Knowsley’s Mayor opens kht’s new 9m development

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Press Release

July 2014
Knowsley’s Mayor opens KHT’s new £2.9m development

Knowsley Housing Trust’s (KHT) new £2.9 million development of affordable rental properties at Kipling Avenue, Huyton, has been officially opened by the borough’s Mayor, Councillor Frank Walsh.

KHT’s executive director Ian Thomson and Mike Turner, area manager for affordable housing developer Lovell, the development partner selected by KHT to build the new 26 homes, officially opened the site alongside the Mayor, who planted a commemorative tree during a ceremony on Wednesday 16th July.
The properties stand on formerly vacant land which KHT felt could serve the community more effectively as a development of high specification homes, offering local residents high quality living in exchange for reasonable rental rates. Following 14 months of work, the finished site comprises 10 two-bed and 12 three-bed houses, along with four two-bed bungalows. Each property has been built to incorporate energy efficient measures, such as solar panels and high levels of insulation to reduce residents’ utility bills.

Throughout the planning process, both KHT and Lovell Partnership have collaborated with the local community, ensuring that the completed development caters to its needs and holding regular update meetings to discuss the site’s building progress with its future occupants.

Speaking at the official opening, KHT’s executive director, Ian Thomson, said: “Through a combination of stylish, high-quality properties and attractive landscaping, our development at Kipling Avenue will provide its residents with a real sense of community, as well as an affordable, comfortable place to call home. We have worked hard to build homes that are practical for our residents, with green space that families can enjoy.
“The site’s residents will also benefit from the support of a team of experienced, approachable housing professionals who will always be on hand to help and advise, providing a truly world class service to those who live there.”
Louise Stanley, who is among the first to occupy a home at Kipling Avenue, said: “The tenants’ needs and feedback has been taken into account throughout the building process and I already love living in my new home. My house is well insulated, the rooms are fantastically proportioned and the location has been quiet and peaceful, so I’ve been able to relax in total comfort since moving in.”
Lovell area manager, Mike Turner, commented: “We’re delighted to get such positive feedback for this development and hope all the residents enjoy living in their new homes. The strong partnership between the local community, KHT and our development team was a major factor in ensuring the success of the project.”
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Notes to editor:
Knowsley Housing Trust is part of the First Ark Group, which comprises four companies that work together with the over-riding purpose of making a positive difference to communities and people’s lives. This unique business model delivers real social value and investment to local communities through its responsible approach to business.

The First Ark Group is committed to creating success with each part of the Group contributing in a different way: 

  • Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) is its successful housing association that provides homes to over 25,000 people through its 14,000 homes in Knowsley on Merseyside

  • Vivark is a social enterprise providing facilities management services to a range of clients across the North West

  • KHT Services is its development company, building homes for rent and sale with a range of innovative ways to buy

  • One Ark is its new charity which will create life changing opportunities for people in Knowsley

Lovell is a leading provider of affordable housing. The company has expertise in new-build, regeneration, refurbishment as well as providing a full responsive and planned repairs and maintenance service. With offices in England, Scotland and Wales, Lovell offers a unique one-stop shop of services with the ability to build homes, offer a full menu of tenure options and maintenance for life. Lovell is part of Morgan Sindall Group plc, a leading UK construction and regeneration group with revenue of over £2 billion and which operates through five divisions of construction and infrastructure, fit out, affordable housing, urban regeneration and investments.

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