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Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport

State of Israel

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of France

Franco-Israeli Workshop

Characterization of Materials


Nano-meter Scale




The Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel September 25-26, 2000


The recent development of nanosciences and the important technological applications to be expected, have induced a variety of research in order to understand the new phenomena associated with systems of very small dimensions. One of the key points is the progress achieved in a better control and characterization of nano-objects: it is essential to know precisely the structure and composition at nano-meter scale.

The scope of the workshop is to give an overview of the most advanced characterization methods that are rarely presented together: electron microscopy, X-rays diffraction and scanning probe microscopy. Applications will cover particles as well as near-surface and interfaces, and different materials ranging from single crystal to soft matter.

The workshop will present a unique opportunity to update the personal knowledge on characterization, to discuss with specialists the application of a various methods and to advance the collaboration between Israeli and French laboratories. A space for discussion, in a poster format, will be available.

A final round table discussion will include issues such as the impact of different characterization methods on basic science and on technology, as well as teaching and availability of the different methods.

Target audience

The workshop should prove useful for all researchers working at related areas in the Academia as well as Industry, at levels ranging from beginners (advanced Ph.D. students or equivalent) to senior researchers. The round table at the closing of the conference should be of particular interest also to policy makers and management at both communities.


The workshop is organized and supported by the Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport and by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Physical Electronics, will provide additional support.

Scientific Program

The scientific program will include invited talks from the two countries, and a concluding panel as mentioned above. The submission of topics for discussion in the poster session will be open to all.

Scientific Program
25 September 2000
9:00 –9:20 Opening Remarks
Session 1: Diffraction

9:20-10:00 J. Daillant (Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay):

Structure and fluctuations of soft matter interfaces

10:00–10:40 M. Deutsch (Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan):

The nanoscale study of liquid surfaces and overlayers by x-rays.

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-11:40 A. Naudon (Universite de Poitiers, Futuroscope, Poitiers):

Study of the morphology of nanoparticles by grazing-incidence small angle X-ray scattering

11:40 - 12:20 Y. Cohen (Technion, Haifa):

In-situ SAXS-deformation studies on highly ordered block copolymers

12:20–14:00 Lunch

Session 2: Electron Microscopy I

14:00–14:40 J.P. Morniroli (Universite de Sciences et Technologies de Lille, Lille):

Application of electron diffraction to nanocrystal structure determination

14:40–15:20 W. Kaplan (Technion, Haifa):

Electron microscopy investigations of nanometer thick crystalline and amorphous equilibrium films at metal-ceramic interfaces

15:20–16:00 J.M. Penisson (Centre d'Etudes Nucleaire, Grenoble):

Energy filtered imaging at high resolution: application to grain boundary precipitation, segregation and wetting.

16:00–16:40 Y. Talmon (Technion, Haifa):

Nanoscopic imaging of soft condensed matter by digital cryogenic TEM

17:00-19:00 POSTERS
26 September 2000
Session 3: Scanning Probe Microscopy

9:10–9:50 G. Dujardin (Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay):

Surface molecular reactions studied with the STM

9:50–10:30 S. Cohen (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot):

Surface electronic characterization with SPM

10:30-11:00 coffe break

11:00–11:40 I. Goldfarb (Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv):

In situ STM and RHEED analysis of strain-induced nanostructures on surfaces of heteroepitaxial layers

11:40–12:20 Y. Menassen (Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva):

STM investigations of random kinetic surface processes

12:20-14:00 Lunch
Session 4: Electron Microscopy II

14:00–14:40 T. Epicier (INSA, Lyon):

Application of electron microscopy (HREM and other methods) to material analysis at nanoscale

14:40–15:20 A. Loiseau (ONERA, Paris):

Application of electron microscopy to the study of the structure, chemistry and growth of nanotubes.

