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Aloe socotrina (Aloe)

Tema: Patria, locul parintesc
Cauza: Viata sedentara;  
Complementar: Aesc (Aloe = An), Ham. Kali-bi, Morg-p, Ox-ac. Sep, Sul-ac, Sulph. (Aloe = vegetabiles An).  
Urmeaza bine: Acon. Coll, Nux-v.             Urmat bine de: Gamb. Kali-br. Nux-v.
Incompatibil cu: All-c, All-s, Squil., depresiuni/slab la corp/oameni batrani/graviditate 
Antidoteaza: Paeon, Sulph., mustar
Antidotat de: Aln, Alumn, Arn, Camph, Cham, Crot-t, Lyc + Nux-v (Ohrenschmerz), Op, Sulph, Thuj, Verat, Sulph (dupa uzul de Aloe impotriva la constipatie),  otet,acizi din plante, mustar, 
Efect: 1 zi,  plethorisch/acut/psoric/sicotic/avortiv/melancolic/flegmatic/carcinoid/avortiv
Diverse: Aura de la Aloe are toate culorile    
MIND: - -   Croß, peevish < cloudy weather. - -   Irritable before stool, weak after.

   -   Preoccupied with his disease (stool). - -   Irritable, discontented, filled with displeasure.

   -   Angry when hearing diffirent opinion. Has to restrain himself.- -   States #, < during digestion, after eating.Easily excited, # resigned and weak. Mental activity # indolence.

   -   Appears to be calm, stoic, content. Underneath he is indifferent, not involved in life.

   -   Loathing of life. - -   Predicts time of death (acute cases).

   -   Fear on seeing blood, doctors, hospitals, being alone, high places. - -   > Evening.

GENERALITIES: - -  Portal Kongestion and stasis.- - < Heat (can be chilly)  - - > Cold app-lications, open air. - -   Sensation of plug internally; sensation of congestion over bodysurface .FOOD AND DRINKS: - -   Desires: Fruit, esp. apples. - -   < Beans and peas, sour things.

HEAD: - -   congestive PAIN >> cold applications, << heat.

   -   Dull pain with heaviness in eyes and nausea.   - -   Pain during constipation, before stool.

   -   Complaints of head alt. with:abdominal, uterine symptoms, back pain, hemorrhoids.

EYE: - -   Twitching lids, esp. left, during daytime. - -   Closes eyes from headache.

EAR: - -   Sensibil to noise (music) cause trembling.

FACE:  - -   Heat  - -   Lips dry and cracked.

STOMACH: - -   Appetite increased, < dimineata after stool; emptiness after stool.

 -   Indigestion after beer, sour things, mistakes in diet. - -   Bitter eructations.

BELLY: - -   spastic or ulcerative COLITIS.- -   Complaints < from suppressed anger.

-   Flatulence, distention, rumbing, < before stool.

RECTUM: - -   Annoying, tormenting, INSECURE feeling in rectum

   -   INvoluntary or UNnoticed STOOL on passing flatus. Feels weak. Has to keep his atten-tion to the sphincter.During sleep, urination, after eating.Irritability/shame because of this.

   -   Intolerant, deep itching, sticks finger in rectum.

   -   Sensation of plug, full sensation; paralyzed feeling.

   -   Diaree: 5 h. or 6 h. driving them out of bed (Podo/Sulph); from unripe fruit, beer, oysters; < being overheated, before menses, from vexation; < standing, > lying on BELLY;

sputtering, cream colored, burning stool, mucus in stool, jelly-like.

   -   HEMORRHOIDS like bunch of grapes, purple, > cold bathing.

   -   Constipatie alt. with frequent stools.

MALE GENITALIA:  - -   Impotency.

COUGH: - -   > Lying on BELLY, < rising from sitting.

EXTREMITIES: - -   Coldness and numbness.Cold hands alt. with cold feet.

DREAMS: - -   That he is soiling himself.



(The Chaste Tree)

Agnus castus este un remediu util in starile de colaps ce apar dupa abuzul de alcool, droguri si sex. Pacientul constientizeaza ca starea lui de sanatate a fost ruinata de aceste excese ceea ce il duce la depresie si anxietate..Aceasta stare de epuizare se manifesta atit mental cit mai ales in plan fizic sub forma unor disfunctii sexuale cit si epuizari la acest nivel. Practic actiunea acestui remediu consta in reducerea energiei sexuale .Este util in imbatrinirea precoce datorata abuzurilor sexuale.De asemenea util in episoade de gonoree repatata.Este de asemenea un remediu util in entorse si intinderi si tahicardie datorata tutunului la persoane



