Name: Walid Chahine

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Name: Walid Chahine

Profession: Assistance Professor

Date of Birth: 1962

Faculty: Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering

Nationality: French, Lebanese

Membership in Professional Society: Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering and Design Science (1991)
    Institut National des Sciences Appliquées - Lyon, France

  • Masters of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering (1987)
    Institut National des Sciences Appliquées – Lyon, France

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (1986)
    Lebanese University of Beirut - Beirut, Lebanon


















Employment Record:

INSA DE LYON, France (Oct. 1987 - June 1990)
Researcher and Instructor

Teaching Computer Science, Conducting research in hydrology, Hydraulic and Storm water Drainage, Developing intelligent, educational and technical software for the dimensioning and diagnosis of storm and wastewater.

SAFEGE, France (July. 1990 - Oct. 1995)
Project Manager / Water Expert

Some of the projects worked on include the following:

  • 1994 – France – Project Manager: Master Plan for rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage and storm water networks for the city of Paris, Boulogne and Checy (along with its wastewater plant). Project costing, Investment plan.

  • 1994 – Greece – Project Manager: Preparation of a complete infrastructure networks for the airport of SPATA in Athens.

  • 1993/1994 – Argentina – Water Expert: Water supply and sewerage systems of 15 districts in the province of Santa Fe project. Project costing, Investment plan. Participation to the Master Plan

  • 1993/1994 – Senegal – Water Expert: “La petite Côte » water supply project. Sizing and costing of the works. Preparation of tender documents

  • 1993 – Argentina – Water Expert: Audit of the existing water supply networks, sewerage networks in Buenos Aires. 30 year investment plan. Client: Aguas Argentinas

  • 1993 – Gabon – Water Expert: Extension of the water supply system for the city of Franceville. Bid evaluation of the construction contracts of raw water transmission main and water treatment plant.

  • 1993 – Guinee – Water Expert: Extension of Conakry water supply system. Elaboration of the Piccolo model. Preparation of tender documents for extension of the system.

  • 1992 – New Calcedoine – Team Leader: Definition of leakage control of Noumea distribution Mains. Costing of the rehabilitation programme

  • 1991/1992 – Abu Dhabi – Engineer: Centralised control of water and electricity distribution for the city of Abu Dhabi. Bid evaluation of work contract (Pumping station and transmission line)

  • 1991 – Mexico – Economist: Feasibility study for treated wastewater reuse for the city of Mexico. Costing of the works and economical study of alternatives. Financial plan.

  • 1990/1991 – Morocco – Water Expert: Marrakech Water Supply and Sanitation Project.

  • In charge of the assessment of the distribution. Water loss reduction programme to reduce illegal connections and wastage. Institutional and financial studies.

Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering - (Oct. 1995 to date)
Associate Professor

Teaching and conducting research in Water Supply, Wastewater, Storm Water, Water and Wastewater treatment processes, Solid Waste Management and Computer Sciences.


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Computer and Drainage Systems: Towards a New Generation’

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Use of the MOUSETRAP software package for dimensioning of pollution-control systems during wet weather”.

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An Integrated Solid Waste Management System for the Greather Beirut Area”

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Formerly NCRR Bulletin (Volumes 1-11) – May 2002–Volumes 28– Number 2

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Pilot Plant Treatibility Study of High-Strength Leachates”

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Landfill Evolution and Treatability Assessment of High-Strength Leachate from MSW with High Organic and Moisture content

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