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J Midgley, PhD (UCT)


JM Fritz, PhD (American University Washington DC, USA) (Distinguished Visiting Professor)

AO Ade-ibijola, PhD (Wits)

D Boucher, PhD (Cardiff University, UK)

IU Maki, DSc (University of Helsinki, Finland)

AO Olukoshi, PhD (Leeds University, UK)

PCJ Vale, PhD (University of Leicester, UK)

KG Tomaselli, PhD (Wits)


Centre for Anthropological Research

Professor (Director):

M Lombard, PhD (Wits)

Administrative Assistant

Ms JM Ferrreira

Africa Centre for Evidence

Professor (Director):

R Stewart, PhD (University of London, UK)


Y Erasmus, PhD (University London, UK)


L Langer, BA (UJ)


N Tannous, MA (UJ)


Ms C Heyneke

Centre for Social Development in Africa

Professor (Director):

L Patel, PhD (Wits)


L Graham, DLitt et Phil (UJ)


T Hochfeld, PhD (Wits)


J Moodley, MSc (UJ)


S Mthembu, MA (Wits)


L Stuart, MA (Wits)


L Williams, MPhil (US)

Financial Manager:

Ms A Murugan

Administrative Assistant

Ms V Adonis

Administrative Assistant

Ms M Marks

South African Research Chair in African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Professor (Chair):

C Landsberg, PhD (Oxford University, UK)

Associate Professor

(Deputy Chair):

M Qobo, PhD (University of Warwick, UK)

Senior Researcher:

L Otto, PhD (UJ)

Senior Researcher:

Y Spies, DPhil (UP)

Administrative Assistant:


Centre for Social Change

Professor (Chair):

P Alexander, PhD (University of London, UK)

Senior Researcher:

L Sinwell, PhD (Wits)

Finance and

Administration Officer:

Mr C Solomon


At registration, prospective students who register for the first time at the University may be required to submit, together with their registration documents, certified copies of the documents specified below.

First-year students

  • Identity document or permanent residence permit were applicable.

  • Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification and/or statement of symbols, only when specifically requested by faculty.

Undergraduate students from other higher education institutions

  • Identity document or permanent residence permit were applicable.

  • Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification when specifically requested by faculty.

  • Certified copies of academic record from previous higher education institution(s).

  • Certified copies of certificate of conduct if not included on the academic record.

  • Additional faculty programme requirements as determined by the Faculty Board.

International students

  • Passport.

  • Study permit

  • Universities South Africa USAf evaluation of the school leaving certificate

  • English proficiency test certificate or proof of English passed at school-leaving level

  • Proof of South African medical insurance cover

Prospective students who wish to apply for exemption on the grounds of post-school qualifications must finalise such applications before registration. In this regard, students are requested to contact the faculty officer before 15 November.

Failure to submit the required documents in time will result in cancellation of registration.

Registration of first-year students is conditional until they comply with the conditions stated.

Tuition fees are payable as follows:

a) Local students

  • A registration fee is payable at registration, please refer to UJ Fee booklet for details.

  • 60% of the tuition fees to be paid by 30 April for full year courses, 100% payable by 30 April for semester courses

  • 100% of the tuition fees to be paid by 31 August

b) International students

  • An upfront payment of 30% of tuition fees to be paid at registration

  • 65% of the tuition fees to be paid by 30 April

  • 100% of the tuition fees to be paid by 31 July

  • The University will offer a 5% discount should all fees be paid at registration

Change of personal information

  • Students must inform the University of any changes in their contact details and other personal details or update the details personally on the Student Protal.

  • Correspondence to students will be addressed to the students’ , email addresses and cell phone number supplied during registration or as changed according to the previous regulation

Cancelation of studies

  • Students cancel their studies in a particular programme or module by official notivication thereof before the date determinded by the University. This notification is submitted to the relevant faculty officer.

  • Students who fail to notify the University officially before the prescribed dates will forefeit any claim to the reimbursement of money.

  • Cancellation of studies in a semester module(s) or a year module(s) within 21-calendar day perod before the beginning of the assessment opportunity (exam) will be regarded as absent from the assessment opportunity.


The Faculty Regulations must be read together with the Academic Regulations of the Univeristy of Johannesburg. The academic regulations are available online.


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