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ID number: 0XXXXXX

If a group writes together: 0XXXXXX

If a group writes together: 0XXXXXX

Please observe that this is only a guiding template.

The student(s) shall act in accordance with the instructions

described on the front page of the examination question paper.

Electronic submission?

Are you submitting your examination answer paper electronically,

you may use this template.
Remember that a front page is generated in DigiEx

as well as a header (if you write in the header, DigiEx will remove this)

You can use the footer yourself, for page numbers etc

Termpaper /Project paper/Take-home examination

(delete as required)

- Title -

Hand-in date:



BI Oslo
Examination code and name:

E.g. GRA 12341 Interpersonal Communication and the Organization


Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Psychology



You can start writing your text here. Margins, line spacing, page numbers and fonts etc. are correctly adjusted.

DigiEx: Please note that header can not be used when submitting electronically / through DigiEx.
Use the already defined headings. In this way the list of contents will be correct. Please see the instructions in the text editor about how to make the index.

Remember to put your references and a list of your sources at the end of your paper. Also, remember to change the titles, ID numbers, etc. on the front page.

You can delete the text written on this page.
Good luck!

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