I. Introduction This master’s thesis represents study of female newspaper and magazine editors in Azerbaijan based on Western and Soviet definitions of journalism with explanation of local national features of this p

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22 http://www.gender-az.org/doc/ru/education/acrg/4.10.4.ru.pdf

23 http://www.trend.az/news/society/1435795.html#popupInfo

24 For example, during the data collection process our interviewer Tahira went to the “Baki Xeber” newspaper to take interview from female editor S.A. Officially “Baki Xeber” has a male editor-in-chief Aydin Quliyev however, according to the interviewer’s feedback the real power is concentrated in hands of the selected female editor. S.A. gave interview in the editor-in-chief’s office while the last one relinquished it after being informed that S.A. will be giving interview as the managing editor of “Baki Xeber” newspaper.

25 http://is.muni.cz/th/144916/fss_b/

26 Internews Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Media Baseline Assessment, 2005 Baku, UniPrint,

Zeynal Mammedli, Public TV in Press Mirror, 2007 Baku. On November 13th 2007 Court of Binagadi district of Baku ordered complete withdrawal and subsequent destruction of all printed copies of this publication due to its unbalanced presentation of materials concerning work of the Public Television.

Azerbaijan Journalist Women association, Elegant Signatures, 2010 Baku, Elm ve Tehsil

The Journalist Union of Azerbaijan in cooperation with Freedom of speech and journalist professionalism coalition, Gender issue in Azerbaijani media, 2011 Baku, JuHI

27 The statistics includes TV channels, news agencies and news websites

28 Circulation by May 4th, 2012

29 SOCAR – abbreviation stands for the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic. Bought share of Vyshka newspaper and became its co-founder in 1998

30 BAXCP- abbreviation stand for Bütöv Azərbaycan Xalq Cəhəsi Partiyası – All Azerbaijan Popular Front Party. The newspaper’s headquarter locate at the same building as the headquarters of the party, however, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper denies direct relationship with the party.

31 Respondent did not stipulate in her questionnaire how long she has been working in mass media. Presented figure was provided by the third party – Internews Azerbaijan.

32 Ganja is the second largest city in Azerbaijan and is situated approximately 365 km west of Baku.

33 One minute of phone call from a cell phone in the Czech Republic to a cell phone in Azerbaijan using Vodafone network costs approximately 39 CZK

34 In our 2008 research we already encountered that problem. Newspapers Azadliq, Gun Seher and Azerbaycan had their offices on different floors of Azerbaijan Publishing House. In order for us to get inside the building editors-in-chief had to issue special permit that was taken to registration office and then shown to police officers at the gates. Only after this lengthy procedure we were able to get in the building.

35 http://www.sherg.az/2012/02/14/get=46629

36 On July 25th 2011 she along with some other editors was awarded a prize by Azerbaijan’s Media Council for long service in media

37 Vyshka [Tower] is a Azerbaijani national newspaper, first published in Baku in March 1, 1928. The newspaper’s main objective was to cover the evolution of a petroleum industry of the Azerbaijan Republic and celebrate its achievements. Since the 1990 the newspaper changed from a daily to a weekly and was proclaimed independent, but eight years later, in 1998 State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic gained access of the newspaper. Currently we can talk of little (if any at all) degree of independence.

38 Marxist ideology and History of the Communist Party were two compulsory courses taught in any higher education facility across the whole Soviet Union.

39 Even though editor N.Y. promotes and presents in our research typical views of an oppositional editor and journalist, still currently she is editor of semi-independent newspaper. Thus it is not an easy tusk to define which class should this editor be added to. In our research we decided to assign N.Y. under semi-independent category due to her current place of work.

40 In Azeri language the word vacib – can be translated either as important or as necessary

41 In our 2008 research Professionalization of Azerbaijani journalists in regard to ethical standards we mentioned illustrative cases of politically instrumentilized journalism and smear campaigning of Azerbaijani pro-government and oppositional newspapers, despite of their editor’s proclaiming in our research their adherence to ethical standards of journalism.

42 However, the newspapers were mainly represented by those that are stationed in Baku. For example none of newspapers from Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan were invited to the congress.

43 Azerbaijani language grammar does not distinguish gender in pronouns and English he/she/it are all represented by the same personal pronoun - O

44 The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 4.11 Average monthly salary of employees that were fully employed in October, 2010 www.azstat.org/statinfo/labour/en/4_7en.xls

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