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Jérémie FARRET
jeremie@farret.net - http://farret.net (Additional information)

3D Visualization and Simulation – HPC and Parallel Computing – Safety Assurance

Professional experience

  • Parallel Geometry Inc. : Parallel System Architecture, High Performance Computing, C/C++ Development, Cuda, Intel TBB, MPI, iOS / Objective C (5 years, 2006-2011, Montreal) – Technology Direction

Context – 3D simulation solution for massively parallel hardware architectures for robotic and aerospatial simulation, urban and territorial simulation (GIS) and aeronautics. Portable C/C++ architecture design for parallel computing engines exclusively processing polynomial representations and implicit surfaces. Modeling environments based on Python and Scheme scripting languages (Lambda calculus / Functional programming).

  • Architecture and design for massively parallel applications and client / server components, implementation in C/C++. Development of the llgNautilus modeling, visualization, and simulation chain of products at the core of Parallel Geometry Inc’s commercial offer, including server (HPC oriented) and lightweight, web and mobiles clients versions (iOS iPhone / iPad). Graphical rendering engine and user interface migration for Windows Mobile.

  • Applicative projects management based on the developped technology, in particular :

    • Robotics simulation for Canadian Space Agency (Real time simulation application (spatialized on the ISS in 2005), planetary exploration rovers from 2008 to 2011), IRPS european project (FP6 program with IAI, CS).

    • Aerospatial and Aeronautics Simulation, Research and Development associated to the CNRC-IRAP projects LLG12 and GAMMA.

    • 3D Urban and GIS Modeling, Visualization and Simulation of the state of Vermont, of Austin (Texas), of the Concorde Overpass in Montréal for the Government of Québec, ANR ASPIC project on the Nizza Airport Terminal simulation (Thalès, Bull Microsystems, Ineris, Bertin), Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien (Paris, France), synthetic city simulation on HP supercomputer (160 cores) for Intel Corp., presented during Supercomputing 2011.

  • Software Research and Development Team Management, adapted Software Quality Assurance and Configuration Management policies deployment, based on Open Source tools (For instance SVN, Bugzilla, etc…).

  • SGDL Systèmes Inc. and Logik3D Inc. : Team and Project Management, Software Architecture, C/C++ Development (5 years, 2001-2005) – Technology Direction

Contexte – 3D visualization technology based on implicit surfaces (No polygons). Applications in the domains of AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) and cadastral / urban representation. C/C++ portable engine operating under Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

  • Normalization strategy, MPEG canadian delegation member, accredited by Standards Council of Canada. Active contribution to the MPEG 21 standard and to its reference software. Migration towards an hardware implantation of the SGDL technology (FPGA and chip design), feasibility study, specification and prototyping.

  • Business Development, Logik3D Medical Imaging, feasibility study, business plan contribution (+ Participation to the RSNA 2003 / 2004). Hardware Geometry Accelerator product technical counseling and Market Validation. Europe, United States, China (Beijin, Guang Zhou), Hong Kong.

  • Monocore and cluster applications architecture and design, client server components C++ development.

  • Applicative projects management, with the Canadian Space Agency, International Space Station modeling for the canadian arm (Canadarm). 3D simulation of the Arromanches harbor for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day, DVD produced and distributed by Sony. Paris 2012 Summer Games Olympic Bid support (3D simulation of the city, sportive sites integration, 1M€ budget), Egypt 2010 African Soccer Cup Bid (3D simulation of 12 stadiums). 3D interactive installation reproducing the Fever of Urbicande, from Schuiten and Peeters, for the French Bande Dessinées Festival in Angoulêmes.

  • Research and Development Team Management (11 personnes), Quality Assurance methods setup and configuration management based on Open Source products (CVS, Tutos, Bugzilla).

  1. IXI : Safety Assurance (6 months, 2001) – Technical Expertise

  • For IERSET (In partnership with Alcatel, Siemens, EADS, among others) : Linux/Open Source Expertise (2001)

Do178b certification risks study for Open Source components within avionic systems (2001).

  • Pour THALES Avionique : Do178b, Do200a, Do201a certification, Safety insurance (2001)
    Specification, design, development and validation documents control for the version 2 of Airbus A320/330/340 Flight Management System. SQA and certification planning analysis and propositions towards Do178b, Do200a, Do201a standards implementation. Guide plans for the generation, exploitation and maintenance of FMS2 databases to attain the requirements of the Do200a and Do201a standards.

