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Mark Lee Aubrey

Obituary from the Polk County Enterprise - October 27, 1977 Edition

LIVINGSTON - Funeral services for Mark Lee Aubrey, 76, were held Wednesday from the

chapel of the Pace Funeral Home in Livingston with the Rev. C. L. Moore officiating. Interment followed in the Bold Springs Cemetery. Born Dec. 26, 1901, Aubrey was the son of Charles and Ora Aubrey. He died Oct. 18. A native of Illinois, he was born in the town of Joy and attended the public schools there. He was employed by the State of Illinois and moved to Livingston in 1964 when he retired. He was a member of the Baptist church.

Aubrey is survived by eight grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and a host of other relatives. Pallbearers were Billy Coker, James Bowen, Richard Rovinilli, David McCarty, John Aubrey and J. Aubrey Lumpkin. Pace Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Aubrey, Robert Mark – b: Jan. 17, 1930    d: Dec. 20, 1965 - beside Ruth

*Robert Mark Aubrey
         Iowa-S Sgt-127 Food SV SQ-AF
st husband of Virginia Coker, son of Mark & Alice L. Aubrey,

father of Ruth Aubrey, grandfather of Lloyd Michael Bowen, Ashley Nicole

Aubrey, Virginia Rose “Ginny” Aubrey}

Aubrey, Ruth – b: June 3, 1954    d: June 3, 1954   - beside Robert

*Ruth Aubrey

“Gone But Not Forgotten”

{Daughter of Robert Mark & Virginia Coker Aubrey,

granddaughter of J. C. & Willie Maye McCarty-Coker, Mark & Alice L. Aubrey}

Aubrey, Virginia Rose “Ginny” – b: April 20, 1990 d: Nov. 15, 2006; DS/w Ashley

*Virginia Rose “Ginny” Aubrey

“Love never forgets” “Forever in our hearts” “Sister’s Forever”

{Daughter of Charles Mark & Gemma Michelle Hawkins Aubrey,

sister of Ashley Nicole Aubrey, granddaughter of Robert Mark

Aubrey, great-granddaughter of Alice L. & Mark Lee Aubrey, J. C

& Willie Mae McCarty Coker}

Virginia Rose “Ginny” Aubrey

Obituary published in the Polk County Enterprise – November 16, 2006 Edition

LIVINGSTON – Funeral services for Virginia Rose “Ginny” Aubrey, 16, will be held at

2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19, 2006, in the Cochran Funeral Home Chapel, with Bro. Frank Hood and Bro. Orval Barger officiating. Burial will follow in Bold Springs Cemetery. She was born April 20, 1990 in Humble, the daughter of Charles and Gemma Hawkins Aubrey, and died Wednesday, Nov. 15, (2006) near Livingston. Survivors include her parents, Chuck and Gemma Aubrey; sisters Ashley Aubrey of Livingston and Jacey Aubrey of Livingston; grandmothers, Virginia Aubrey Hubert and Kathryn Walding and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Pallbearers will be James Aubrey, Jimmy Bowen, Mike Wallace, Buck Walding,

Lloyd Cain, David Aubrey, Mike Gaston and Keith Bean. Honorary pallbearers will

be Brookshire Bros. employees and Livingston High School classes of 2007 and 2008.

Aycock, Nancy Anderson – b: Feb. 22, 1944    d:  _____; DS w/ Tommy

*Nancy Ruth Anderson Aycock

{Daughter of Thomas Campbell & Gertrude Capshaw Anderson}

Aycock, Tommy Ross - b: Sept. 9, 1941   d: April 2, 1996; DS w/ Nancy

*Tommy Ross Aycock

{Son of Thomas Pendleton & Bessie Lee Coker Aycock, son-in-law of

Thomas Campbell & Gertrude Capshaw Anderson}

L. D. B. -  No dates. 

Engraved granite stone. {Next to the grave of Jacquita Malone Hill}

Babbs, Bobby A. Baker – b: Sept. 3, 1946 d: _____ ; DS w/ William Earl

*Bobby Ann Baker Babbs

“Married William Earl Babbs on Aug. 3, 1963”

{Daughter of William “Bill” Penn & Violet Capps Baker}

Babbs, William Earl – b: Sept. 9, 1945 d: _____ ; DS w/Bobby

*William Earl Babbs

“Married Bobby Ann Baker on Aug. 3, 1963”

{Son of James William Earl & Lois Hilton Babbs}

Bader, Alma Clyde Hood - b: Oct. 8, 1912   d: July 4, 1996

*Alma Clyde Hood Bader
        “Well done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant”  

“Mother, Friend, Counselor”
        {Wife of Bertran Bader, Daughter of Lynn Thomas & Gertie Lee Meece-Hood}

Alma Clyde Bader

Obituary from the Polk County Enterprise - July 7, 1996 Edition

Livingston – Funeral services for Alma Clyde Bader, 83, of Livingston will be held at

2 p.m. Sunday, July 7, 1996, from the First Baptist Church, with Bro. Lee Poe officiating, assisted by Bro. Frank Hood. Interment will follow in Bold Springs Cemetery, with Bro. Orval Barger officiating. Mrs. Bader was born Oct. 8, 1912 in Livingston, the daughter of Lynn and Gertie Meece Hood, and died Thursday, July 4, in Westberry Place Nursing Home.

Mrs. Bader was a former school teacher and a member of the First Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Bertran Bader. Survivors include her son, Hood Thomas Bader of Houston; daughter-in-law, Diane Hood of Houston; sister, Agnes Smith of Livingston; and granddaughters, Mandy and Marla Bader of Houston.

Pace Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Bailey, Faye Thompson – b: Oct. 11, 1940 d: Sept. 9, 2004 – beside Floyd

*Eleanor Faye Thompson Bailey

{Daughter of Floyd Benjamin & Pearl Ruby Van Winkle Thompson}

Eleanor Faye Thompson Bailey

Obituary from the Houston Chronicle – September 13, 2004 Edition

E. FAYE BAILEY, 63 of Pasadena passed away peacefully at her home with her family at her side, Saturday, September 11, 2004. A native Houstonian, Faye was born October 11, 1940 to the late Floyd Benjamin and Pearl Ruby Thompson. Memorial Services celebrating Faye's life will be held on Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 1:00 PM in the Chapel at National Cremation Service, 5400 Highway 6 North, Houston, TX 77084.

Bailey, JoAnn – b: Feb. 18, 1943   d: Jan. 21, 1991 – beside Jo Marylynn

*JoAnn Minter Mitchell Bailey Watts
        “In Loving Memory of our Mother” w/Photograph

{Daughter of William Evan & Ella Belle Julian Minter, mother of Jo Marylynn


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