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Umumiy o‘rta ta’lim maktablarining 5-sinf o‘quvchilari uchun

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5-sinf ingliz tili
Umumiy o‘rta ta’lim maktablarining 5-sinf o‘quvchilari uchun

  1. Hello! I .... Diana.

A am
B  is
C  are

  1. My name .... Kolia.

A  `m
B  `s
C  `re

  1. Roberto is Italian. He`s .... Italy

A  to
B  at
C  from

  1. Alexander Nikolaevich .... a cook. He is a professor.

A  not
B  isn`t
C  `re not

  1. .... you help me, please?

A  Have
B  Do
C  Can

  1. London is the .... of Great Britain.

A country
B  capital
C  nationality

  1. .... that woman in the red dress?

A  Whose
B  Who`s
C  Who

  1. Is .... your new car? It`s great!

A  these
B  that
C  those

  1. This letter is for Anton. Give it to .... .

A  him
B  he
C  his

  1. She often .... fish because it`s good for her.

A  eats
B  eat
C  eates

  1. Jane`s parents go ... the theatre every week ... Sundays.

A  at, on
B  to, in
C  to, on

  1. She goes .. a walk in the evening

A to
B for
C in

  1. My children ... in the swimming pool on their day off.

A  swims
B  swim
C  doesn`t swim

  1. Where does he go every day?

A  In the evening
B  His homework
C  To the cinema

  1. Find the correct answer.

A I usually wash the dishes in the morning

B  I wash usually the dishes in the morning

C I wash the dishes usually in the morning

  1. Find the correct answer.

A What you do in the afternoon?
B  Does your cousins watch TV at 4.30?
C  Do you tidy your room every day?

  1. - What time is it?
    - 8.05

A  It`s eight five
B  It`s five eight
C  It`s eight oh five

  1. an _m_s_m_nt park

A a, e, e, e
B  e, u, e, a
C  a, u, e, e

  1. I am good ____ drawing.

A in

B on

C at

20. I can ______ English songs.

A singing

B to sing

C sing

21. He can play ____ piano.

A a

B an

C the

D -

22. My name is Jasur. I _____ in Uzbekistan. I _____ Uzbek, Russian _____ English.

A live / and / speak

B speak / live / and

C live / speak / and

D and / live / speak

  1. I am Anna. I am ____ England. My mother tongue is _______. I live ____ London.

A in / from / English

B from / English / in

C English / from / in

D in / English / from

Read the text and answer the questions.

My name is Tom Roberts. I am from New York. I am ten years old. I go to school New Woods

Primary. I am in class 4. we like our teacher Mrs. Watson. She is strict, nice and kind. I like my classmates.

They are kind and friendly. After school we do homework, have music lessons, play computer games, read

books and watch TV. All boys and girls like playing tennis. Our favourite tennis player is Serena Williams.

24. Where does Tom live?

A London

B New York

C England

D New Woods

25. Who is Mrs. Watson?

A teacher

B student

C Tom’s mother

D Tom’s classmate

26. Describe Mrs. Watson.

A serious, rude and friendly

B strict, nice and kind

C kind, serious and friendly

D friendly, serious and polite

27. All boys and girls like playing _____

A football.

B chess.

C tennis.

D baseball.

28. Serena Williams is a ______ .

A teacher

B tennis player

C class leader

D friend

29. Family name -

A first name

B middle name

C surname

D father’s name

30. Nice -

A strict

B good

C old

D interesting

31. Like -

A dislike

B hate

C need

D enjoy

Circle the correct answer.

32. ____ computer games; _____ a song; ______ to music; ______ lunch.

A play / sing / listen / have

B have / listen / sing / play

C listen / play / have / sing

D play / sing / have / listen

33. What is your favourite ______ ? It is basketball.

A presentation

B story

C sport

D song

  1. How old are you?

A  I have 16
B  I am 16
C  I have 16 years
D  I am 16 years

  1. Are you having a nice time?

A  Yes, I`m nice
B  Yes, I`m having it
C  Yes, I am
D  Yes, it is.

