Integrated economic development of small towns environmental codes of practice

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E2930 v10

The People’s Republic of China

World Bank



Project Management Office of Guangdong Province

Institute of Pearl River Water Resources Protection

November, 2011



Environmental Assessment


Environmental Assessment Organization


Environmental Codes of Practice


Environmental Impact Assessment


Environment Management Task


Environmental Protection Department


Green Expo Garden


Project Owner


Project Management Office


The People’s Republic of China


project supervisor


World Bank

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Introduction 1

1.1 Project Background 1

1.2 Purpose of ECOP 1

1.3 Principle of ECOP 3

1.4 Scope of Application 3

Chapter 2 Related Rules and Regulations and World Bank Safeguard Policy 4

2.1 Related Chinese Policies and Laws 4

2.1.1 Related laws of Chinese national government 4

2.1.2 Related national rules and regulations 4

2.2 World Bank Safeguard Policy 5

Chapter 3 Management System of ECOP 6

3.1 Setup of Management System of ECOP 6

3.2 Responsibilities of Organizations of Environment Management System and Personnel Allocation 6

3.3 Environment Management Task (EMT) in Different Stages of the Project 9

3.4 Work Procedure of Organization Implementing ECOP during Construction Period 10

3.5 Document Management of ECOP 11

Chapter 4 General Requirements of ECOP 13

4.1 Design of Construction Drawing and Implementation of Environment Measures in Tender Preparation 14

4.2 Construction Preparation 14

4.3 Permit of Department and Opinion of the Public 14

Chapter 5 Management on Construction Sites 15

Access roads: 16

Prevention of accident risk: 16

Chapter 6 Control of air pollution 17

Chapter 7 Water pollution control 19

Chapter 8 Noise pollution control 22

Chapter 9 Solid waste management 24

Chapter 10 Ecological environment protection 25

Chapter 11 Cultural relics and historic site 28

Chapter 12 Human health and safety management 31

Appendix 1 Construction check list before construction started 32

Appendix 2 Construction management checklist 35

Appendix 3 Environmental improvement notice 43

Appendix 4 Cultural relics emergency preplan flow chart 44

Map 1 Pilot towns map 45

Chapter 1 General Introduction

1.1 Project Background

Guangdong Province’s Construction of Economic Comprehensive Development Pilot Town by World Bank Loan is a demonstration project in which Guangdong Province supports public infrastructure, strengthens the capability building of relevant organizations, cultivates leading industries and stimulates the economic and social development of pilot town on the basis of state urbanization development strategy. Furthermore, Guangdong Province draws lessons from the management experience of World Bank Loan. The municipal pipe network project (Project) in the construction of pilot towns of comprehensive economic development of Guangdong Province based on the loans of the World Bank include the construction contents of the following towns: the sewage pipelines and rain pipelines of Yuecheng Town, Deqing County and the sewage intercepting pipe network and water supply pipelines of phase II of Rucheng Town, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County, Shaoguan City. The above mentioned projects shall be carried out according to municipal pipe network requirement.
This Environmental Codes of Practice (ECOP) mainly includes project brief introduction, setting of environmental management agency, implementation plan of environmental protection, environment monitoring plan, reporting procedure and document management requirements.

1.2 Purpose of ECOP

According to the national requirement of environment impact assessment (EIA) on the municipal pipe network project, corresponding retarding measures shall be taken in the implementation process to confirm and identify the potential negative effect. All subprojects accept the EIA in the feasibility research process. This project is classified as B according to the requirement of World Bank Environmental Safeguard Policies (OP4.01), especially specific to the potential negative effect lies in the temporary storage and transport in the municipal pipe network project. In order to ensure the security of constructor and personnel in sensitive area, as well as preventing disturb to sensitive area and surrounding in construction period, this ECOP is prepared.
This ECOP is designed to clear the responsibilities and obligation of the related departments when carrying out environment protection in the implementation process; act as the guide of environment management of this project; instruct the constructor to design and implement measures to retard negative effects of environment in construction period; encourage the owners of project to adopt the environment protection measures specified in the contract as the finished facilities coming into service. It provides standard solutions to the potential negative environment effect in the construction period and formulates a set of environment control measure which is detailed, feasible in technical, sustainable and operable in finance. Thereby eliminate or make up for the negative effect on environment and society as possible, or reduce it to a acceptable level. The specific objectives are as below:

  1. Clear the related responsibility in project environment management

Environment protection department (EPD), EIA agencies and design organization shall conduct scene verify, confirmation, propose effective environment retarding measures and include in the project design which shall serve as contractual obligation between construction unit and operators. The project management departments shall supervise and inspect as World Bank required.

  1. Operation guide of project environment management

The environment supervision plan, reporting procedure and document management procedure provided by ECOP contributes to the implementation of environment retarding measures. They will be offered to the construction supervision unit, environment monitoring units and other related units as an environment protection document to clear the responsibility and functions of related functional departments and management organization and provide communication channel and method between departments.

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