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Separate sealed bids will be received via hand delivery only by the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) for the Transit Operations Facility - Phase 2 at the Intermodal Transportation Center, 208 E. Bayfront Parkway, Erie, PA 16507 between the hours of 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM, prevailing time, on Friday August 19, 2016 and will be publicly opened and read at that time for the following:

  • Contract No. 07182016.1 - General Construction Work.

  • Contract No. 07182016.2 - HVAC Work.

  • Contract No. 07182016.3 - Plumbing Work.

  • Contract No. 07182016.4 - Electrical Work.

All contractors interested in bidding and receiving Addenda are required to register with Prints & More by Holly, at (814) 453-5548, or at Contractors registering are requested to provide the business name, contact person and contact information (address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address).

Drawings, project manuals, and other documents constituting the Bidding Documents will be available after 10:00 AM on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 and distributed on compact disk for a non-refundable cost of $25 each payable to the print house. Disks may be obtained, and/or paper copies of the documents may be reviewed at Prints & More by Holly, 3127 Peach Street, Erie, PA 16508.
A Non-Mandatory Pre-Bid meeting will be held at the Intermodal Transportation Center project site, on Monday, July 25, 2016, beginning at 1:00 PM. An opportunity to observe the project site at 127 East 14th Street, Erie, PA will be available after the Pre-Bid meeting. All bidders are strongly encouraged to visit the site prior to bidding.
All bids and contracts are subject to all applicable state and federal laws.
Contractors and subcontractors will be required to comply with all applicable Buy America, Non-Discrimination, Non-Collusion, Lobbying, Debarment and Contractor Integrity laws and regulations.
EMTA solicits and encourages disadvantaged business enterprise participation. DBEs shall be afforded full consideration of their response and will not be subject to discrimination. A DBE goal has been set for the Contract as follows:

  • Contract No. 07182016.1 - General Construction Work: 10.0%

  • Contract No. 07182016.2 - HVAC Work: 10.0%

  • Contract No. 07182016.3 - Plumbing Work: 10.0%

  • Contract No. 07182016.4 - Electrical Work: 10.0%

Bidders are advised that this project is subject to and will be governed by the provisions of a project labor agreement and the federal Davis-Bacon Act, including amendments and supplements thereto. Bidders shall prepare their bids after giving consideration to the applicability of said federal Davis-Bacon Act to the work involved and all other laws and regulations, State and/or Federal, applicable to such projects.

The contract resulting for the successful proposer may be subject to financial assistance grants between the EMTA, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The proposal process and the performance of requested services will be in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) “Third Party Contracting Guidelines,” FTA Circular 4220.1F, EMTA Procurement Procedures and all other applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
A cashier’s check, or an acceptable Bidder’s Bond, payable to Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority, Erie, PA in an amount of not less than 5 percent (5%) of the largest possible total for the bid submitted, must accompany the bid.
A Performance Bond for 100 percent (100%) of the contract price will be required. A Payment Bond of 100% will be required.
EMTA reserves the right to postpone, to accept or reject any and all bids, in whole or in part, or to waive any and all informalities, as it deems in its best interest.
A bid submitted by a contractor shall remain firm for a period of at least sixty (60) days from the date for the submission of bids.
Questions related to the Contract Documents, legal documents and bid submissions shall be submitted simultaneously in writing to all of the following:

  • Amy Majczyk, Grants &Planning Manager, EMTA, at:

  • Larry Smitley, Construction Manager, AECOM, at:

  • Keith Williams, AIA, Project Manager, CDM Smith, at

  • Jill Graves, Project Assistant, CDM Smith, at

Michael Tann

Executive Director

Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority

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