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Mighty Good Talent School

117 Sir Donald Bradman Drive

HILTON South Australia 5033

Telephone: (08) 8443 9999

Classes at the St. Pauls Lutheran Church

10 Main Street, Hahndorf


Welcome to the Mighty Good Talent School.

We are proud to be beginning our 36th year in Australia, with 4 locations in S.A.

Our aim is to provide quality, safe and cost effective education in all facets of the performing arts and prepare students for a career in the entertainment industry. While we realise not everyone will be a star, our classes build self-esteem, confidence and better social skills. We also promote acting, singing and dancing as a healthy form of exercise.

All our teachers come from an education/entertainment background and give students from Beginners to Advanced professional training at all levels.
We recommend you begin with a free interview with a school administrator so we can help you identify the right classes for your children in the disciplines we provide, so please take advantage of the interview offer so you can achieve your goals with the right information.
Throughout our 36 years students have been cast in Film and TV series and have had enormous success in professional stage productions and the Pop Industry. Many have gone on to work professionally worldwide. Winner of ‘Australian Idol’ Wesley Carr, runner up of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Rhys Bobridge and Ben Nicholas from Neighbours, are some great examples, as they began at our school at an early age and have proven that good training can take you anywhere.
There are many performance opportunities the school has to offer from Audition Assessments, Showcase Performance Days (no costumes are required for this and parents, family and friends are welcome to purchase a ticket to attend their students performance at a cost of approximately $18, which is held at Star Theatres), Filming and Annual Concert, Parent Viewing days and many other activities to be involved in.
All classes are charged per term. We also provide special packages and courses, early payment discounts and direct debit facilities and a whole lot more information in print, photos and video on our website.
In 2013, the Annual Concert will be held late November. For those students who are involved (please speak further with your school Administrator) a costume will be required. MGTS will measure your student, and a costume will be purchased or made for them. The cost to parents is between $100-$175 per dance class. A deposit is required in Term 3 of $100 per student. Tickets go on sale for the Annual Concert in October.
So welcome to the Mighty Good Talent School, ‘Teaching tomorrows stars today’ and we hope that’s you.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Malcolm Harslett

Mighty Good Talent School Director

More information about the school

What should students wear?

  • Comfortable clothing, which enables free movement.

  • Soft soled footwear so they can point their toes. After they have done a term with us, we request that students wear the correct shoes for the class they attend, ie: Jazz shoes, Ballet shoes etc. These can be purchased at Adelaide Dancers Boutique.

  • Long hair should be kept back off the face, so teachers can see students' faces.

The Foyer

  • Each School has a foyer waiting area for both students and parents.

  • Parents are welcome to wait in the foyer during class time, or drop them off and return for them prior to the end of class.


  • A simple written report, briefly outlining achievements during the first 7 weeks of term 3.

  • If you have other questions please ask them on a ‘Pink Slip’ available at Administration. Responses will be given to your questions by the appropriate class teachers.

Parent Viewing Days.

  • You are invited to the last day of each Term to see the whole of the Acting class, and the last 15 minutes of the Dance class where students will present the Singing and Dance work which has been taught each term

  • We encourage you to join us, as Students need to perform to an Audience.

  • The Parent-viewing Day breaks down the nervousness that most students feel at the beginning of their performance career.

E-News and Newsletters
  • Throughout the year you will receive information via email providing valuable information.

  • In most cases it will require direct action to be taken and will include important details regarding special events or alterations to class times or activities.

Please remember

  • Parents must collect their child when they come out of class. While the Mighty Good Talent School has a duty of care inside the building, it is not responsible for their safety or well being once they have left the building.

What is the performance block of classes?

  • A Performance Package is a set package of classes that includes the teaching of all three disciplines.

  • Students learn Acting, Singing and Dance in three different classrooms with 3 different teachers.

  • Students take one of these set Performance Package Blocks per week as part of four terms per year.

Why do we teach all of these subjects?

  • Acting builds self-confidence and the ability to speak and not feel shy in public. It also builds better memory, imagination and mental discipline. All performance is built on acting.

  • Singing develops voice and lungs and the ability to hear a tune or rhythm and then repeat it, developing the aural senses.

  • Dance develops the physical body and is one of the safest exercises known. It also builds a great team spirit and respect for each other.

2013 Class Schedule - Wednesdays

Term: 1 Wednesday’s: 30th January – 10th April

Ages: Primary 3 - 4 years. Junior 5 - 7 years. Youth 8 - 11 years. Teen 12 + years

Please note if your child has previous experience, please call the school to arrange an assessment.










Junior Dance















Class Fees

Are due and payable on or before the first day of term to guarantee students a position in the class. All prices are gst inclusive. Ask about our special discount offers, or direct debits. Prices for each subject in Term 1 are listed in the timetable above.

Central Reynella Golden Grove The Hills Semaphore Paralowie

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