Model Exam a a-language functions

Floors in a building still go from the 12

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Floors in a building still go from the 12th floor to the 14th floor thinking that some numbers are unlucky. Some superstitious people think they can turn bad luck away by knocking on wood. A superstitious mother won't cut her baby's hair before her child's first birthday. A bride in Mexico never wears pearl on her wedding day. Pear symbolize to tears and unhappy marriage.

A- Answer the following questions :

1-What do superstitious people do to turn bad luck away?

2-Do superstitious people believe in science?

3-Why did people have superstitions in the past?

B- Choose the correct answer :

4-The underlines word "tears" refer to something that comes out of your………

(a) nose (b) eyes (c) ears (d) mouth

5-…… an unlucky number.

(a) Thirty (b) Thirteen (c) Twelve (d) Fourteen

6. The Reader (The Prisoner of Zenda)

a. Answer the following questions:

1-What did Sapt tell Rassendyll on the way to the station in Zenda?

2-What was the Marshal's reaction when Rassendyll stuck the flower to his jacket? Why?

3-What did Fritz blame Rassendyll for when they were in the King's bedroom? Why?

4-What feature of Michael's popularity did Rassendyll see in the old town?

b. Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:

" Get off? But they will catch us! "

1-Where were the speaker and the addressee?

2-What does "they" refer to?

3-What did they do after "get off"? Why?

c. Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it:

1-Fritz was waiting for Sapt and Rassendyll to take their horses when they were back.

2-Rasendyll was shot in his finger during the fight at the castle.

D- Writing:

7 Write a paragraph of 100 words about: (6m)

"The world has become a small village"


a Translate into Arabic:(3)

Superstitions are deep rooted and irrational beliefs. They are the legacy of every civilization and are inherited by the following generations. It was once believed that superstition could be rooted out with the spread of education. But these have continued to linger with the generations.

bTranslate into English:(2m)

- إن جمع القمامة و إعادة تدويرها بالشكل الصحيح يحمى البيئة و يوفرا لمال. - الحرب تساعدنا على إدراك أهمية السلام و الاستقرار.

The Prisoner of Zenda

1-Rudolf Rassendyll was a highly qualified young man. Explain.

-He spoke different languages. He was good at riding a horse, shooting with a gun and a strong swordsman.

2-Why was Rose angry with Rudolf, according to Rudolf?

-Because her family was rich but less powerful than the Rassendylls.

3-Ruldof and Robert Rassendyll think of the social position in different ways. Explain.

-Robert thinks that a social position has responsibilities while Rudolf sees only opportunities.

4-Why did Rudolf accept the job with Sir Jacob?

-It was an interesting job and it was in six months' time.(He can enjoy his long holiday as planned)

5-Why have the Rassendylls had an interest in Ruritania?

-In 1733, Countess Amelia Rassendyll married a member of the Ruritanian royal family.

6-Whatdo the Rassendylls an Elphbergs have in common?

-The red hair and straight noses.

7-Rudolf Rassendyll lied to his family concerning his plans for the holiday?

-Although he was going to Ruritania to attend the coronation, he told them he was going walking in the Alps to write a book about social problems there.

8-Why did Rudolf tell his family he was going to write a book about social problems there?

-Not to think he is being lazy.

9-What did Robert Rassendyll think of writing books?

-It's the best way to get into politics.

0-Why did Rudolf Rassendyll stop in Paris on his way to Ruritania? What did he do there?

-Taking Uncle William's advice. He visited his friends: George who worked in the British embassy and Bertram who was a journalist.

1-What information did Bertram give Rassendyll in the restaurant?

-Antoinette is visiting Paris as a guest of Duke Michael. She's known for her wealth and ambition.

2-Rassendyll lied to his friend, George about his destination. Explain.

-He told George he was going to Dresden though he was going to Ruritania. If he told George, George would tell Bertram, the journalist, and the news would be in all newspapers within days.

3-Both Rassendyll and Antoinette lied about their destination. Explain.

-Although they were going to Ruritania, they told people they were going to Dresden.

4-What was the reaction of Rassendyll when the border guards stared at him? Why?

-He was surprised because he didn't know he was like the King of Ruritania.

5-After reading a Ruritanian newspaper, Rassendyll changed his plans. Explain.

