Journal Articles on Special Education in South Africa

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Journal Articles on Special Education in South Africa
Donahue, D. & Bornman, J. (2014). The Challenges of realizing inclusive education in

South Africa. South African Journal of Education, 34 (2), 1-14.

Englebrecht, P. (2006). The implementation of inclusive education in South Africa after

ten years of democracy. European Journal of Psychology Education, 21 (3), 253-264.

Hay, J. & Beyers, C. (2011). An analysis of the South African model of inclusive

education in regard to social justice. African Education Review, 8 (2), 234-246.

Hay, J. F., Smith, J., & Paulsen, M. (2001). Teacher preparedness for inclusive

education. South African Journal of Education, 21, 210-213.

Jackson, H. & Mupedziswa, R. (1988). Disability and rehabilitation: beliefs and attitudes

among rural disabled people in a community based rehabilitation scheme in Zimbabwe. Journal of Social Development in Africa, 3 (1), 21-30.

Muthukrishna, N. & Schoeman, M. (2000). Form ‘special needs’ to ‘quality education

for all’: A participatory approach to policy development in South Africa. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 4 (4), 315-335.

Ngcobo, J. & Muthukrishna, N. (2011). The geographies or inclusion of students with

disabilities in and ordinary school. South African Journal of Education, 31, 357-368.

Prinsloo (2001). Working towards inclusive education in South African classrooms.

South African Journal of Education, 21 (4).
South Africa (2001). White Paper No 6. Special needs education. Pretoria: Government

United Nations Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with

Disabilities 1993. http.//
Weeks, E. H. (2001). Behaviour problems in the classroom: a model for teachers to

assist learners with unmet emotional needs. Ed.D. thesis, Pretoria: University of South Africa.

Textbooks in Education and Special Education
Nkabinde, Zandile, P. An Analysis of the Education Challenges in the New South Africa. Maryland: University Press of American, Inc., 1997.
Fleish, Brahm. Primary Education in Crisis: Why South African schoolchildren underachieve in reading and mathematics. South Africa: Juta & Co., 2008.
This text looks at reasons for underachievement by South African schoolchildren that includes political strife, health, poverty, and teacher education.
Jansen, Jonathon and Sayed, Yusuf. Implementing Education Policies: The South African experience. South Africa: UTC Press, 200l.
This text examines the educational policies and practices adopted after apartheid and how this effects the current educational landscape.
Kallaway, Peter. The History of Education Under Apartheid: 1948-1994. South Africa: Pearson Education, 2002.
This text examines how educational systems were implemented in South Africa during apartheid and how this affected educational pedagogy.
Reynolds, Cecil and Fletcher-Janzen, Elaine. The Encyclopedia of Special Education, Volume 1. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2007.
This text is a thorough view of special education theories, concepts, and practices across the world.

General Interest Books
**These books do not necessarily relate to special education, but all of the books (fiction and nonfiction) paint a picture of the struggles and triumphs of South Africa in the past century and help provide a broader understanding of the social landscape that allows for the special education laws and practices. Any of these books could be worked into a course about the political, social, psychological, and biological accounts of South Africa.
Coetzee, J.M. Disgrace. New York: The Penguin Group, 1999.
This fictional novel is about a Professor who tries to repair a severed relationship with his daughter while also facing the complicated racial complexities of a new South Africa. It was a finalist for the 1999 National Book Critics Circle Award in Fiction.
Coetzee, J.M. Waiting for the Barbarians. South Africa: Secker and Warburg, 1980.
This book was chosen as Penguin’s Great Books of the 20th Century and was winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Nobel Prize committee called Waiting for the Barbarians "a political thriller in the tradition of Joseph Conrad, in which the idealist’s naiveté opens the gates to horror". *Note: I have tried twice, but I actually find this book too disturbing to get through so have only read a few chapters, but it certainly must be included on any reading list.
Courtney, Bryce. The Power of One. New York: Random House Publishing, 1989.
This is a fictional account of an English boy growing up in South Africa in the 1930s and 1940s.
Gordimer, Nadine. No Time Like the Present. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2012.

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, this is a fictional novel about a mixed race couple between 1990 and 2009. It portrays many of the current problems and celebrations of South Africa under President Zuma’s leadership and in a post-apartheid country.

Mandela, Nelson. Long Walk to Freedom. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 1994.

Mandela’s autobiography of his life, fight against apartheid, imprisonment at Robben Island, and becoming the first black president of South Africa.

Mathabane, Mark. Kaffir Boy: The True Story of a Black Boys Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1986.
This book is an autobiographical novel by Mark Mathabane which focuses on the brutality of the apartheid system and how he escaped from it to become a well-known tennis player. **Note: it has been banned in several school districts because of its description of child sexual abuse which has been termed as pornography.
Paton, Alan. Cry the Beloved Country. New York: Scribner, 1948.
It is a novel about a Zulu pastor and his son set against the background of a land and a people tortured by racial injustice. Alan Patton was one of South Africa’s greatest writers and also wrote many other novels and short stories.
Pogrund, Benjamin. Robert Sobukwe: How Can Man Die Better. South Africa: Jonathon Ball Publishers, 2006.
This is the story of Robert Sobukwe who led a mass defiance of South Africa’s pass laws in 1960 and his subsequent imprisonment and banishment.
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