Insa and Lea Speak about their experience at Seon Ashram …

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Insa and Lea Speak about their experience at Seon Ashram ….

Namaskara! We are Lea and Insa from Germany. By now we are in India since two months and we do a one year volunteer service at the Seon Ashram Trust. It is located in the small village Gandibagilu which is in the south of the state Karnataka.

We are doing social work with physically and mentally challenged children people as well as people who have psychological disorder. Every person who lives at the Ashram has his or her own story and fate: Old people, widows, victims of rape, differently abled people and orphans. The Seon Ashram Trust provides accommodation, food, medical care and free time activities.
During the time we have stayed here we already got familiar with the daily life in the Ashram and we have found a structured routine for our work that we created independently. Many volunteers have stayed in our project before we arrived, especially Germans. Fortunately we had the chance to meet some of them before our departure. We benefit from their experiences. The conversations helped us having a good start and getting used to the work and the circumstances. Furthermore, we were supported by the detailed and useful preparation given by our German organization Youth Action for Peace - Christlicher Friedensdienst e.V. and our Indian organization FSL-India.
Even though the work is exhausting we enjoy every day working with the people in the Seon Ashram Trust. There are many possibilities for volunteers to contribute their own ability and skills. For more information, photos and videos have a look on our websites: And

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