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    1. Students register for a specific degree programme and their registration must be approved by the Executive Dean. Application for amendments to programmes must be submitted to the Executive Dean for approval.

    2. To qualify for a BA degree students are required to take a minimum of 14 semesters from subjects of which the Faculty of Humanities is the home faculty unless explicitly specified differently.

    3. In the Faculty of Humanities a minimum of six semester modules (two each in three different subjects) on second-year level is required to qualify for a BA degree, except in cases where it is explicitly indicated otherwise in the regulations.

    4. The Faculty reserves the right to rectify the registration of any student who was registered in whatever way contrary to the regulations contained in this regulation book when this is discovered.

    5. The regulations that apply to obtain a degree in a particular degree programme are the regulations valid on the date of the first registration for that particular degree. Accordingly, the relevant regulations of the first registration for the new degree programme apply, when a student changes to another degree programme. In the case of study interruption (including studies for non-degree purposes), the regulations at the time of re-registration for the degree programme apply.

    6. Students may obtain a degree in a particular degree programme in terms of the regulations for any year of uninterrupted studies for that particular degree.

    7. In addition to the above, all potential graduates in their final year, will after the successful completion of the final examinations complete an application form (available at the Faculty Office) to be awarded a degree in respect of their enrolment. This applies to all undergraduate degree, diploma and honours students.

    8. In the Faculty of Humanities no provision is made for either so-called enrichment programmes, or for additional programmes for enrichment.

NOTE: Degree/Diploma and/or module changes must be made within 10 (working) days after

the beginning of the following semester.


4.1 A curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts degree consists of 22 or 24 modules, as per curriculum outline HU.11 – HU. 25.


    1. Practical modules are offered in Afrikaans A, B. These are full academic post-matriculation university modules and can be taken only if the relevant language has been passed at matriculation level. Afrikaans A, B is not accepted for degree purposes within the curricula of Languages and General, but is accepted for other curricula requiring a language.


    1. Students in the Faculty of Humanities are allowed to register for the second year if they pass at least six semester modules of their approved curriculum (of which at least two semester modules must be in the same subject).

    2. Students who are not promoted may, subject to requirements for and the succession of particular modules, with the permission of the Executive Dean, present modules from the second or later years of the curriculum, with the understanding that the total number of modules does not exceed eight semester modules.

    3. Students who have temporarily discontinued their studies and who have passed a module whose content has in the meantime undergone substantial changes may be refused admission to a module for which this module is a prerequisite.Students who have failed a module twice will not be allowed to continue their studies in the same module at the University, except with the permission of the Executive Dean on recommendation of the relevant Head of Department after consultation with the Lecturer, or on recommendation of the faculty’s examination or assessment committee.

    4. Students in the Faculty of Humanities are promoted to the third year of study if, in addition to the requirements for promotion from the first to the second year of study, at least 60% of all modules are passed.

    5. Students who have not been promoted to the following year of study for any two years will not be permitted to continue with that programme and will be academically excluded except with the special permission of the Executive Dean. The Executive Dean may stipulate conditions for student to continue with their studies.

    6. If students have been granted special permission to continue with studies as determined the Academic Regulations, the Executive Dean may refuse continuation of studies if their work in the first semester is unsatisfactory. Students may also be refused further admission if they continue to perform unsatisfactorily at the end of the relevant academic year and will academically be excluded.

    7. Students who are registered for a three- or four-year programme and fail to complete the programme within a further period of two years will be allowed to continue with the programme only if granted special permission by the Executive Dean on recommendation of the relevant Head of Department or the faculty’s Examination or Assessment Committee.

    8. Unsatisfactory attendance of lectures or (where applicable) participation in an electronic learning environment, tutorials and practicals is taken into consideration when decisions are made regarding the academic exclusion of students.

    9. With the application of academic regulations the time that students spend at another university without being promoted is taken into account.

    10. If students from another university who were not promoted for two years are given permission to register and their progress is not satisfactory for the year, the Registrar on the recommendation of the relevant Executive Dean may request them to leave the University. Re-admission to the University may be denied if such students are not promoted at the end of the year.

    11. The Executive Dean of a faculty may cancel student registration or refuse students readmission if the Executive Dean is of the opinion that they have not made satisfactory progress with their studies.

    12. Students retain credit for exemption and/or renewal of registration purposes for a module passed for a period not exceeding seven years, provided that there are no material changes to the curriculum content in this period and provided further that there has been no change in the statutory body regulating the relevant qualification. This retention is also subject to the programme-specific requirements contained in the Faculty Rules and Regulations. Exceptions may be allowed by the Executive Dean in consultation with the Head of Department.

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