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Maureen Lynch, E.I.T.
Transportation Engineer

Maureen Lynch, Transportation Engineer, gained valuable experience in the transportation engineering field by working for Conley Associates, Inc. during her senior year of college. As a full time employee at Conley Associates, Inc. since June 2003, Ms. Lynch continues to excel in the transportation engineering field. She has been involved in numerous types of transportation projects and has experience in working with both Massachusetts and Vermont transportation standards. A sampling of Ms. Lynch’s experience is provided below:

Kingswood Residential Development Signage Study, West Dover, Vermont

Ms. Lynch collected data and prepared a pedestrian signage study for the Kingswood of Vermont residential development located in West Dover, Vermont. As part of a voluntary agreement, the Kingswood residential development allowed two unlinked ends of the Valley Trail to be connected via Kingswood Road in the Kingswood development. To ensure pedestrian safety, Ms. Lynch reviewed the geometry of Kingswood Road and determined an appropriate pedestrian signage package. A pedestrian signage plan was created and presented to Kingswood of Vermont.

Mixed-Use Development, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Maureen Lynch analyzed the expected traffic impacts as a result of the addition of a mixed-use development to an exiting restaurant site. With the addition of the mixed-use development, the existing site was to be reconfigured to accommodate more parking spaces and relocate one of the existing site driveways. In addition to these on-site changes, the adjacent, off-site intersection was in the process of being widened and signalized. Ms. Lynch determined the expected traffic impacts of the proposed development on the local roadways during both the weekday AM and PM peak periods. Ms. Lynch concluded that the proposed mixed-use development was not expected to have a significant impact on the intersections studied.

Sachem Woods Subdivision Development, Waltham, Massachusetts

Maureen Lynch conducted a Traffic Impact Analysis of a 53-lot subdivision development to be located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Due to the size and proposed location of the subdivision, Ms. Lynch analyzed four nearby intersections and included a sight distance study and speed study as part of the traffic impact analysis. Ms. Lynch determined that the proposed development was not expected to increase delays by more than four seconds during either the AM or PM peak hours at all of the study intersections. However, as recommended by Ms. Lynch to improve safety in the site vicinity, the proponent agreed to contribute monetarily to install sidewalks as well as to widen Lincoln Street where needed in the vicinity of the proposed site.

Angeleri Condominium Development, West Dover, Vermont

Maureen Lynch assisted in determining the traffic impacts of a 72-unit residential condominium development to be located in the ski resort area of Mt. Snow. Following Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) standards, traffic counts were conducted during a peak winter season period and adjusted to VTrans 30th highest design hourly volumes for the area. The design hourly volumes were increased to 2009 traffic conditions and it was concluded that the condominium development would not impact the overall level of service at the study area intersections. Although the residential development was not expected to significantly impact area roadways, Ms. Lynch determined that by 2009, with the addition of the site generated trips, Ahmeek Road would reach the 600 vehicles per day road-pavement-threshold set up by West Dover; the proponent agreed to pave the road in question. Ms. Lynch presented these and other traffic results to the West Dover Review Board.

Pedestrian Traffic Study, Boston, Massachusetts

Maureen Lynch collected and compiled several days of pedestrian traffic volumes at a busy downtown Boston intersection. She performed analyses on these volumes to determine whether or not the pedestrian traffic at the intersection would generate sufficient business for a proposed fast food establishment. Ms. Lynch aided in the preparation of the written report to the client, which detailed the peak hour pedestrian volumes.

Sophia Gordon Hall, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

While at Tufts University, Ms. Lynch was a member of a team of engineering students that worked with LeMessurier Consultants and Graham Gund Architects on the possible architectural and structural redesign of a future Tufts University’s residence hall. The project aimed at increasing the level of student living comfort. In addition to making key architectural and structural decisions, Ms. Lynch was also responsible for assessing the building’s environmental friendliness using the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system. Ms. Lynch was also her team’s animation expert, and produced a three-minute, three-dimensional animation walk-through of the architectural redesign of one part of the building.

Education: Tufts University, BS—Civil Engineering, May 2003

INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) de Lyon, France

Memberships: Women’s Transportation Seminar

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Languages: Advanced level of French. Conversational level of German.

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