-He decided to stay in a small inn in Zenda after reading that the coronation would be in two days and the hotel were full.

6-Why were the innkeeper and her daughter not surprised when they saw Rassendyll?

-Because they had never seen the king before.

7-What did the innkeeper think of the King?

-He has been living abroad most of the time. They don't know what he looks like.

8-The innkeeper thinks that people who want the same thins cannot be friends. Explain.

-The King and the Duke cannot be friends because the Duke wants to become King.

9-What was Johann's reaction when he first saw Rassendyll? Why?

-He took off his hat and stepped back. Rassendyll was like the King.

0-Why was Johann surprised according to the innkeeper's daughter? Was she right? Explain.

-Because of the red hair, they don't see the red hair unless the person is royal. No, he was surprised because Rassendyll and the King were alike.

1-How was Johann helpful to Rassendyll on their first meeting?

-He offered Rassendyll to stay in his sister's house in Strelsau. She was married to a wealthy trader.

2-Describe the castle of Zenda.

-It was old but well built. There was a moat all around it. You can only reach it by a drawbridge.

3-Why did Rassendyll decide to walk into the forest? What did he dream about there?

-To meet the King. He dreamt about living in the castle of Zenda.

4-What did Rassendyll do before getting into the forest? Why?

-He sent his luggage ahead to a small station 16 km from Zenda. To take the train from it.

5-What did Rassendyll wake up to in the forest?

-Sapt and Fritz are looking at him and wondering how much he looked like their King.

5-When did Sapt decide that Rassendyll and the King have different personalities?

-When he had known that Rassendyll was an officer in the Queen's army.

6-What were the reactions of the doubles when they first met?

-Rassendyll gave out a loud cry while the King stood back in amazement.


1-What are the differences in appearance between the King and Rassendyll?

-The King's mouth is less wide while the Rassendyll's face is a little thinner. A centimeter or two difference in height.

2-What are the differences in personality between Rassendyll and the King?

-Rassendyll is good with a gun, a good horse rider and a strong swordsman. The King prefers food to action.

3-When did the King call Rassendyll, "cousin"?

-When Sapt told him that Countess Amelia Rassendyll married a member of the royal family.
4-Why did Fritz and Sapt not want Rassendyll to attend the coronation?

-Perhaps there will be problems when people see a man who looks like the King.

5-Why did Sapt and Fritz not eat much in the hunting lodge?

-They will get up early, ride to Zenda and come back with Michael's guards.

6-What did Rassendyll wake up to in the hunting lodge?

-He woke up to find himself covered in water.

7-How did Sapt wake Rassendyll up? Why did he do that?

-He threw water over his face thinking he was as sick as the King.

8-Why did the Duke poison the King?

-He wants the King to miss the coronation so that he becomes King.

9-What did Rassendyll see when Fritz took him to the other room?

-The King was lying on the floor. His face was red. He was breathing heavily. His pulse was slow and weak.

0-What did Sapt suggest when the King was poisoned? What was Fritz's reply?

-He suggested getting a doctor. Fritz said there was no doctor for 15 km.

1-What were Fritz's suggestions when the King was poisoned?

-To tell people the king is ill or to tell them the truth and make the most of it.

2-Why did Sapt think Fritz's suggestions were not suitable?

-They want a solution that makes the King attend the coronation because if he isn't crowned today, he will never become King.

3-What was Sapt's plan to save the crown?

-Rassendyllpretends to be King for one day. Then Rassendyll travels back to England and the King returns to the royal palace in the dark.

4-What was Rassendyll's first reaction to Sapt's mad idea? Why?

-He refused because people would discover he was not the King, also he spoke English.

5-What's Josef's role in the pretend King's plan?

-He tells Michael's men the hunting lodge is empty. Then he prepares the King to go to Strelsau.

6-What's Fritz's role in the pretend King's plan?

-To stay in front of the King's bedroom in the palace and not allow anyone any in, especially the Duke.

7-Why did they leave the hunting lodge an hour earlier?

-They wanted to leave before Michael's men arrived and killed everyone in the hunting lodge.

8-Where did they hide the King and what did they do to Johann's mother? Why?

-They hide the King in the hunting lodge cellar. They tie up Johann's mother and hide her in the cellar because she was loyal to the Duke.

