Integrated economic development of small towns environmental codes of practice

Chapter 8 Noise pollution control

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Chapter 8 Noise pollution control

(1)A wide range of noise generating equipment is used during project construction works (e.g. backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, trucks, generators, earthworks, transportation, vehicular traffic, etc.).

(2) Noise can be generated from any of the following activities:

  • Operation of construction equipment (powered mechanical equipment, bulldozers, excavators, etc), and

  • Vehicles transporting materials within and beyond the construction site.

(3) In order to reduce environment damage caused by construction, environment management shall be strengthened and the following measures shall be taken:

  • Comply with the relevant legislation with respect to noise during construction period;

  • Night construction on construction sites without approval or filing is forbidden;

  • Night construction is strictly prohibited with the exception that it is done on special construction sites with pipeline construction in order to avoid impacts on traffic in daytime;

  • While night construction on special construction sites is done, it should be filed with the relevant competent construction authority;

  • On each construction site with a distance of 100m at most to a residential building or an examination place during an examination for secondary or high schools or a college entrance examination (except for the case of rush repairs or emergency rescue), the relevant construction site should arrange its construction procedure reasonably, actively avoid construction of pipe foundations and excavation of foundation pits during the period and follow the regulations on construction suspension;

  • When damaging or digging hard road surfaces during pipeline construction, a covering method should be used;

  • The road surface crushing devices should be operated in mobile operation rooms and noise control measures should be taken for the power machinery for damaging road surfaces to control their noise effectively;

  • Adopt low noise equipment or take noise-reducing measures (sound screen, sound barrier ) during construction;

  • Contractors shall maintain construction facilities regularly and control it to be the best work mode and lowest noise level, and

  • Put No Vehicle Horn sign on sensitive site such as school, hospital, nursing homes and office building.

Chapter 9 Solid waste management

(1) Generally, solid waste includes any garbage. For example, domestic garbage from construction areas, inert construction materials and remove wastes.

(2) Solid waste can be generated from the following activities:

  • Surplus excavated materials requiring disposal due to earth moving activities and slope cutting;

  • Disposal of used lumber for construction works, steel material, site hoardings, packaging materials, fuel containers, lubricants and paints;

  • Domestic solid waste generated by construction workers, construction campsite, kitchen, toiletries, and

  • Wastes from on-site wastewater treatment facility (such as sedimentation tank).

(3) In order to reduce environment damage caused by construction, environment management shall be strengthened and the following measures shall be taken:

  • Select unit that has business certificate to dispose solid waste;

  • Keep construction site clean (disordered site is not allowed);

  • Dispose and classify construction garbage, recyclable waste and common garbage in construction site regularly;

  • During construction, if grease dirt overflows, clean the polluted soil immediately;

  • Eliminate obstruction in nearby drainage ditch/sewer regularly;

  • Channels shall be cleared of debris and, drains and culverts checked to ensure that natural flows are not impeded;

  • Once the job is completed, all remaining debris shall be removed from the site and properly disposed of;

  • Refuse shall be collected and removed from all facilities regularly. Domestic waste shall be transported to the approved refuse disposal sites in covered containers or trucks;

  • The construction site shall have sufficient space for storing various solid wastes temporary;

  • Prepare detailed list of solid waste treatment, and

  • Keep transaction receipt of solid waste transportation.

Chapter 10 Ecological environment protection

(1) Ecological environment would be impacted during construction works, so it is necessary to make suggestions on reducing negative influence on ecological system in ECOP.

(2) Ecological influence caused in construction is related to the following activities:

  • Site cleaning and vegetation removal will result in ecological environment and vegetation loss;

  • Earthworks remove activities will bring negative impacts on soil, and

  • Occupation of ecological sensitive areas will affect vegetation beyond construction site, lack of relevant workers’ training and awareness will cause illegal hunting of wild animals.

(3) In order to reduce environment damage caused by construction, environment management shall be strengthened and the following measures shall be taken:

  • Under condition of ensuring quality and quantity, Contractors shall minimize temporary land occupation time, control construction time of earthwork project, maintain stable excavation and filling of side slope, and reduce effect beyond construction areas, especially in rain seasons. Optimize construction site layout properly, and reduce construction range. Construction materials shall be transported whenever needed. After completion of construction, recover vegetation or reclaim immediately;

  • Protect woods that will not be developed within construction site;

  • When construction roads are note need to be used, it is necessary to select native species for landscape and ecosystem restoration;

  • No feeding of any pet or animals during construction period;

  • Exposed side slope and soil shall be recovered and replanted timely. The completed area shall be recovered to original condition to realize stability of side slope and conserve completeness of soil;

  • Carry out education and training on Contractors and construction workers about wild animals and biological diversity; and

  • Ensure there is no natural preservation zone, ecological garden and culture conservation zone near the construction site.

(4) Banned items:

  • No cutting of plants beyond permitted construction areas without authorization, and

  • Disturbance of flora and fauna outside the construction area shall be prohibited.

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