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Trichoptera Andrew Nimmo

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Andrew Nimmo
Where known, at the end of each citation, I have provided references to abstracting organs which make reference to the paper. Print versions of these are no longer available to me at the University of Alberta - only the electronic. Zoological Record appears to be the only one which supplies volume number. Otherwise I can give only accession numbers (an) in case these may be of use in searching out abstracts of papers. The abstracting organs are: BA [Biological Abstracts]; AA an [ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts]; ABA an [Animal Behavior Abstracts]; APEQ an [Aquatic Pollution; Environmental Quality Abstracts]; Aqua.A an [Aqualine Abstracts]; ASFA 1, 2,; 3 an [Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts]; CA an [Chemical Abstracts]; CABS an [Cambr. Abstracts - Bio. Sci.]; CRA an [Chemoreception Abstracts]; EA an [Entomology Abstracts]; EcolA an [Ecological Abstracts]; EEA an [Environmental Engineering abstracts]; GA an [Genetics Abstracts]; MA(C) an [Microbiology Abstracts (C)]; NA an [Neurosciences Abstracts]; OA an [Oceanic Abstracts]; PA an [Pollution Abstracts]; SSA an [Sustainable Sciences Abstracts]; TA an [Toxicology Abstracts]; WRA an [Water Resources Abstracts]; ZR an [Zoological Record]; TN [Trichoptera Newsletter, now Braueria].

Some authors with more than one initial may use, or not, the extra initials. Such initials, where omitted by the author in some papers, are given in square brackets thus [A.]. All papers by a particular author are grouped together in the list as if all initials were given in all papers. Where author names are given in square brackets, thus [ ... ], the name is not given in the publication, but is known to me.

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