Listen, Listen, Listen…

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Listen, Listen, Listen…

“Dignity is more important to the human spirit than wealth. As human beings, we want to be seen by each other, and heard by each other” Jacqueline Novogratz

Once upon a time…
Those few words are familiar to many of us. We love stories. Funny or sad, they can move us and, connect us with each other. Connection, as Brene Brown has said, is what life is about. It’s also what leadership is about.
Next Saturday, June 20 at Congress in Halifax, Trish Parsons, a Phoenix Fellow and Chair of the Cardiorespiratory Division, will be leading a workshop to introduce an approach to listening to patients that is spreading across Western Medicine circles. But it can just as easily be used to listen to colleagues, family and friends. I had a chance several months ago to attend an evening presentation in London sponsored by Narrative Medicine at Western. As I left the London library that night, I wasn’t the same person who had gone in.
In Halifax, join us on Saturday morning for Trish’s workshop. It’s 120 minutes that may change you and, how you listen.
In this 18 minute talk Rita Charon, the founder of Narrative Medicine, shares her story.

“I do something very very difficult…I shut up and listen to them.” Ernesto Sirolli

From the practice fields…

Joe Putos, PT

Chair, Leadership Division

Canadian Physiotherapy Association

If you are going to Halifax we would love to meet and hear from you. Join us on Saturday June 20 for our Eyeopener Breakfast 7:15 am in suite 304 or our AGM at 4:30 pm. Attend our workshop on Narrative Practice, Saturday, 8:30 am to 10:30 am in suite 202/203. Or drop in all day Saturday to our Leadership Lounge (suite 304) and find out what Leadership is all about. While there be sure to pick up one of our new posters.

Looking for Professional Development opportunities about Leadership for your staff or colleagues? We have an innovative three part leadership development series that we can bring to your site. 

For more information send us a message at or visit our website where you will find more resources on leadership.

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