Inas application forms for World and Regional Swimming Records

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INAS application forms for World and Regional Swimming Records

Verification of Swimming Record or Ranking

  1. Swimmers must appear in the INAS Master List before they may apply for INAS records.

  1. INAS will automatically update Records and Rankings following INAS Global Games, INAS World Swimming Championships and INAS Regional Championships. All other record applications from INAS sanctioned, IPC sanctioned or National Championship events should follow the below process using the relevant application form.

  1. Applications should be made to the INAS Swimming Director within 30 days of completion of the competition via email or by post to the INAS postal address. Contact addresses can be found on the INAS website.

  1. Application must include:

    1. Application Form

    2. An electronic or 3 handheld times results and signed by Referee.

    3. A copy of the full set of results for the competition.

  1. Records and Rankings will be issued in accordance with the INAS Records and Rankings Policy (see INAS Handbook).

  1. INAS will issue a certificate of Record once verified.

  1. Enquiries should be addressed to the INAS Swimming Director or INAS Sports Manager.


Athlete Details

Competitor Family Name: Given Name:

Date of Birth: Sex: Male / Female
INAS Eligibility No: Country:
Record Details

Is this a World or Regional Record?

 World Regional (specify:)

 Africa  Europe

 Americas  Oceania

 Asia

Stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, medley):
Length of Event: Length of Course: 25m / 50m
Electronic time: Hand Held times: 1. 2. 3.

Relay Team, if applicable:

Names in order:

Classification Number:





Competition Details

Date of race:

Competition title: Venue Name:
City: Country:
Was the water still? YES / NO Indoor/Outdoor event?:

Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment:

Was the course measured by a qualified person?:

In my opinion FINA Swimming rules have been upheld.

Name of Referee: Signature:
Submitted by: Organisation:
Position: Signature: Date:

INAS Member Nation/NPC Endorsement

Name of Secretary/President: Signature:


For INAS use only:

Application Received on: Ratified/Denied on:

Position: Signature:

Approved/Denied (State reasons):
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