Livingston, bold springs Area, Polk County, Texas Grave Survey & Genealogy Research

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Ada Sprayberry

Obituary published in the Polk County Enterprise – July 18, 1976 Edition

LIVINGSTON – Funeral services for Emma Ada Helpenstell Sprayberry, 80, were held

July 14 from the Chapel of the Pace Funeral Home in Livingston, with the Rev. F. J. Woolf officiating. Burial was in the Crossroads Cemetery {s/b Bold Springs Cemetery} in Polk County. Mrs. Sprayberry was born Feb. 17, 1896 to Albert and Martha Pierce Helpenstell.

She died July 13. A native of Nacogdoches County, she was born near Cushing and attended

the public schools of the Cushing community. On Dec. 24, 1919, she was married to Willie V. Sprayberry. They had two children, both survive. The Sprayberrys have made Polk County their home for the past 57 years. Mrs. Sprayberry was a member of the Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband, Willie V. Sprayberry of Livingston; one son,

Jimmie Albert Sprayberry of Lake Charles, La.; one daughter, Bessy Hensley of Livingston; six brothers, Homer and Arthur Helpenstell of Livingston, Frank Helpenstell of Alto; Johnny Helpenstell of Mesquite, Jewel Helpenstell of Gilmer, Jesse Helpenstell of League City; two sisters, Mrs. Mae Stokes of League City, Mrs. Dolly Davis of Gilmer; 14 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. Pallbearers were J. A. Hensley, Jr., David Hensley, Thomas Hensley, Robert Hensely, Don Marsh, Euge Helpenstell and Frank Helpenstell.

Sprayberry, Jimmie A. -   b: July 10, 1927   d: June 9, 1999

*Jimmie Albert Sprayberry
         Pvt-US Army-WWII-Korea

{Son of Willie & Ada Sprayberry}

Jimmie A. Sprayberry

Obituary published in the Polk County Enterprise – June 13, 1999 Edition

LAKE CHARLES, LA. – Funeral services for Jimmie Albert Sprayberry, 71, of Lake Charles were held Saturday, June 12, 1999, from the Johnson Funeral Home Chapel, with the Rev. Wilton Red officiating. Graveside services followed in Bold Springs Cemetery in Livingston, with the Rev. Harold Isaacs officiating. A native of Moscow, he had lived in Lake Charles for 42 years. He retired as the longest employed heavy equipment operator with 45 years of service at Conoco. He was a member of OCAW Union Local 4-555 and was a U. S. Army veteran, having served in World War II and the Korean Conflict. Survivors include his sons, Davis Sprayberry and James Johnathan Sprayberry, both of Lake Charles; daughter, Susan S. Whitley of Edmond, Okla.; sister, Bessie Hensley of Livingston and three grandchildren.

Sprayberry, Willie -  b: Oct. 16, 1893    d: Nov. 29, 1976; DS w/ Ada

*Willie Valentine Sprayberry
         “Married Ada Helpenstell on Dec. 24, 1919”

{Son of Willie & Bell Wolverton Sprayberry,

father of Jimmie Albert Sprayberry}

Willie Sprayberry

Obituary published in the Polk County Enterprise – December 5, 1976 Edition

Funeral services for Willie Valentine Sprayberry, 83, were held Dec. 1, from the Pace Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Pat Long officiating assisted by Bro. F. J. Woolf and Bro. Johnnie Nelson. Burial was in the Bold Springs Cemetery. Sprayberry was born Oct. 16, 1893 in Nacogdoches County. He died Nov. 29, at the Livingston Memorial Hospital.

He was born the son of the late Willie and Bell Wolverton Sprayberry. He received his education in the local public schools of Nacogdoches County. For the past 45 years., he had made his home in Polk County where he was engaged in farming and pulpwood contracting. He was a member of the Baptist church. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Bessy Hensley of Onalaska; one son, Jimmie Albert Sprayberry of Lake Charles, La.; two sisters, Mrs. Ruby Phillips and Mrs. Lizzie Morris, both of Livingston; one brother, Henry Sprayberry of Houston; 14 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. Pallbearers were Frank Helpenstell, John A. Hensley, Jr., David M. Hensley, Tommy Hensley, Don Marsh and Robert Hensley.

Spurling, Joseph -  b: Aug. 14, 1922   d: ______; DS w/ Patricia

*Joseph Spurling

“In Loving Memory”

Spurling, Patrica L. -  b: Nov. 26, 1924   d: ______ ; DS w/ Joseph

*Patricia L. Spurling

“In Loving Memory”

Stacy, Clovis E. -  b: Feb. 11, 1919   d: Aug. 13, 1985; DS w/ Faye
*Clovis Edgar Stacy

S1-US Navy-WW II

Into Thy Hands I commend my Spirit”

Stacy, Faye Droddy - b: Dec. 20, 1914   d: Sept. 3, 2002; DS w/ Clovis

*Faye Droddy Stacy

        “Into Thy Hands I commend my Spirit”

{Daughter of Marion & Cora Baker Droddy, sister of Marvin Jackson Droddy Sr.,

granddaughter of Lucy Redden Baker}

Stahl, Annie -  b: Jan. 5, 1856   d: June 6, 1934 - beside A. F.

*Mary Annie Sparks Stahl
  {Mother of Julia Stahl-Marsh, R. Floyd Stahl}

Stahl, A. F. -  b: Aug. 16, 1843   d: Dec. 11, 1925  - beside Annie

*Augustus Floyd Stahl
         Texas-Pvt-Co B-Texas Cavalry-CSA -Aug 16, 1843 - Dec. 12, 1925
        “Father let thy grace be given that we may meet in heaven”
        {Father of Julia Stahl-Marsh, R. Floyd Stahl}

Stahl, Hixie A. -  b: Nov. 18, 1903   d: June 20, 1984; DS w/ R. Floyd

*Hixie A. Laramore Stahl
        {Daughter of William J. and Rebecca J. Edmonds-Laramore}   WOW Marker

Stahl, R. Floyd -  b: May 20, 1892   d: Mar. 19, 1954; DS w/ Hixie

*Robert Floyd Stahl
         {Son of Augustus Floyd & Annie Sparks-Stahl}   WOW Marker

Standley, Allie Lee (Marsh) -  b: Jan. 20, 1904   d: Mar. 14, 1991; DS w/ Bethel

*Allie Lee Marsh Standley
        {Married Bethel Standley on Dec. 17, 1924 in Polk County, Texas}

{Daughter of Tom & Polly Scrap Rogers Marsh, mother of Bethel Eugene

“Gene” Standley, Gerald Jarvis Standley, granddaughter of Manton Evander

& Cynthia Ann Gilbert Marsh and William Pinckney & Allie Moody-Baggett Rogers}

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