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Data on the Generation and Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Other wastes in 2003 (as reported)


(in metric tons)


Amount of hazardous wastes generated under Art. 1(1)a (Annex I: Y1-Y45) of BC

Amount of hazardous wastes generated under Art. 1(1)b of BC

Total amount of hazardous wastes generated

Not reported

Amount of other wastes generated (Annex II: Y46-Y47)



Amount of hazardous wastes exported


Amount of other wastes exported



Amount of hazardous wastes imported


Amount of other wastes imported


1) Estimated annual generation amount.

Basel Convention 2002
Country Fact Sheet 2003


Status of Ratifications:

Party to the Basel Convention:

13.03.1997 (a)

Amendment to the Basel Convention:


Basel protocol on Liability and Compensation:

(Accession (a); Acceptance (A); Approval (AA); Formal confirmation (c); Ratification; Succession (d))

Competent Authority

Focal Point

Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs

Rua da Kassuende 167, Maputo


tel.: (258-1) 49-6109

fax: (258-1) 46-5409


National Directorate for Environmental Impact Assessment

Av. Acordos de Lusaka, 2115, CP. 2020, Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: (258 21) 46 5141

Telefax: (258 21) 495409

E-Mail: há


National Definition

There is no national definition of waste used for the purpose of transboundary movements of waste in Mozambique.
National definition of hazardous waste used for the purpose of transboundary movements of waste exists in Mozambique.

The Environmental Law of 1997 (definitions section) defines hazardous wastes and residues as substances destined for elimination, and posing a risk to human health or the environment due to one or more of the characteristics listed in the provision. The definition is in accordance with the Annexes I, II and III of the Basel Convention.

There are no wastes defined as, or considered to be hazardous wastes by national legislation in accordance with Art. 1, para 1(b) of the Basel Convention.
In Mozambique there are no wastes other than those pursuant to Art. 1 (1)a and/or Art. 1 (1)b of the Basel Convention that require special consideration when subjected to transboundary movement.

Restrictions on Transboundary Movement

Amendment to the Basel Convention

The amendment to the Basel Convention (Decision III/1) has been implemented in Mozambique.

Restrictions on export for final disposal and for recovery

Mozambique has no restrictions on the export of hazardous wastes and other wastes for final disposal and for recovery.

Restrictions on import for final disposal and for recovery

Mozambique restricts the import of hazardous wastes and other wastes for final disposal and for recovery.

Under the Environmental Law of 1997, the importation of toxic residues or wastes is expressly prohibited for final disposal and recovery, except under the terms of that would be established under specific legislation. However, such legislation is not in existence yet.

Restrictions on transit

Mozambique has no restrictions on the transit of hazardous wastes and other wastes.

Reduction and/or Elimination of Hazardous Waste Generation

Legislation, regulations and guidelines

EIA Regulation; and Environmental Law of 1997: Based on the relevant provision of the Constitution, the Environmental Law of 1997 provides a general framework for environmental protection, including management of hazardous wastes. The purpose of the law is “to define the legal basis for the proper use and management of the environment and its elements in order to establish a system of sustainable development” in the country. The law includes several provisions addressing this issue. There is as yet no specific legal instrument on the management of hazardous wastes, or on export and import of such wastes. Work is underway to develop several regulations under the law.

The following aspects of hazardous wastes management are addressed in the Environment Law or a separate regulation: definition of hazardous wastes; licensing system for persons managing waste and disposal facilities; restriction/prohibition of export/import of hazardous wastes; and civil liability and reparation of damage.


In general terms, the Environmental Law of 1997 imposes strict liability on persons who cause material damage to the environment. The State has the right to assess the damage, fix the amount of compensation, and to take counter measures at the expense of the person causing the damage. The provision does not relate to hazardous wastes specifically.

Transboundary Movement Reduction Measures

Legislation, regulations and guidelines

Waste Management Regulation

A landfill site located in the south of Mozambique, Maputo Province is operational.


Recovery Facilities

Disposal facilities

  • Mavoco landfill located in the south of Mozambique, Maputo Province; Hazardous waste facility.

(Constructed in June 2003 and finalized in November 2003. Currently the available treatment is neutralization and cementation. It also includes storage facility for possible future export.)

Licensing system for persons managing waste and disposal facilities: this is partly addressed in the regulation on environmental impact assessment.

Open dump sites are managed by municipalities. A special waste site for an aluminium plant exists which is a temporary arrangement (is not any more in use).

A hazardous waste facility is operational (located in the Maputo province). All requirement related to HZW facility have been implemented.

Recovery/recycling/re-use facilities

No facilities available.

Bilateral, Multilateral or Regional Agreements

Regional agreement; Bamako Convention on the Ban of the Import into Africa and the Control of Transboundary Movement and Management of Hazardous Wastes within Africa.

Technical Assistance and Training Available

  • Ministry of Environmental Affairs

  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

  • National Centre for cleaner production

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