9-What did Sapt tell Rassendyll on the way from the hunting lodge to the train station?

-The history of the King's life: His likes, dislikes, interests, friends, servants and relatives.

0-Did anyone from the palace meet the pretend King as soon as he had arrived in Strelsau? Why?

-No, because they arrived at Strelsau an hour earlier.

1-What did the pretend king do on the way from the station to the palace, to show he loved people?

-People threw flowers, so he picked up a flower and stuck it to his jacket.

2-What was the Marshal's reaction when the pretend king stuck the flower to his jacket? Why?

-He was surprised because the real King wouldn't do that.

3-How did the pretend king describe Strelsau?

-It was partly old and partly new.

4-The poor and the rich in Strelsau have different political views. Explain.

-The poor support the Duke because he has given them hope for a better future. The rich support the King because they don't want things to change.

5-How did the pretend King act as a real King on his way to the palace? Why did he do that?

-He rode through the old part of the town alone. To show people that he trusts them.

6-Rassendyll knew the real King was a distant King while riding in the old town. Explain.

-A citizen is surprised because the King is tall. Another citizen is surprised as the King is white.

7-What was Sapt's reaction when Rassendyll decided to ride through the old town alone? Why?

-He thought it was not a good idea. If the pretend king is killed, Sapt's position will be difficult.

8-Mention two of the coronation ceremonial.

-The golden crown is put on the King's head. The King reads out a number of promises.

9-What was Michael's reaction when he saw the pretend King? How did he deal with him? Why?

-He was surprised because he was sure the King would not come. He shakes hands with anger and congratulates him coldly.

0-Rassendyll was worried when he greeted someone during the coronation. Explain.

-He was worried when he greeted the British ambassador, Lord Topham, thinking he would recognize him.

1-Princess Flavia was a good observant. Explain.

-She noticed that the King changed: more tired and serious and a little thinner.

2-The pretend King was worried when a citizen asked him a question. Explain.

-The citizen asked when the wedding was. He was worried because he didn't know the answer.

3-What did Fitz blame Rassendyll for while they were in the King's room the coronation night? Why?

-He blamed him for riding alone in the old town as Michael would not like him to be popular among the poor.

4-How did Rassendyll and Sapt leave the palace? Why did they leave this way?

-Through a secret passage and a secret door. They didn't want anyone to see them. Also Rassendyll is leaving the royal palace as Rassendyll not as King.

5-How did Sapt and Rassendyll get a permit to leave the palace?

-Sapt copied the King's signature.

6-Why did Sapt and Rassendyll need a permit to leave the capital city Strelsau?

-The Duke controlled the capital city and its gates and they cannot get a permit from the Duke.

7-How did Rassendyll disguise himself while leaving the capital city for Zenda?

-He was wearing a hat to cover his hair and a big coat to cover his face.

8-Sapt and Rassendyll were lucky at the city gate while leaving for Zenda. Explain.

-They didn't find the guard but they found his fourteen year old daughter.

9-Why did Sapt and Rassendyll stop at an inn for half an hour on their way back to the hunting lodge?

-So that the horses could drink water.

0-Why did Sapt ask Rassendyll to stop and listen when they were halfway from Strelsau to Zenda?

-Because they heard the noise of two horses two km behind them.

1-What did Sapt find out when they stopped for the third time halfway to Zenda? How?

-They were followed by two horses, two km away. He put his ear to the ground.

2-Describe the fork in the road to Zenda.

-To the right is the way to the hunting lodge. To the left is the way to the castle of Zenda.

3-Sapt was about to shoot Michael at the fork but he didn't. Why?

-It was not useful for the King if Michael was killed then.

4-What did "all's well mean"?

-Michael's men kidnapped the King from the hunting lodge to the castle.

5-On the way from the fork to the hunting lodge, Sapt realized that the King was Kidnapped. How?

-He saw 5 or 6 torn handkerchiefs which they used to tie up Johann's mother. The lodge was dark.

6-What did Sapt and Rassendyll find out when they came back to the hunting lodge?

-The King was kidnapped and Josef was killed. Johann's mother was set free.

7-What did Sapt ask Rassendyll to do when they are back to the hunting lodge? Why?

-To continue to pretend to be the King. Because they didn't find the King in the hunting lodge.

