Lesson 3 – Deconstructing Past Successes. Carien Barnard

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Lesson 3 – Deconstructing Past Successes.

Carien Barnard
As a publisher, we realized that music is a job and a full time admin responsibility. We are there to assist songwriters in becoming better and develop and to pitch their music wherever we can.

  • All songs are copyrighted in America and a copy sent to the Library of Congress.

  • All songs gets registered at all organizations like ASCAP, PRS, SOCAN, SAMRO, CAPASSO, Mpesa, MCSK, KAMP, PRISK etc.

  • All songs gets placed in the libraries of all songwriters associations like TSAI, NSAI, Austin Songwriter’s Association, Global Songwriters Association.

  • All song split sheets are up to date and filed

  • Each songwriters has its own external hard drive with songs in MP3, .wav and .aiff format along with separates and lyrics sheets.

  • All songwriters have a biography and a press kit. Most songwriters have a website. Those that don’t we assist to get that done ASAP.

  • All songwriters need to have a social Media presence. Facebook is not enough. Depending on which export market we look at the social media presence would differ. Our RAP artist for instance needs to be on Vimeo because his target export market is France

  • All songwriters have an Exclusive Publishing agreement with Lamondt International and Ngong Hills Music Publishing.

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  1. Website- www.cclamondt.com, Boots & Hats Country Festival- www.bootshats.ke. These are all done and active. Cat & The Knights, Trinity, Lamondt International Records & Ngong Hills Music Publishing is in the process. Will be finished by end March and will have an integrated link that directs interested parties directly to iTunes, Amazon , YouTube and CD baby of which we are affiliates.

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  1. Bandcamp- busy setting up

  2. Vimeo- busy researching and setting up

  3. iTunes- all albums already up for sale.

  4. Soundcloud- Not all music and artist on Soundcloud yet so we have to get this done within the next two months to ensure consistency.

  5. Reverbnation- all music on Reverbnation and selling downloads, getting to know other artists and collaborating.

  6. Broadjam- 7 songs already on Country Top 10, 1 song, collaborated with Bob Bentley on Rock Ballad top 10 songs for America. 9 Songs Top 10 in Africa Country charts.

  7. YouTube- Video of Interviews with 3 Stones TV & Radio already up and music video’s being finalized.

  8. Asking 3 different songwriters from different genres to remix 3 of my best songs,

  9. Twitter- @cclamondt, @carienbarnard- ready and in use.

  10. Twitter for Cat & The Knights, Robin Rendell, The traveller and Trinity being done this week

  11. Pandora- All music available on Pandora from all artists.

  12. Radio Airplay- Receiving lots of Airplay on college Radio, especially songs for CC Lamondt, The Traveller (Spanish Guitar) and Trinity (RAP)

  13. CD Baby- All artists on and new artist are being uploaded as soon as Publishing Agreement is signed, albums finalized and then gets distributed Worldwide. Download Card also, to use as free give away items at shows.

  14. WhatsApp- Great marketing tool in SA- notification before live shows and gigs.

  15. Posters – Posters designed according to each artist’s brand and the printed.

  16. Business cards- Business Cards for CC Lamondt, Ngong Hills Music Publishing

  17. Boots & Hats Festival (own Festival) – finalizing a date to do later in South Africa in Pretoria.

  18. Facebook- CC Lamondt, Tony Ridgway, Andre Liebenberg, Christine O, Mischief, The Traveller, Cat & The Nights & Trinity

  19. Linkedin – Full profiles of artists and companies.

  20. Pinterst- Still working on the workings of this, not my favorite thing personally, but it seams to work

  21. Cd’s- All Cd’s professional recordings, professional Cover art, ISRC codes, bar codes, affiliates, credits. All done by international standards.

  22. Merchandize- T-shirts, bandannas, Fedora Hats, Shirts, jeans and baseball caps.

  23. Radio Interviews- All radio interviews we keep a copy of and we put them up on Facebook, YouTube at intervals and appropriate times before shows.

  24. Biographies – All artist biographies completed and gets updated regularly when something worthwhile happens

  25. Magazine Covers- CC Lamondt made history for becoming the first ever white woman to grace Parents magazine cover.

  26. Magazine Articles – CC Lamondt become the first ever white woman to be featured in True Love magazine for their last year’s Valentine’s edition

  27. Press Clippings- All press clippings kept and used in biography and advertisements for Boots & Hats Festival and marketing for CC Lamondt

  28. TSAI- Full member. We pitch EVERY WEEK and are now even sending music directly to Von Heinrich music for consideration

  29. NSAI- Same as TSAI

  30. ASCAP- Registered as a Publisher and all our songwriters are too. Get their news every day and make sure I read the articles.