Anxietate marcata si disperare legata de sanatate

Demoralizat si anxios mai ales datorita sanatatii si impotentei

Presentiment al mortii; prezice data sau o simte ca iminenta

Frica de moarte

Confuzie a mintii si memorie slaba.Apati


Absenta sau disparitia lactatiei la femei dupa nastere mai ales cele cu simptomele mentale de mai sus


Splenomegalie dureroasa

Fisuri anale profunde

Greata cu senzatia ca intestinele sunt impinse in jos


Raceala la nivelul extremitatilor

Impotenta in ciuda dorintei sexuale puternice si a fanteziilor erotice (Calad, Sel)

Impotenta dupa gonoree recidivanta

Impotenta cu scurgeri uretrale cornice

Pierderea apetitului sexual la oameni care au avut o activitate sexuala excesiva

Ejaculare prematura

Leucoree.Scurgere uretrala de culoare galbena

Secretie redusa fara ejaculare

Testicule reci dure dureroase


Agalactoree.Anxietate.Depresie.Impotenta.Leucoree.Ejaculare premature.Leucoree.Disfunctii sexuale-pierderea libidoului.Uretrita


Calad-Impotenta cu dorinta sexuala puternica, raceala a organelor genitale, flaciditate a penisului


Allium cepa (All-c)

Tema: nu simte nimic;
Complementar: Carb-v. Euphr.  Phos (= C). Puls. Sars..Sulph, Ther, Thuj,
*All-c - Phos - Sulph* *All-c - Calc - Sil* Polypen
Urmeaza bine: Meny. Psor, Sang, Tell.
Urmat bine de: Arn, Calc, Calc-sil, Cham, Nux-v, Sil, Verat, 
Incompatibil cu: All-s, Aloe, Scil,  cap clar/fără slabiciune/afectiuni la plamani/cai respiratorii/allergie, dilutiile inalte maresc durerea
Antidoteaza: Arn. Calad, Cham. Chel, Euphr. Lyc, Thuj, Verat,
Antidotat de: Arn, Ars. Cham, Coff-t. Merc-c. Nux-v, Phos. Thuj. Verat, 
Cafea, mâncare calda, 
Efect: 1 zi,  brusc/hydrogenoid/ de pe stanga pe dreapta/pe partea stanga
Rinite:  corize banale, rinite sezoniere sau ne-sezoniere, cu debut cu strănuturi numeroase,apoi o secreţie care irită narinele şi buza superioară. Secreţii oculare neiritante şi tuse spastică dureroasă, cu senzaţie de zgârietură sau de ruptură.


Nevralgii şi nevrite: nevrite ale bonturilor de amputaţie.


Agravare:  la căldură, la alergeni sezonieri.
Ameliorare:  la răcoare

ALLIUM CEPA (all-c.)

MIND: - -   Absent-mindedness. Dullness < afternoon.    - -   Depression. Misanthrophy.

   -   Sleepiness, lethargic (Op. Nux-m.) with indifference. - -   Mistakes in writing.

   -   Passive insanity after emotional shock.

       Does not recognize relatives, indifferent to them.

       Foolish behaviour. Walks on his toes or lateral side of feet.

GENERALITIES: - -   >> open air - -   << warm room/evening.

   -   Ailments go from left to right side.  - -   Ailments after operations, injuries.

   -   NEUralgic, tearing pains, like a thread; AFTER amputation


FOOD AND DRINKS: - -   Desire: onions  - -   Aversiune + <: cucumber - -   > Onions

HEAD: - -   Pain mostly forehead ext. to temples or nose. - - < Warm room, evening, closing eyes, winking, << when discharge (coryza, menses)  dimishes  > Open air, during menses.

EYE: - -   Lachrymation in warm room. - -   Sensation of smoke.


       Discharge irritates upper lip. Violent sneezing.                   < warm room, evening; > open air.

       Starts left, ext. to right. Spreading to ears, throat, larynx, bronchi.

   -   WARNING:    If you're not sure about the remedy-choice, don't give high potencies since unjust application of All-c may cause dyspnea, esp. in people tending to allergic asthmatic complaints.     - -   Polyps.

FACE: - -   Neuralgia > cold air. - -   Paralysis, < left side; with profuse urine.

LARYNX & TRACHEA: - -   PAIN lyrinx on coughing, must grasp larynx.

   -   Whooping cough. - -   Hoarseness.

RESPIRATION:  - -   Allergic asthma.

COUGH: - -   < Cold air, going from warm room to cold air or v.v. getting into bed at night.

BACK: - -   Pain right scapula, < lying.                    EXTREMITIES  - -   Ulcers feet, esp. heel.

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