  1. Could you pass the salt please?

A  Over there
B  I don`t know
C  Help yourself
D  Here you are.

  1. Yesterday I went __________ bus to the National Museum.

A  on
B  in
C  by
D  with

  1. Sue and Mike __________ to go camping.

A  wanted
B  said
C  made
D  talked

  1. How many ............ ............... did you do for English last week?

A  pieces of furniture
B  pieces of advice
C  pieces of news
D  pieces of homework

  1. You won`t a prize? That`s a great ...................... ............................!

A  piece of news
B  pece of clothing
C  piece of information
D  piece of advice

  1. The table is a lovely ...................... ....................

A  piece of information
B  piece of news
C  piece of homework
D  piece of furniture

  1. You feel stressed. Let me give you a ............... ..............: relax a bit.

A  piece of news
B  piece of clothing
C  piece of advice
D  piece of information

  1. The report is almost finished. We just need one more .................. ...................

A  piece of homework
B  piece of furniture
C  piece of information
D  piece of clothing

  1. A shirt is a .............. ............., usually for men

A  piece of news
B  piece of information
C  piece of advice
D  piece of cloth

  1. The cinema ... very large.

A  there will be
B  will be
C  will

  1. She ... invite us to the party.

A  has
B  have
C  will

  1. She ... invited us to the party.

A  have
B  has
C  will

  1. He … to the driver yesterday.

A  spoke
B  has spoken
C  will speak

  1. When … Moscow?

A  have they visited
B  they are going to visit
C  did they visit

  1. Will you wash the cups! - But I ... them.

A  have washed
B  washed
C  wash

  1. I ... the cups ten minutes ago.

A  have washed
B  washed
C  wash

  1. The businessman ... going to discuss the question.

A  am
B  is
C  are

  1. Have they ever ... poems?

A  to translate
B  translate
C  translated

  1. ... a cinema in our town.

A  It will be
B  There will
C  There will be

  1. What ... in the box?

A  there is
B is there
C  it is

  1. There is nothing on the shelf, ... ?

A  is it
B  is there
C  isn`t there

  1. My uncle travelled a lot. - Where ... he travel?

A  did
B  do
C  does

  1. She could ... believe her eyes.

A  hard
B  good
C  hardly

  1. They worked ... .

A  hard
B  hardly
C  good

  1. ... money on the table.

A  There is
B  There are
C  It is

  1. Is she going ... the room?

A  clean
B  cleans
C  to clean

  1. You had a good time there, ... ?

A  did you
B  you did
C  didn`t you

  1. We didn`t write ... at the lesson.

A  something
B  anything
C  nothing

  1. It usually ... me an hour to get there.

A  take
B  to take
C  takes

My day

First, I wake up. Then, I get dressed. I walk to school. I do not ride a bike. I do not ride the bus. I like to go to school. It rains. I do not like rain. I eat lunch. I eat a sandwich and an apple. I play outside. I like to play. I read a book. I like to read books. I walk home. I do not like walking home. My mother cooks soup for dinner. The soup is hot. Then, I go to bed. I do not like to go bed.

  1. What happens first?

A Wake up

B Get dressed

C Eat lunch

D Walk to school

  1. What do I like?

A Rain

B Going to bed

C Walking home

D Books

  1. How do I go to school?

A I ride a bike.

B I ride the bus.

C I walk.

D I drive a car.

  1. What do I eat for dinner?

A Soupb

B Sandwich

C Apple

D Pie

  1. What do I not like?

A Playing

B Soup

C Going to school

D Going to bed

The House

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have one son and one daughter. The son's name is John. The daughter's name is Sarah. The Smiths live in a house. They have a living room. They watch TV in the living room. The father cooks food in the kitchen. They eat in the dining room. The house has two bedrooms. They sleep in the bedrooms. They keep their clothes in the closet. There is one bathroom. They brush their teeth in the bathroom. The house has a garden. John and Sarah play in the garden. They have a dog. John and Sarah like to play with the dog.

