Msac application 1173

Proposed structure of economic evaluation (decision analysis)

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Proposed structure of economic evaluation (decision analysis)

Figure 4 outlines the proposed decision analysis as a means of summarising the comparisons the assessment report should investigate and present for those patients with non-squamous NSCLC or NSCLC not otherwise classified, who progress to having locally advanced or metastatic disease (stage IIIB or IV). Like the clinical management algorithms in Figure 3, it assumes that all patients tested early will progress to an eligible stage of disease for erlotinib or comparator treatment. If a discernable proportion of patients would not progress to require such treatment, additional branches will be needed to reflect the true number needed to test per treated patient and true test cost per treated patient. This issue is not relevant to the alternative scenario analysis in which EGFR gene mutation testing is only performed for those patients whose stage of disease already renders them potentially eligible for erlotinib treatment.


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Application 1173: EGFR testing for erlotinib for advanced or metastatic NSCLC

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