15:20–16:00 B. Bormans (Philips - Electron Optics, Eindhoven):

Toward aberration free & monochromatic electron microscopy

A Round Table Discussion
16:00-end A. Bourret (C.E.A. Grenoble) & Y.Lereah (Tel Aviv University):

A comparison of the different methods

Organizing Committee

Bourret Alain - C.E.A. Grenoble - Co-Chair

Cohen Sydney - Weizmann Institute

Deutsch Moshe - Bar Ilan University

Kaplan Wayne - Technion, Haifa

Lereah Yossi - Tel Aviv University - Co-Chair

Rosenfeld Elieser - Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, Israel

Shimony Beky - Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, Israel


The Workshop will be held on 25-26 September 2000

Registration by 1 June ‏2000

Abstracts by 1 August 2000


The Workshop will be held at The Olive Tree Hotel Jerusalem,

located close to the Old City Walls.

The Olive Tree Hotel


St. George Rd. 23


TEL: (972)-2-5410410 FAX: (972)-2-5410411


The official language of the Workshop will be English.

Poster Session

A contributed poster session open for all on nano-fabrication and on nano-characterization is being organized in order to enable interaction between the two research communities. The organizing committee wishes to urge researchers from these two fields to submit their work to this session.

Please observe the following instructions for submission of abstracts of the lectures and posters:
The abstract should be submitted in Word format (.doc), preferably at 1.5 spacing using a 12-point size Times font.

The title should be centered, in capital letters.

The name(s) of the author(s) should follow, with a two-line spacing, the name of the speaker should be underlined.

The affiliation (name and address of the organization/university should follow, as well as the E-mail of the speaker. If applicable, the home page URL of the speaker should also appear.

The abstract itself should contain only regular alphanumeric symbols (No Greek letters etc.).
The abstract should be E-mailed to:

Elieser Rosenfeld

Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport


Phone: (+972) 2-5411140/1

FAX: (+972) 2-5811624

Abstracts Deadline: 1 August 2000

The abstracts booklet will be distributed to the workshop participants and to the public and be posted on the website of the Ministry.

Fees and Method of Payment:

Registration fees include participation at the Conference, two lunches and refreshments during the two days of the Conference and abstracts booklet.

Participants 250 NIS

Students and New Immigrants 125 NIS

Festive Conference Dinner 96 NIS

PAYMENT ONLY BY CHECK made out to the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.

For further information, please contact:

On Scientific Aspects

Elieser Rosenfeld

Senior Project Coordinator

Division of Exact Sciences

Ministry of Science

Phone: (+972) 2-5411140/1

Fax: (+972) 2-5811624


On Administrative Aspects

Mrs. Beky Shimoni, Head, Conference Unit

P.O. Box 49100


91490 Israel

Phone: (+972) - 2 - 5411122

Fax: (+972) - 2 - 5824022


The enclosed registration and hotel reservation forms should be returned in advance to:

Mrs. Beky Shimoni, Head, Conference Unit

P.O. Box 49100


91490 ISRAEL

Phone: (+972) - 2 - 5411122

Fax: (+972) - 2 - 5824022


Characterization of Materials

at Nano-meter Scale

The Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

September 25-26, 2000

Please complete where applicable:
I shall attend the meeting alone

I shall be accompanied by non-participants

I intend to present our results on (title):


First name: Title:
ID / Passport No. & Country:
Zip code:
Tel: Fax:
Name of University/Organization:
Tel: Fax:
Electronic mail:
Date: Signature:

Hotel Reservation Form
Characterization of Materials

at Nano-meter Scale

The Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem, ISRAEL

September 25-26, 2000



I shall need accommodation at Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

from to
Total nights and breakfasts
Single occupancy $ 90 (+ VAT for Israeli residents)
Double occupancy $120 (+ VAT for Israeli residents)
per night and per person
Gala dinner for accompanying person 96 NIS (approx. $25)
Regular meals are available at the participants’ cost

Reservation fees: 200 NIS

  • Payment only by check made to the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport

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