Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes Proposal for Phd thesis (Cifre-Defense) Modeling methods for high frequency simulation with cst

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Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes
Proposal for PhD Thesis (Cifre-Defense)
Modeling methods for high frequency simulation with CST

Keywords: Wave propagation at high frequencies, antennas, FDTD, FIT, FFT, radio channel
Skills: Electromagnetism, programming (VBA, C + +), signal processing (FFT), CST MW


The purpose of this thesis is to implement a new algorithm based on the FIT calculations of the CST MW tool, in order to perform simulations on a large scale and high frequency. For example, it will be useful to simulate the radio coverage of Rennes (100 km2) at WIFI frequency (2.45 GHz), which is not currently achievable with FIT. The basic idea of this thesis is that CST MW simulations facto contain all information on the rays either in low frequency or high frequency. Thus, it would be possible to simulate a city like Rennes at 30 MHz (wavelength 10 m) and then converting the result to 3 GHz. Indeed, CST provides information on the three components X, Y and Z of the simulated field at any point. Once the rays are obtained by high-resolution methods (SAGE, SVD-CLEAN, ESPRIT ...), it may be possible to determine the channel impulse response, taking into account the high frequency elementary events (reflection, diffraction, transmission).


• State of the art:

- FDTD/ FIT simulations

- Reconstruction ray methods (CLEAN-SVD, ESPRIT, SAGE, MUSIC ...)

- Saleh and Valenzuela channel model

• Study of the temporal response of diffraction, transmission and reflection

• Implementation and integration of the model into CST MW tool

• Test the model by considering the city of Rennes and measurement results at 802 MHz

• Study of the potential of the method for direction finding

• PhD dissertation writing and defense.


• This CIFRE-Defense thesis is jointly proposed by CST France (Paris), the DGA - Maîtrise de

l’Information (Bruz) and IETR-INSA (Rennes).

• CST France is the employer of PhD student.

• Duration: 3 years - Start date: October 2015.

• Minimum annual gross salary: 23484 Euros.

• The mobility of the candidate (France / Germany) is an important criterion for this thesis. A part of

the thesis will be held in Rennes (IETR) and the other part will take place at the premises of CST in

Paris and Darmstadt (Germany).

• Application (before August 30, 2015): TheSaisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire.

Essayez avec cette orthographe : l'étudiant doit être capable d'obtenir l'habilitation confidentiel défense

student must be able to obtain confidential defense clearance. He must have a Master’s or equivalent degree and must be under 28 years old.

Send CV + recent evaluations + recommendation letters.

• Contact for application: and

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