Job Reference: C2007-insa-01 Main research field

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Job Reference: C2007-INSA-01

Main research field: Biomedical sciences

Sub research field: Genetic Epidemiology

Job summary:
The Portuguese National Institute of Health (INSA) has a vacancy for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of Genetic Epidemiology. The position is funded through the Portuguese government initiative for research jobs, Ciência 2007. A contract of 5 years is offered, with a yearly salary of approximately 42 000 €/year. Candidates need to have a PhD since approximately 3 years, and will be selected based on their relevant postdoctoral experience, publication record, motivation and, for short listed applicants, interview performance (only for short-listed applicants). Applications should include a motivation letter, a succinct CV, a one-page synopsis of current research, and names and contacts of at least two senior researchers for reference (optionally including recommendation letters). See also

Job description:
Identification of susceptibility genes and genetic modifiers for human rare Mendelian as well as common complex disorders, including stroke, autism, hypercholesterolaemia, Alzheimer’s disease, sickle cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis. The successful candidate is expected to strongly interact with other groups at INSA (namely the Centre for Human Genetics, the Neurogenetics and Mental Health Unit, the Cardiovascular Disease Unit and the National Health Observatory) providing support and expert advice in the delineation of genetic studies and in the statistical genetic analysis of data generated by these projects. The latter are frequently developed in close cooperation with national and international institutions and consortia, providing ample opportunity for collaborative work and interactions with world-class experts in the field. The successful candidate will also be given full support in his/her efforts to conduct independent research in method development for genetic epidemiology or other related areas of interest and to form his/her own research team.

Qualifications and Experience

Applicants should hold a PhD for three years now and have a strong background in statistics or mathematics and previous experience in applying statistical tools to biological or genetic problems, or a background in human genetics and very relevant experience in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology.


Documents in electronic version should be sent by e-mail by 26 November 2007 to


Hard copies should be sent by mail to

João Lavinha

Centro de Genética Humana

Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr Ricardo Jorge

Av Padre Cruz

1649-016 Lisboa


Selection committee (attached CVs):
Astrid Moura Vicente, PhD, chair

Carlos Penha Gonçalves, PhD

Gonçalo Abecassis, PhD

João Lavinha, PhD

José Marinho Falcão, MD
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