  1. How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Smith have?

A One son

B One daughter

C One son and one daughter

D No children

  1. Who cooks in the kitchen?

A Mother

B Sarah

C Father

D John

  1. Where does the family eat?

A Living room

B Kitchen

C Bedroom

D Dining room

  1. How many bedrooms are in the house?

A One

B Two

C Three

D Four

  1. What do John and Sarah do in the garden?

A Play

B Sleep

C Cook

D Brush their teeth


Hello! My name is Angela. I am from Great Britain. I am seven. I have got a mother, a father and a

sister. I have got a grandmother but I haven`t got a grandfather. My mother is a doctor. Her name is Sally.

My father is not a doctor. He is an engineer. His name is Ted. My grandmother is a teacher. Her name is

Ann. My sister is a pupil. Her name is Liz. Liz wants to be a pilot. I don`t want to be a pilot. I want to be a

driver. We have got a cat. Her name is Polly. Liz likes to play with the cat. I like to play with Polly, too. She

is my friend. We haven`t got a dog. Liz and I like dogs and we want to have a dog, too.

75. Angela is from...

A America

B Great Britain

C Africa

76. She has got...

A a sister

B a brother

C a grandfather

77. Sally is...

A her grandmother

B her sister

C her mother

78. Her mother is...

A a teacher

B a doctor

C an engineer

79. Her father is...

A a driver

B an engineer

C a worker

80. Her grandmother is...

A a doctor

B a driver

C a teacher

An English post office

Sarah and Colin live in an old house in an English village. Sarah is a secretary. She drives five miles

to work every day. Colin works at home. The village post office is one room in their house and Colin works

there. The people in the village buy their stamps in Colin and Sarah's house! The post box is here, too. It's a

lovely house. The living room is yellow and brown. There are two big blue sofas. There is an antique table

and chairs. There is a big picture of Sarah and her daughter. Sarah's mother is a famous painter. There are

usually flowers. Sarah likes yellow and white flowers. The kitchen and bathroom are new. Colin and Sarah

are very happy in their house and I like visiting them.

81. Sarah and Colin live in a new house.




17. Sarah stays at home every day.




82. The post office is in their house.




83. Sarah is a famous painter.




84. Their living room is white.




Вопрос № 1

  1. . he got a sister?

A  has
B  have
C  does

  1. …… is a person who sells sugar, flour, salt , etc.

A  a baker
B  a butcher
C  a nurse

  1. . is a person who sells meat.

A  a nurse
B  a butcher
C  a baker

  1. Antonym for the word "short" is ……

A  tall
B  kind
C  lazy

  1. My aunt ….. bright-haired.

A  has
B  is
C  have

  1. These kids …….. a very rich imagination.

A  are
B  has
C  have

  1. ……. Mark have a telephone?

A  has
B  do
C  does

  1. Parkda odam ko’p.” - "В парке много людей."

A  There are much people in the park
B  There are many people in the park
C  There is many people in the park

  1. ________________________ ?

"We had no lessons on Monday"

A Did you have any lessons on Monday?
B  Do you have any lessons on Monday?
C  Does you have any lessons on Monday?

  1. Her surname …. Robins.

A is
B am
C  are

  1. She … not married.

A  is
B  have
C  has

  1. We ...... in Africa last month.

A  was
B  were
C  are

  1. Cave people ...... in caves many years ago.

A  live
B  lived
C  lives

  1. I ...... my grandparents next week.

A  will visit
B  visits
C  visited

  1. ...... he go for a walk every day?

A  Do
B  Does
C  Did

  1. We ...... to school yesterday.

A didn`t go
B  didn`t went
C  don`t go

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