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Data on the Generation and Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Other wastes in 2003 (as reported)


(in metric tons)


Amount of hazardous wastes generated under Art. 1(1)a (Annex I: Y1-Y45) of BC


Amount of hazardous wastes generated under Art. 1(1)b of BC

No data

Total amount of hazardous wastes generated


Amount of other wastes generated (Annex II: Y46-Y47)



Amount of hazardous wastes exported


Amount of other wastes exported



Amount of hazardous wastes imported


Amount of other wastes imported

4,787 2)

  1. Municipal wastes generated: 1,338,900 metric tons.

“ Municipal wastes” means wastes from households and small shops. Detailed information is contained in the Federal Waste Management Plan edited in 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001 and is available via the Focal Point. Residues from waste incineration (Y47) are defined as hazardous by national legislation but not included in the figure on total hazardous waste generation (Annex: Y1-Y45).

  1. Amount refers to Y46.

Basel Convention 2002
Country Fact Sheet 2003


Status of Ratifications:

Party to the Basel Convention:

01.06.2001 (a)

Amendment to the Basel Convention:


Basel protocol on Liability and Compensation:

(Accession (a); Acceptance (A); Approval (AA); Formal confirmation (c); Ratification; Succession (d))

Competent Authority

Focal Point

Competent Authority is being designated

Deputy Director of Agency on Hazardous Wastes Management

Neftchiler Avenue, 91, Baku


Tel: (994-12) 92-6627

Fax: (994-12) 92-6627



National Definition

The national definition of waste to be used for the purpose of transboundary movements of waste is being prepared.
National definition of hazardous waste used for the purpose of transboundary movements of waste exists in Azerbaijan.
There are no wastes defined as, or considered to be hazardous wastes by national legislation in accordance with Art. 1, para 1(b) of the Basel Convention.
In Azerbaijan there are no wastes other than those pursuant to Art. 1 (1)a and/or Art. 1 (1)b of the Basel Convention that require special consideration when subjected to transboundary movement.

Restrictions on Transboundary Movement

Amendment to the Basel Convention

The amendment to the Basel Convention (Decision III/1) has not been implemented in Azerbaijan.

Restrictions on export for final disposal

Azerbaijan restricts the export of hazardous wastes and other wastes for final disposal.

The export of non-ferrous and black metals was temporarily stopped by president's decree as from 17.04.2001.

Restrictions on export for recovery

Azerbaijan is in a preparatory process to restrict the export of hazardous wastes and other wastes for recovery.

Restrictions on import for final disposal

Azerbaijan restricts the import of hazardous wastes and other wastes for final disposal.

Relevant legislation is article 14 of the law about municipal and industrial wastes adopted by Azerbaijan Republic.
The restriction covers all categories of wastes.

Restrictions on import for recovery

Azerbaijan restricts the import of hazardous wastes and other wastes for recovery.

According to the Law on industrial and municipal wastes (30 June 1998) the wastes which are not subject to their recovery could not be imported.

Restrictions on transit

Azerbaijan restricts the transit of hazardous wastes and other wastes.

The restrictions are specified in Article 14 of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan "About industrial and municipal wastes" saying that "transit transportation of wastes which are not subject to treatment is prohibited".

Reduction and/or Elimination of Hazardous Waste Generation

National strategies/policies

National Hazardous Wastes Management Strategy was adopted by the decree of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 25th August 2004.

Legislation, regulations and guidelines

It provides and includes international principles, a policy and decision-making framework for the environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes and a system for the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of hazardous wastes according to international practice and standards.

Measures taken by industries/waste generators

Facilities and devices are constructed by organizations, which are dealing with neutralization and utilization of hazardous wastes.

Transboundary Movement Reduction Measures

National strategies/policies

The work on supplementing the existing legislation with amendments has been already completed (Law on amendments to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “About industrial and municipal wastes” (Compiled legislative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 1998 No 10, Article 606)).

Legislation, regulations and guidelines

Legislative acts were adopted (passport, definition and classification of waste, inventory, licensing).

Economic instruments/ initiatives


Measures taken by industries/waste generators

No information is available.


At present the rules on hazardous wastes transportation is regulated by the rules on hazardous cargoes transportation.


Recovery Facilities

Disposal facilities

  • Baku, Garadag District, AA Services “Serena” Polygon for the waste substances; Disposal of hazardous industrial wastes;

  • Baku, Garadag District, Alhtarma;;

  • Sumgayit City, ”Hazardous waste” Center; Treatment and storage facility for mercury sludge and other hazardous wastes;

Hazardous wastes are neutralized (buried) in the appropriate pits. Thermal desorption device for utilization of oil sludge was constructed in the landfill.

Recovery/recycling/re-use facilities

No facilities available.

Bilateral, Multilateral or Regional Agreements

No agreements.

Technical Assistance and Training Available

  • Training Center of the Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources, Baku 370073, Str.B.Aghayer, 100-A

  • Center of Environmentally Sound Technologies, Baku 370073, Str.B.Aghayer, 100-A

  • Hazardous wastes sector in the Environmental Protection Department, B.Aghayev, 100-A, 370073 Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Radioactive Issues institute, Physical Environment Center, Baku, H. Javid Avenue, 31

  • Institute on Chemical Issues, Baku, H. Javid Avenue, 29

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