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Korea’s No.1 Hotel Management Group, Accor-Ambassador Korea,

holds their 25th celebration for successful partnership
Announcing expansion plan to run 20 affiliated hotels by 2015”

2012 is a very meaningful year to the leader of Korean hotel industry Ambassador Hotel Group and the French hotel giant Accor. Ambassador Hotel Group is a Korea-based hotel management company with 57-year history. This year marks their 25 years of strategic partnership. Accor entered the Korean hotel industry with the first hotels being Novotel Ambassador Gangnam in 1987 and Sofitel Ambassador (Grand Ambassador) in Jangchung-dong. Following this, the partnership formed Accor-Ambassador Korea (AAK), a joint corporation, was established in Korea in 2006 and has since grown the network to 11 hotels in 5 cities with ambitions to increase this to 20 by 2015. Accor and Ambassador held a celebration for 25 years’ successful partnership at the Grand Ambassador Hotel on 4 September 2012. Accor-Ambassador Hotel established a solid foothold and showed the vision in the celebration. The great event ‘Ambatel-Ambassador’s Best Talent’ is designed to celebrate 25th partnership and it will be operated for executives and staffs and a whole nation.

Ambassador Hotel Group launched as a small hotel with only 19 rooms in 1955. The group established strategic alliance with French international hotel group Accor, which enabled them to develop their global business competence. Ambassador Hotel Group introduced prestigious hotel brands of Accor such as Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Ibis and Mercure to Korea. The company also directly manages 3 five-star hotels, 2 first class business hotels as well as running construction and facilities management company for hotels, laundry service provider in Seoul. They also extended their business boundary by operating 4 five-star hotels and 2 first class business hotels under management contract in Seoul and other cities in Korea.
Ambassador Group and Accor introduced a new hotel brand ‘ibis’ to Korea, which allowed them to pioneer a blue ocean segment of smart business hotel. After the joint venture Accor-Ambassador Korea (Accor-Ambassador Co. Ltd) was established in 2006, franchise hotel business in Korea kicked into high gear. Accor-Ambassador Korea (AAK) is a sole global hotel franchise group based in Korea specialized in management contract and new property development. The company also offers the services for hotel development and management solutions based on Accor’s renowned global standard and the Ambassador Group’s management know-how. The effective reservation system of Accor called TARS (Travel Accor Reservation System), global marketing channels, focused promotional activities for domestic market, effective business model, management know-how and solutions are the core services provided by AKK as well as international human resources network and training systems for best customer service.
Accor-Ambassador Hotel currently manages 11 hotels (3,132 rooms) in 5 cities, and the number of properties in their portfolio will increase to 20 hotels (5,200 rooms) by 2015 to consolidate its leading position in Korea. – this is repeated?

The recently signed contracts for new hotel openings include Ibis Ambassador in Insa-dong (2013), Novotel Ambassador Pangyo (2014), Novotel Ambassador Suwon (2014), Ibis Budget Ambassador Chungmuro (2015) and Novotel Ambassador Seongbuk (2016).

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