  31. PRS- Same as ASCAP

  32. SAMRO- Full Member

  33. CAPASSO- Publishing and individual member along with all my songwriters

  34. Mpesa- New Publishers Organization. Full member. Still waiting to see what their job is actually.

  35. PRISK- Writers Association Kenya- Full Member

  36. KAMP- Kenya Association for Music Publishers

  37. MCSK- Music Copyright Society Kenya- Full member

  38. Berklee- Online student. Finished Publishing with and A average. Currently Busy with Music Export

  39. SONY ATV – busy negotiating a 14 song deal on the album It’s Personal.

  40. AI Records- Only Record Label in Kenya that Represents SONY ATV in East Africa- John Andrews

  41. Lamondt International Records- Own Record Label

  42. Ngong Hills Music Publishing- Own Publishing company in Kenya and USA

  43. CMA- voting member

  44. Global Songwriters Association.- member

  45. Austin Songwriters Association- member

  46. Pat Collard- Collaborator-

  47. Bob Bentley- Collaborator

  48. Eric Beall- Author & part of Shapiro & Bernstein

  49. Jon Bonci- Tutor

  50. Shapiro & Bernstein Publishing

  51. Shane Shapiro- Berklee Course writer

  52. Bobby Farrell- Friend, all round music, radio & TV

  53. Jango- music up

  54. 3 Stones TV & Radio- Do regular interviews and arrange interviews for my clients in Kenya.

  55. Spotify- music up

  56. Junglevibe- Music up

  57. Word of Mouth- very important to make friends and hand out cards.

  58. www.indieinternational.com

  59. Music Supervisors Guide- Member. Fabulous tool where I can punt and pitch music and get to know music industry professionals & A&R people, their likes and dislikes, their history on choice of genres for movies and TV. Information on new releases, upcoming TV shows, and Movies.

  60. Rhapsody- Music up

  61. Tidal- Music up

  62. Fandalism- Part of Facebook, good tool to showcase your music and videos

  63. Amazon- Affiliate and music for sale on Amazon

  64. Parents Africa Magazine- see photo attached

  65. True Love Magazine- See article attached

  66. South African Sports Hall of Fame- Use to be the Operations and Marketing Manager, handled all marketing campaign and secured sponsorships. A lot of these were international companies

  67. Oxford University- Alumni, did my PhD in Forensic Psychiatry.

  68. University of Pretoria- Business Diploma and Degree in psychology

  69. UNISA- Business Degree

  70. REDMP3- Music up

  71. Previous Shows- Video footage

  72. Last FM- Radio play

  73. Hosa Radio- Interviews and radio play- Top 10 in Country and Afrikaans Ballads

  74. East Coast Radio – Interviews and radio play

  75. KKNK Festival- Invited to play for 4 days on one of the biggest radio stations stage.

  76. 90.6FM Radio SA- Sponsor, interviewer, Radio play, own my own program.

  77. RSG Radio- Radio play

  78. Angel Music Studio Productions- Best Production Studio in SA also make all my music video’s to TV sound and film quality international

  79. Brettian Productions- Produced my first album, also did Tree63, Dennis East, Elvis Blue (Idols Winner) and John Ellis

  80. Art of Pop Studio’s- Produced my last two albums and I co-write with Tony Ridgway a lot.

  81. Sound Exchange

  82. Digital Download Cards via CD Baby

  83. Physical distribution through Musica

  84. Photographs- All professional

  85. Autographed photos- We print photocards to sell or give away at gigs and Festivals

  86. Dog Tags as part of our RAP artist’s merchandise. One side his Name and logo and the other side our company name and details whom to contact to book him. On special order a fan can have his name printed on one dog tag and the artist’s on the other.

  87. Banners- Company branding, logo’s and Publishers’ logos

  88. CD Connection

  89. CD Universe

  90. Nakumatt East Africa physical distribution.

  91. Renee Grant Williams- Vocal coach

  92. Grant Kaplan- Attorney

  93. Gerry Peters- producer Nashville

  94. Instagram-

  95. Tumbler

  96. MySpace

  97. Snapchat

  98. Google+

  99. Personalized Memory Sticks- Looks like a credit card with my company logo in, 3gig memory that I use at conferences.

  100. Demo’s- professional quality used for pitching music

  101. John Heinrich- Von Heinrich Music

  102. Skype

  103. Capital Radio Kenya

  104. Internet searches under CC Lamondt, Carien Barnard & Cat & The Knights & Boots & hats Country Festival

  105. From Africa4U – website in developing stages. Simply for promoting music from Africa.

  106. Pop up adverts- through Reverbnation

  107. Downloadable assets (including stems, instrumentals, and full versions in mp3 and WAV formats). All ready

  108. DropBox

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