  1. Banque de France : Safety Assurance and High Availability, SQA, Fault Tolerant Systems (5 months, 2000) – Project Management
    Mission on a component of the TBF / TARGET system, large amounts transfers between european central banks. ADCRI platform component is based on Stelink and Cristal, developped by an idependant software contractor, Steria, and is deployed on a Tandem fault tolerant system. Unitary tests coordination, integration testing. ADCRI platform documentations, relationship with software contractor.

  1. Lore (Technologies Contractor Company, part of the Altran Group) - Various missions (26 months, 1998/2000).

  • For Infovista S.A. : Project Management, Software Development, Network Architecture, JEE (6 months, 2000)
    Java application specification and development, allowing users to configure and use the Infovista network components supervision system. Projet management until first version delivery and customer review.

  • For General Electrics Medical Systems :

  • Project Management, Team Management, Software Development, DICOM, Java, C++ (5 months, 1999 / 2000) - Existing Project Audit: Review and annotation application on cardiac MRI sequences. Project Management, planning and control of a five persons team, shared between USA and France. Mission on site, at Silvernail, Milwaukee, US.

  • Software Development, Image Processing, Java, C++ (5 months, 1999) - Xray digital image pasting for Sun / Ultra Advantage Sim image processing station.

  • For RATP : Software Quality Assurance, Control, Project and Team Management, ADA, B Formal Method (10 months, 1998 / 1999)
    AQLMC (Atelier Qualité Logicielle METEOR Contrôle) team management, regarding METEOR, a driverless, automatic subway line system deployed on Paris subway line 14. ADA source code technical control. Manufacturer documentation control (Matra Transports International), technical control and SQA. Control activity synthesis documentation for government authority, allowing the system’s public operation authorization.

  1. French Infantry Army : Inet, Network architecture, Software development, Multimedia (10 months, 1998) – As Scientifique du Contingent (Eq. Ensign LT), safety assessment on Intranet server installation. In parallel, multimedia training software development for Air/Ground light tactical ammunition for fighting helicopters. Maintenance and demonstration of a 3D flight plan system on Sun Solaris (Fighting planes flight plan application).

  1. Data Fit International : Software development, Inet / Web, Java, Database management system (12 months, 1997/1998) – Java applet development, image catalog CD for photography agencies. Web server installation and modification of applet for Oracle pictures database access. Used for the Intranet of the french sports magazine L’Équipe, as well as a number of photo agencies.

  1. Eurocopter France : ADA, DOD standards, DSP Assemby (4 months, 1996) - Development of a control tool to validate assembly code generated by two compilers targetting a Texas DSP processor, used for the NH90 carrier helicopter electrical commands system.

  1. French Atomic Agency / Tore Supra : C++, database management and results processing and display (3 months, 1995) – C++ / SQL client/server applications development on HP UX for experimental data processing from nuclear fusion testing in a torus or tokamak made of supra-conductors. Enhancements on a graphical representation application developped with X-Motif on HP-UX.

  1. Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) / I.B.H.O.P. : C++, Assembler (3 months, 1994), real time control on eye movement acquisition device, 3D reatime rendering using a Targa graphical card.


  1. I .N .S.A . engineering diploma, computer scienc e department in Lyon-Villeurbanne, France (INSA : Applied Sciences National Institute) 1992 -1994.

  2. Computer science T echnology University (I.U.T.) diploma in Aix-en-Provence, France (6th place out of 86).

  3. Baccalaureate in D series (Sciences) – June 1992.


  1. Massively parallel systems and development environments, PVM, MPI, CUDA, Intel TBB and ArBB.

  2. Mobile development environments, Microsoft VS Mobile SDK and Apple iOS SDK.

  3. Project management, software engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Safety Assurance and corresponding standards (DoD, ISO, DO, DICOM), database management systems architecture (Merise, OODB, OMT), UML.

  1. Inet and web technologies, SOA, 3rd and 4th generation language development, user graphical interface, database management systems (MySQL, Oracle).

  1. Operating systems : Windows 7 / Server Datacenter / Mobile, Linux, Apple McOSX and iOS.

  1. Programming Languages : C/C++ (Visual Studio Windows 32 et 64 bits platforms, cc/gcc for Linux and Unix), ADA, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, TCL/TK, 680x0, 80x86 assembly code, and DSP Texas.


  1. French : Native language.

  1. English : Read, written, spoken fluently (Professional experience in United States and Canada, TOEIC obtained, travels to England, United States, and Canada’s anglophone provinces).

  1. Spanish : Read, written, spoken (Travels to Spain).

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