the homeplay suggested. You may find other related challenges for which you may be ready to balance later. For example, you may have balanced to improve your reading skills by decoding and encoding more easily. This was your first priority. With the clarity you gained from this balance, you may notice that even though you are reading more easily, you may now want to balance for greater comprehension as well. In this situation, I tis recommended that you do a second balance to remove the learning block that prevents you from easily learning to comprehend and retain what you need.

  • Life is not static; life is a process by which we move and change in relation to our environment. You may find other things in your life for which you want to access your potential more fully. Attitudes, relationships, the responsibility to heal yourself, the creation of more abundance in your life, are all things for which you might balance.

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