8-Why doesn't Michael tell people Rassendyll is not the King?

-To do so, he must tell people he has kidnapped the King and killed his servant. He can't.

9-Why doesn't Sapt tell people Michael kidnapped the King and killed his servant?

-To do so, he must tell the people that Rassendyll is not the real King. He can't.

0-What would have happened if the pretend king hadn't come back to Strelsau to pretend?

-The city will belong to the Duke in 24 hours.

1-What would have happened if the real King had been Killed?

-Rassendyll would have continued to be King forever.

2-Why didn't Michael kill his brother, the King?

-Michael knows that if he killed the King, Rassendyllmight stay King forever.

3-Why did Michael's men come back to the hunting lodge with spades?

-To bury Josef's body.(To hide their evil work)

4-What was the results of the trap/ fight in the hunting lodge?

-Rassendyll killed two of Michael's men. Rassendyll was shot in his finger.

5-Michael's men who went to the hunting lodge to bury Josef's body didn't know the identity of the prisoner in the castle. Explain. One of them shouted, "It's the King!" when he saw Rassendyll.

6-What is Freyler? – He is Sapt's servant.

7-What reason does Sapt give Freyler for the King's injury?

-The King caught his finger in a door.

8-Is the pretend king's life harder than the real King's life? Explain.

-Of course, The pretend king does the King's duties and the most difficult is that he pretends carefully.

9-Who are Michael's Famous Six Loyalists?

-Detchard, De Gautet, Bersonin, Lauengram, Krafstein and Hentzau.

0-Why did Rassendyll (the King) want to make himself popular among the poor?

-To make sure poor people would not follow Michael if there were a fight.

1-What did Rassendyll (the King)do to make himself popular among the poor?

-He went to the park and waved to poor people. He bought flowers from a poor girl and gave her a gold coin. He visited Princess Flavia.

2-Why did Rassendyll (the King) visit the Princess for the first time? Who did he accompany?

-To benefit from her popularity among the poor. Fritz.

3-What mistake did Rassendyll (the King) make while visiting the Princess?

-He expects Michael will get into the room without the King's permission.

4-Why did Rassendyll not ask the Duke to come in at the Princess's house?

-Fritz and Sapt didn't tell him about this rule.

5-What did Rassendyll tell Michael to change the talk and make him angrier while they were visiting the Princess?-He thanked Michael for the splendid coronation and the great time he had spent in the lodge.

6-Why was Michael angry when Rassendyll thanked him for the splendid coronation and the great time he had spent in the hunting lodge?-He did that so the King would miss the coronation and he becomes King.

7-At Flavia's house, Rassendyll knew that Michael's six men had known his secret. Explain.

-Detchard, the English, smiled when Rassendyll talked in a strange pretend accent.

Model Exam D

A-Language functions:

1 Respond to each of the following situations:(4m)

1-Tell your friend why the world will need more scientists in the future.

2-A friend asks how plants get their food from the air.

3-Mother asks why you look worried.

4-Explain how music can be used as a therapy.


Speaker A:

Speaker B:


2 Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in the mini dialogues :(4m)

A-Fill it up, please.

B-Leaded or unleaded.

A-Leaded, please.


Speaker A:

Speaker B:



A-I will take your case but my fees are high.

B-How much will you take?

A-In case of innocence, I will take 10,000 pounds.

B-Vocabulary and structures:

3 Choose the correct answer from a,b,c or d:(8m)

1-Could you give me two bars of ……chocolate, please?

(a) heroic (b) empathic (c) diabetic (d) chronic

2-The Big Bang……is the idea that the universe began with a single large explosion.

(a) publicity (b) visibility (c) credibility (d) theory

3-Kate encountered a fair amount of……among her colleagues due to her excellence.

(a) envy (b) dizzy (c)fiancé (d) finances

4-The adventurers had no map to……them

(a) resist (b) assist(c) exist (d)digest

5-They were sentenced to 6 years'……

(a) imprison (b) imprisonment (c) prison (d) prisoner

6-Local residents raised strong……to the building application.

(a) objection (b) object (c)determination (d) mania

7-The discovery of Penicillin was a……in the history of medicine.

(a) trademark (b) birthmark (c) landscape (d) landmark

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